REC Networks Level of Effort Rate Card and Policy Statement

REC provides FCC filing services and consulting for all FM station types:

  • LPFM Stations
  • FM Translator Stations
  • FM Booster Stations
  • Alaska Class D Stations
  • Full-Service Non Commercial Educational FM Stations
  • Commercial FM Stations

REC Networks works using a "level of effort" method for pricing work for most situations.  For each application, there is a base rate plus fixed rates for certain add-ons that may be needed to make the filing.  

In the Top-50 Media Markets REC does charge a premium rate based on market size and station size.  Market Premium Rates do not apply to LPFM stations.

The Rate Card also includes information on our various policies including:

  • No refund policy
  • Pre-pay policy
  • Public sector entities and private sector entities needing a W-9 form
  • Premium base rates in the Top-50 media markets (Premium base rates do not apply to LPFM stations)
  • Past REC Clients/Client Spend policy
  • Advocacy Requests
  • Radio Astronomy Fees
  • "Documents Only" requests
  • Amendments and changes to applications
  • Filing windows and auctions
  • Engineering Special Temporary Authority (STA) requests
  • REC policy on pleadings
  • Assignment applications - Asset Purchase Agreement policy
  • EZ Forms
  • "The Advice is Free" policy
  • Disaster Information Reporting System (DIRS) discount policy
  • Payment policy
  • FCC fees
  • Installations and modifications on or near AM Towers (Part 1, Subpart BB)
  • Conflict of Interest policy
  • FM auction policy
  • First Amendment Over Politics policy
  • General Terms and Conditions

The current REC Rate Card is effective as of May 1, 2023

View REC Rate Card [.PDF]

Third Generation LPFM Filing Window (11/1~11/8, 2023)

REC Rate Card (LPFM Filing Window)
REC Additional Policies for Future LPFM Filling Window)