REC is actively involved with various initiatives at the FCC on various issues.

    Translator Reform
    Preparing for the next FM translator filing windows without losing sight of the LCRA, past filing abuses and the modern redefinition of fill-in translators.

    A long term plan to more efficiently use the spectrum below the FM band to address our nation's evolving diversity through doubling access to nonprofit organizations.

    Simple 250
    Allowing LPFM stations, especially rural LPFMs to better serve their communities through a modest power increase from 100 to 250 watts.

    Rural NCE Stations
    To open opportunities for NCE stations in rural areas that are currently denied because of the proximity of large NCE stations serving urban areas.

    8 Meter Band
    A proposal to permit Amateur Radio access government spectrum in the 40 MHz band on a secondary basis for narrowband applications.