Supporting REC

NOW: FCC comment period for REC's LPFM Improvement Petition for Rulemaking now until July 19. RM-11810. More info at
EAS: The 2018 National Test is coming up! REC is pushing for 100% LPFM participation. If you need help, please let us know.
Filing services available for all three ETRS Forms. Retain REC now! 1-844-REC-LPFM. Participation is mandatory whether you do it yourself or we do it..

REC Networks provides our online broadcast tools and reports on a "shareware" basis. There are several reasons why:

  • First and foremost, the online tools intended for pre-qualification purposes and not intended to replace the services of a full service experience.
  • Because of that, the data is not warranted in any way, shape or form. By not charging for the data first, it takes a huge liability off of us and a huge headache off of you if something is not right.
  • Again, if you do wish to pursue any FCC application activity based on what you see here, REC does offer one-on-one services.
  • Through our years of experience going back to the days of the REC interactive telephone entertainment systems, we have found that by providing a level of services free of charge and then encouraging people to donate what they feel the system is worth to them makes them feel that they are not just paying for a service but instead, helping support the future of great services that entertain, inform and support themselves and many others.

Why not just make the site ad-supported?

Over the years, we have ads on and off the site and overall, we have found that the REC Broadcast Services and Home sites should not carry advertising as it cheapens the site and puts into question the quality of data on the site. For that reason, the only advertising you will see on REC Home and Broadcast Services are cross-promotions to other REC entities or special arrangements that I have personally approved and endorse (such as causes). 

How can I help?

The easiest way to help out is to click on the PayPal "Donate" button below:

I don't want to or can't use PayPal

If you want to help out but not use PayPal, please feel free to send a check to:

11541 Riverton Wharf Rd.
Mardela Springs, MD 21837

Make checks payable to MICHELLE BRADLEY. At this time, items made out to REC can not be processed. We may change that later.

Please avoid sending money orders, they are not very easy for us to cash out here in the boonies.

Is REC tax-deductable?

We are not a 501(c) charity. Any donations to REC are considered a gift to an individual.


Over the years, we have appreciated it when people would "jingle the REC tip jar" and we still do to this day. We try to not be very pushy on fundraising mainly because many of us have our own causes and fundraising to deal with. Therefore, if you feel that you have received something special from REC, please feel fee to give the tip jar a jingle, no matter how large or small, it will be appreciated and used. Thank you for your support! Michelle Bradley founder, REC Networks