FAQ: During the LPFM Filing Window

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FAQ: My organization is filing in the window. How do we choose our call sign? 09/05/2023
I made a mistake on my application. Can I amend my application to change my score? 08/23/2023
FAQ: If my location is within 16 km of the coast or a foreign country, are there any tricks I can do to reduce my HAAT and increase my ERP? 08/23/2023
FAQ: If the geographic coordinates on the permit/license are incorrect or if I need to make a very short move of the tower site, do I still need a Construction Permit? 08/12/2023
FAQ: With the collapse of the big radio telescope at Arecibo, do we still have to get coordination on Puerto Rico applications? 08/07/2023
FAQ: Can we start building the station/tower even though the construction permit has not yet been granted? 08/04/2023
FAQ: Should I use the "vacant channels" feature at radio-locator.com to find available channels for LPFM? 07/30/2023
FAQ: Does an organization need to be more than 2 years old in order to file in the LPFM window? 06/23/2023
FAQ: Is it OK to reach out to other MX applicants prior to the announcement of the 90-day window? I have heard of anti-collusion rules. 06/23/2023
FAQ: MX group has a 5 point and 4 point applicant in it. What happens? 06/23/2023
I did not file during the October/November 2013 window, can I still get an LPFM station? 06/22/2023
FAQ: If a member of my MX group is more than 24 km away, can I agree to time share with them and request 24 hours for both stations and still aggregate points? 06/01/2021
FAQ: A university filed for a student-ran station but the college also has an NPR station. They claimed 5 points. Is this correct? 06/01/2021
Will singletons and granted construction permits be allowed to file major modifications in the settlement window? 06/01/2021
FAQ: What is this I hear that if you are forced into a timeshare, the license is not renewable? 11/14/2020
FAQ: My application is in an MX group that was never able to establish a time share agreement. We are a lead scorer and now we are talking, is there something that can be done? 11/14/2020
FAQ: Must LPFM stations give public notice of the filing of applications with the FCC? 10/30/2020
FAQ: During the window, can an LPFM station still claim a point for pledging to broadcast 12 hours per day? 06/25/2019
FAQ: Can an unincorporated association be a LPFM/NCE licensee? 05/15/2015
FAQ: I am in a MX group with 3 applicants. Two of us are going to time share. I am the #1 in the group (by community presence date) and they are #3. Do we win? (All applicants are 5 points) 05/14/2015
FAQ: I am a 4-point applicant. There's another 4-point as well as a 5-point applicant. (Only 3 applicants in the MX group) I have reached a time share agreement with the other 4-point applicant but not the 5-point applicant. Will we win the channel? 05/14/2015
FAQ: If an MX applicant agrees to change their channel to allow me to operate full time on my channel, can I pay for their engineering services to specify a new channel? 05/14/2015
FAQ: Can a MX applicant reach a settlement agreement where an applicant is paid to dismiss their application? 05/14/2015
FAQ: My application is declared singleton, can I amend my application to decrease my score to relieve myself of the local programming pledge, main studio, etc.? 05/14/2015
FAQ: If an MX group includes applicants more than 24 km away and two 5-point applicants within 24 km of each other aggregates points, can a 5-point applicant more than 24 km still be granted since their operation is now outside of the MX group? 05/14/2015
FAQ: Can I file minor amendments during the 90-day window? 05/14/2015
FAQ: My MX group defaulted to involuntary time sharing, can I negotiate with the other group which time slot I should take? 05/14/2015
FAQ: If an applicant claims a point that they are not entitled to (for example, claiming local presence yet having a date of less than two years), what will happen? 05/14/2015
I want to dispute another MX applicant's score determination. What do I do? 05/14/2015
FAQ: Can an applicant propose a different channel and aggregate their points as part of an overall solution? 05/14/2015
FAQ: I have heard that when the 90-day window public notice comes out, the FCC is only going to pick the top 3-applicants (based on local community dates) and the remaining top scoring applicants will be dismissed. Is this correct? 05/14/2015
During the 90-day settlement window, can a 5 point applicant reach an agreement with a 4-point applicant? 05/14/2015
FAQ: If a public safety entity requests multiple stations, even at the same tower, are they required to make a showing of why they need multiple stations. 05/14/2015
FAQ: I am in a MX group but I do not have the highest score. Is there still a chance? 05/14/2015
FAQ: When does the community presence dates come into play? 05/14/2015