REC Advisory Letters

REC's LPFM Advisory Letters are intended to provide updates to policies, advise of known issues and things to watch out for.  Advisory letters can be updated at any time, so please keep a watch on the REC website and at the REC Networks Facebook page for new Advisory Letters and updates to existing ones.

Advisory Letter Last Update Subjects
# 1 10/14/2020 LPFM stations carrying network programming from Relevant Radio
# 2 09/08/2022 (Obsolete) LPFM stations operating on reserved band channels 201~220 (88.1~91.9) and channel 221 (92.1).  Full-service NCE filing window and potential for LPFM displacement.
# 3 10/29/2020 Lifting of freeze on new DTV allotments may impact future LPFM/NCE availability in the reserved band (channels 201~220, 88.1~91.9).
# 4 02/02/2022 Directional antennas for LPFM stations.
# 5 04/22/2021 Assignments of License/Permit and Transfers of Control of LPFM stations. 
# 6 12/02/2020 Proposed changes to FM Booster rules to support "geo-targeting".
# 7 04/22/2021 Rental of LPFM/NCE stations, time purchase, "pay to play" and identification of foreign government programming.
# 8 05/03/2021 Radio Frequency Exposure & Environmental Impact
# 9 06/08/2022 Emergency Alert System National Periodic Test
# 10 09/12/2022 Third advisory of future LPFM filing window, major change opportunity and filing freeze
# 11 06/13/2021 LP250 Upgrade: Technical Planning Considerations for LPFM Stations
# 12 07/14/2021 Sunset of Analog Low Power TV Channel 6 Operations and Future Protection of Digital TV Channel 6 LPTV Stations
# 13 05/06/2022 NCE Filing Window Impact to LPFM Stations on Channels 201~222 - Encroachment and Potential Displacement
# 14 06/08/2022 STAs, Silent Notifications, Resumption of Operations, Digital Notifications and Call Sign Requests.
# 15 08/05/2022 EAS vulnerability, especially in DASDEC versions other than 4.x