Foreign FM allotments in searches


Some Mexico and Canada allotments are not showing in REC tables used for channel searches (i.e. enac_lpfm). 


FCC not using a consistent method within the LMS relational database tables in order to properly represent each foreign allotment.  Normally, each alltoment (like any other facility with a location) is supposed to start in the LMS application table and then relate to other tables within the database.  This is not happening for all allotments and therefore is not being picked up by our ENAC table.


For foreign allotments, we will start the LMS query at the Facility level and then work our way down.  At this time, the ENAC table will run the searches both ways (by application, which also picks up the domestic facilities and by facility, to pick up foreign allotments).  This will result in some foreign allotments showing in applications (such as the channel reports in myLPFM) mutliple times.  This is an interim fix and will be addressed again later this year to clean up the table to eliminate duplicate allotment records being picked up using both query methods.  This resolution was a quick and dirty method to assure that all foreign allotments that are deserving of protections are properly respresented in our systems.


Thursday, April 20, 2023
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FCC issue