07/02/2020 WEEKEND PROJECT: FM contour maps... REC systems issue, Voluntary Public File System, LPFM.US
06/30/2020 Counteracting bad LPFM data in LMS Enhancement, FCC issue, myLPFM v2, NCE Preliminary Search Tool
06/22/2020 J1 Travel: JR EAST parser Enhancement website
06/21/2020 myLPFM 2.0: false positives - contour map issues Enhancement, REC systems issue myLPFM v2
06/21/2020 J1 Travel: JR East & New York City MTA, Mobile App Enhancement website
06/19/2020 J1: Twitter interface for travel. Enhancement website
06/14/2020 new Daily Releases section added Enhancement
06/10/2020 LPFM and LMS map fixes in FCCdata. Enhancement, FCC issue, myLPFM v2
06/07/2020 Import letter update Manual data update
06/01/2020 Contours of Class B and B1 stations not appearing correctly. REC systems issue