LP250 Antenna Check

This tool will allow existing LP100 stations to check their current antenna and feedline configuration to determine what they would have to set their transmitter output power at in order to increase to LP250, if such operation is ever authorized by the FCC.

Enter the LPFM station callsign (without the -LP):  

The fine print

This tool does not determine if the station meets minimum distance separation requirements proposed for the new LP250 service. To determine LP250 availability, please visit check.lp250.com

Facility data is based on the LP250 availability study conducted on May 21, 2021. Any subsequent application activity or subsequent LPFM grants may not be reflected in this tool. This tool does not take into consideration any international agreements nor any 100 watt limitations due to short-spaced intermediate frequencies.

Not responsible for FCC or REC eLMS data errors.