11/28/2021 Window Tracking Tool v2 Enhancement REC Website Content, eLMS, DataStore
11/14/2021 Filing Window Results System Enhancement REC Website Content
10/26/2021 FCCtoday: Ownership Reports and Objections Enhancement
10/09/2021 U/D Tool: engineering data source Enhancement
09/26/2021 FCCdata: Amateur radio records Manual data update, REC systems issue, FCC issue
09/26/2021 FCCdata: US AM Dialscape fix Enhancement
09/18/2021 HAAT retrieval issues resolved Enhancement, FCC issue, myLPFM v2, NCE Preliminary Search Tool, PREMIS
09/02/2021 Changes to NCE Search,, FCC Record & EZforms.. FCCdata dialscape fix. Manual data update, Enhancement, Scheduled maintenance,, myLPFM v2, NCE Preliminary Search Tool, REC Website Content, DataStore
08/25/2021 eLMS: ALTC phone fix & broadcast incubator Enhancement eLMS
08/23/2021 ULS fix: ASR, Ship & Coast Stations Enhancement myLPFM v2, NCE Preliminary Search Tool, Tower Finder, DataStore