REC Networks Level of Effort Rate Card and Policy Statement

REC provides FCC filing services and consulting for all FM station types:

  • LPFM Stations
  • FM Translator Stations
  • FM Booster Stations
  • Alaska Class D Stations
  • Full-Service Non Commercial Educational FM Stations
  • Commercial FM Stations

REC Networks works using a "level of effort" method for pricing work for most situations.  For each application, there is a base rate plus fixed rates for certain add-ons that may be needed to make the filing.  

In the Top-50 Media Markets REC does charge a premium rate based on market size and station size.  Market Premium Rates do not apply to LPFM stations, Full service NCE stations with service populations of less than 1.2 million, Class D stations or FM booster stations. Market premium rates for translators are based on the primary station.

Third Generation LPFM Filing Window (12/6~12/15, 2023)

REC retail clients in the 2023 Window, your rate already includes filing for (1) one minor modification in the event of mutual exclusivity, (2) initial call sign request and (3) license to cover application. Any post-grant minor modifications or other non-included activity will be charged pursuant to the REC Networks Professional Service Rate Card.

REC Rate Card (LPFM Filing Window)
REC Additional Policies for Future LPFM Filling Window)

REC Networks Professional Service Rate Card - Effective February 12, 2024