LPFM and NCE licensing rule changes on the agenda for FCC January meeting

LPFM and full-service NCE will have an agenda item in the January open meeting of the Federal Communications Commission.  The Commission will consider a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, MB Docket 19-3, which will make some revisions to the (mutually exclusive) comparative processes and licensing rules for LPFM and full-service NCE stations.  This proceeding includes a couple of items that were proposed by REC Networks during the Media Modernization Proceeding (MB Docket 17-105) and reiterated in REC’s LPFM Petition for Rulemaking, RM-11810.

REC Networks statement on the confirmation of Geoffrey Starks to the Federal Communications Commission

Congratulations to Geoffrey Starks on what was a long confirmation process.  Starks brings recent real-world experience to the Commission from the Enforcement Bureau.  Once this shutdown is over, I will be happy to work with Commissioner Starks to further community radio and a citizen's access to spectrum.  Taking the position previously held by Mingnon Clyburn, Commissioner Starks has some huge shoes to fill and I hope we can work together to get him up to speed on the issues that are important to REC including LP-250, new entry into NCE broadcasting, alternative spectrum, spectrum and equ

[Updated 1/9/19] REC files objection to $65K LPFM sale

Update January 9, 2019:  The applicant has amended the application with a new asset purchase agreement that better reflects the depreciated value of the station equipment.  The new sale price is $39,880.55.  While we still do not feel that LPFM stations should be sold for this much, we are satisfied that the schedule now reflects the depreciated value in accordance with the FCC rules specific to LPFM and that the uncertified transmitter has been addressed.  As a result of this effort by the applicant and their counsel and despite our overall concern of this type of culture

J1/REC-FM Update 12/19/2018 19:00 EST

There has been a lot going on today in regards to this situation.  First of all, I want to point out that REC Networks (J1 Radio and REC-FM) are not being specifically targeted.  This is impacting all customers of a particular streaming provider.  A provider who has been very good to us for the past year or so.  We really don't want to see them go. 

A message to J1 and REC-FM listeners / J1ラジオの聴取者への手紙です。

Well, I feel like it's deja vu all over again.  Just a couple of years ago, we found ourselves in a position where we were having to move off of Live365 due to pressure from SoundExchange (or in other words, the American recording industry).  Well, we have reached that point again.  For the past two years, REC has been working with Canadian providers operating under the licenses that are offered by SOCAN.  The SOCAN licensing scheme was promoted as having reciprocal coverage.  After a rocky start with another provider, REC has been using TorontoCast to manage 5 audio services operated by RE