REC's family of online tools are available to perform research, stay informed, answer your questions, check on the potential for a change and in some cases, request changes to your LPFM station. (Resources in highlighted boxes are mobile friendly.)

    REC's integrated LPFM station management and channel search system. Free for all licensed LPFM stations.
    The most comprehensive broadcast data inquiry tool out there. Covers broadcast and amateur radio plus Canada Japan, UK, Ireland and Australia.
    Your dashboard to the application activity at the FCC Media Bureau. Updated in real-time throughout the business day.

    LPFM Public FIle
    LPFM stations can now have a public inspection file similar to those required for full-service stations. Station participation is voluntary.

    REC Work Request
    Formerly EZ-Forms. Have REC handle your next modification or other FCC filing.

    Window Tracking
    Tracking developments and archived information from LPFM and NCE filing windows.

    Uses FCC resources to calculate HAAT, site elevation and maximum HAAT based on station class.

    RadioDNS Connectivity Test
    Runs a full check to assure connectivity to RadioDNS. Also examines SI file for issues. Works in the US with a station call sign. Works worldwide with station parameters.

    RadioDNS Service Providers
    Lists all organizations providing RadioDNS including lists of stations that they serve.

    LPAM Search
    Supporting REC's proposal in RM-11287 to create a Low Power AM (LPAM) service using distance spacing.

    Broadcast Curves
    Calculate propagation curves used in FM and TV broadcasting.

    Land Mobile Curves
    Calculate propagation curves used in land mobile VHF (30~174 MHz). Also useful for 6m and 2m ham bands.

    Runway Slope
    Checks a location to determine if there are any nearby airports and whether registration of an antenna structure may be necessary.  Please always verify with TOWAIR.

    Tower Finder
    Find registered tower structures as well as towers represented by American Tower and SBA Tower.

    Convert geographic coordinates from NAD83 to NAD27 or vice versa..

    FM Model
    Used to determine power density for compliance with the FCC's environmental protection rules.

    Enter an address and get coordinates, elevation and other goodies from the REC database as well as elected officials..

    LP250 Antenna Check
    Calculate Transmitter Power Output for LP-250 based on current LP-100 facilities.