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Information on A10 Service Class - Upgrade/Impact Search Tool

24-183: REC tells FCC that a new service class for full-service must include the creation of a new service class for LPFM.

REC Networks has filed comments with the FCC to express conditional support for the proposed A10 Class of Service as part of a much larger expansion of rural broadcasting.  Class A10 was proposed by Commander Communication Corporation to be an intermediate service class between A and B1 or C3, depending on the location of the FM station.  Class A10 is specified as 10 kilowatts at 100 meters height above average terrain with a service contour of 32 kilometers. 

REC Public Review of Underwriting Copy: WGHN, Inc. Informal Objection of WAWL-LP

On July 12, 2024, WGHN, Inc. had filed an informal objection to the short-term renewal of WAWL-LP, Grand Haven, Michigan.  WAWL-LP previously entered into a Consent Decree regarding underwriting announcements which included a voluntary contribution of $2,500 to the US Treasury to settle the issue.

A10: The proposed §73.207 distances in the original petition will cause interference. REC counter-proposes different distance charts for §§73.207 & 73.215 if A10 is ever adopted (corrected 7-19-24)

While evaluating the Class A10 Petition for Rulemaking, REC has determined that the §73.207 distance separation charts used to determine how far FM stations need to be apart from each other contains many errors.  This includes how Class B and B1 stations protected and other issues, including a “compromise” between the NAB and New Jersey Class A FM broadcasters that was codified in the rules back in 1988 that resulted in some artificially lower numbers for Class A that should not be relevant for Class A10.  If the originally proposed values were to be utilized, it could cause harmfu

REC Statement: 24-183 Proposed "A10" full service FM service class (updated 6-22-24)

Updated June 22, 2024 to reflect a withdrawal of any support of A10 in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands due to the nature of the rules differences in that region.  REC has not yet made a final conclusion on our level of support, if any, for this proceeding.  This will be announced in comments.  We still have a lot of technical studies to conduct first.

REC Statement: MB Docket 19-190: REC/music industry reconsideration on FM duplication rule granted on party lines.

Late this afternoon (June 10, 2024), the full Federal Communications Commission released a document granting a Petition for Reconsideration that was jointly filed by REC Networks (REC), the musicFIRST Coalition (mFC) and the Future of Music Coalition (FMC) to reinstate §73.3556 of the FCC Rules in respect to the duplication of programming by FM radio s

REC Statement on ET Dkt 24-136 - The "Bad Labs" proceeding.

On Thursday, May 23, 2024, The Federal Communications Commission will be considering a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking in ET Docket 24-136.  This proceeding is what Commissioner Brendan Carr calls the “Bad Labs” Proposal.  The rulemaking is intended to strengthen the oversight of Telecommunications Certification Bodies (TCBs) and test labs that are used to certify equipment for use in the United States.  The primar

20-401: REC files comments in Geotargeting FNPRM

REC Networks has filed comments in the Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for the “Program Originating FM Boosters” proceeding, also known as “geo-targeting”.

“Downright absurd!”.. REC tells the FCC “no” to mandatory DIRS and NORS reporting by broadcasters

The FCC has two different systems that are used for network resiliency. 


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