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When the FCC makes decisions, they are eventually published to the FCC Record. The FCC Record is a printed periodical that usually can be found in law libraries. The FCC Record (FCC Rcd) includes all documents from October, 1996 to today. Prior to the FCC Record, the FCC Reports (FCC) was the journal of decisions from 1934 when the FCC was created until July, 1965. From July, 1965 to October, 1996, the FCC Second Series (FCC 2d) was published. These documents are also hosted at the University of North Texas Digital Library.

This tool allows you to enter the data from a citation that is found in the footnotes on in the text. The citations are usually in this format:
FCC Record: 3 FCC Rcd 1234 (1986)
FCC Second Series: 12 FCC 2d 1234 (1968)
FCC Reports: 8 FCC 123 (1941)

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