Enter the coordinates to check. Do not enter a minus sign for longitude. Coverage includes Continental USA, Hawaii and most of Alaska. This tool is not recommended for use in Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands.

- - N

- - W
Conversion method:

This tool uses the NADCON tables provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Despite that, the use of this tool should be considered as non-authoriative and should not be used as the final determination in a FCC filing. This is a standalone tool of the functionality used by REC in tools like myLPFM and FCCdata where NAD conversions are necessary. In most cases, it is accurate to a tenth of a second. The FCC allows rounding to to the nearest second. All NAD conversions should be double-checked when possible in NOAA's NADCON Tool. REC assumes no liability arising from the use of this tool and no warranty is extended thereof.