FCC Certified Transmitter List

Updated June 11, 2024

FM transmitters operating in the LPFM service must be certified and bear a label with "FCC ID" on it. 

Look for the FCC ID label to assure the transmitter is certified for LPFM.Transmitters that claim to be "type accepted", "type approved", "type verified" or only have a "Supplier's Declaration of Conformity" do not meet this requirement.  This includes many "hand me down" transmitters donated from other broadcast stations. 

Certified transmitters with an ID label, must be certified for use under Part 73. 

Transmitters that have the FCC ID label on it have gone through a process where it was sent to a testing lab and the test results have been filed with the FCC.  

While transmitters without the FCC ID label can be used in  other broadcast services (full-service FM, FM translators, FM boosters, etc.), they cannot be used in LPFM.

Certified transmitters

The following is a list of transmitter models operating with 600 watts or less that are known to REC Networks.  If a FCC ID code is shown, then the transmitter has been lab certified and can be used by an LPFM station.  Some models may not be certified or we are in the process of verifying their certification status.  This list may also include discontinued models that may be obtained through resale. This list does not imply an endorsement by REC of these models.

This list shows all transmitters that were certified after 2000 in the FM broadcast band with a power level of 600 watts or less.  Links to the manufacturers information pages or data sheets are available here for the units that we can find.  This does not constitute an endorsement of these products by REC.  Please note that some models shown may be now discontinued but are still authorized for use.  Please always triple-check with the manufacturer to assure that the transmitter you are going to receive does have the FCC ID label on it.  Most importantly, never purchase a transmitter from eBay, Amazon, Temu, Wish, Alibaba Express or any other marketplace site, even WalMart!  Always deal with the manufacturers directly or with a reputable dealer such as SCMS, BGS, BSW, etc.

Dealing with China-based companies: Our first and only suggestion, DONT!  Over the years, we have experienced a lot of deceptive listings, especially since the policy changes at Amazon where transmitting equipment must have an FCC ID number.  We are finding that these companies are using either fake ID numbers or ID numbers for other equipment (for example, a company may be selling a 300 watt transmitter, but their FCC ID number returns a "part 15" micro-powered transmtiter that plugs into a cigarette lighter for extending cell phone audio over the car radio.)  These Chinese transmitters may be good for other parts of the world, but they do not meet the stringent FCC Part 73 standards for FM broadcast as tested in the lab in order to get certification.  Stick with our list below and expect to pay about $3,500 to $6,000 for a new transmitter.  Do not fall into the trap. 

Applicant (Trade name) Model Power Built in RDS? FCC ID#
305 Broadcast, LLC (ELENOS) ETG150 150 No ODKETG150IS
Aqua Broadcast Cobalt C-30 30 Yes 2A9RR-COBALT1U
Aqua Broadcast Cobalt C-50 50 Yes 2A9RR-COBALT1U
Aqua Broadcast Cobalt C-100 100 Yes 2A9RR-COBALT1U
Aqua Broadcast Cobalt C-300 300 Yes 2A9RR-COBALT300
BEI Electronics, LLC (BE) STXe 60 60 Yes DDE7EPTX-STX60
BEI Electronics, LLC (BE) STXe 500 500 Yes DDE7EPTX-STX500
BEXT Inc. (BEXT) XL150 150   E6TBEXTXL150
BEXT Inc. (BEXT) XL300 300   E6TBEXTXL300
BEXT Inc. (BEXT) XT150 150   E6T072503FMW150
BEXT Inc. (BEXT) XT300 300   E6T072503FMW300
BW Broadcast, Ltd. (BW) TX50V2 50 No 2ABPH-TX50V2
BW Broadcast, Ltd. (BW) TX 300V2 300 No 2ABPH-TX300V2
BW Broadcast, Ltd. (BW) TX 300V3 300 Yes 2ABPH-UNIFIEDTX
Broadcast Warehouse Limited (BW) TX25/50 25/50 Yes TUOTX25-50
Broadcast Warehouse Limited (BW) TX150/300 150/300   TUOTX150-300
Broadcast Warehouse Limited (BW) TX 600 600   TUOTX600
Crown Broadcast FM30 30   JLOFM30
Crown Broadcast FM250 250   JLOFM250
Crown Broadcast FM300 300   JLOFM300
CW Broadcast (Ptek)
(FM Broadcast, Inc.)
150ES 150   AUNFM300ES
CW Broadcast (Ptek)
(FM Broadcast, Inc.)
300ES 300   AUNFM300ES
DB ELETTRONICA TELECOMUNICAZIONI S.P.A. (DB Digital Broadcast Italy) Mozart Series 500   2ACBVMOZART500
DB ELETTRONICA TELECOMUNICAZIONI S.P.A. (DB Digital Broadcast Italy) Mozart Series 50   2ACBVMOZART50
Decade Transmitters Inc FM-800 1.8   MCHFM-800
Elettronika S.r.l. (ELETRONIKA) MIRA250S 250   PHLMIRA250
Elettronika S.r.l. (ELETRONIKA) PLL-CST3 250   PHLPLLCS
Elettronika S.r.l. (ELETRONIKA) MIZAR 30   PHLMIZAR30
Elettronika S.r.l. (ELETRONIKA) MIZAR 300   PHLMIZAR300
Elettronika S.r.l. (ELETRONIKA) PLL/CT 30   PHLPLLC

GatesAir, Inc. (Harris)

This unit is also certified to use on LPFM stations with HD.  However, the combined TPO is limited to 105 watts at -14 dBc and 80 watts at -10 dBc. 



GatesAir, Inc. (Harris)

Certified for HD.  Max combined TPO: 300w at -14dBc and 160w at -10 dBc.  For higher TPO, use the FAX500, which is also certified.


Nautel Maine Inc (Nautel)

Note: Make sure you are using a model VS-300LP as opposed to just a VS-300.

VS-300LP 300 Yes B3W-VS300
Nautel Maine Inc. (Nautel) VS-300LP equipped with VS-HD 150 Yes B3W-VS300HD
Nautel Maine Inc. (Nautel) VX-150 150 Yes B3W-VX150
Nautel Maine Inc. (Nautel) VX-300 300 Yes B3W-VX300
Nexus Broadcast Products (Nexus) NBE-25 20   RR4NBE20
NiCOM USA NT-20 20   RMYNT20FP03
NiCOM USA NT-250 250   RMYNT250FP03
NiCOM USA NT-30 32   RMYNT30FP03
NiCOM USA NT-350 350   RMYNT350FP07
NiCOM USA NT-500 500   RMYNT500FP09
NiCOM USA NT-150 150   RMYNT150FP03
Ptek FM250E 250   ML9FM250E
Ptek FM300ES 330   AUNFM300ES
R & L Media Systems Inc PM300 300   LUHPM300
Ramsey Electronics, Inc. PX50 50   PF3PX50
Richardson Electronics Ltd (RF Cast) MT100 100   NXHMT100
Richardson Electronics Ltd (RF Cast) MT250 250   NXHMT250
Richardson Electronics Ltd (RF Cast) MT300 300   NXHMT300
150   RHDTEX150LCD
SYes Any model     NOT YET CERTIFIED (see below)**
TAW~Global, LLC 1.2W 1.2   XOASRC-LPFM1
Technalogix, Ltd. TXF-150 150   QH5TXF150
Technalogix, Ltd. TXF-500 500   QH5TXF500
Technalogix, Ltd. TXF-300 300   QH5TXF300
Technalogix, Ltd. TXF-50 50   QH5TXF50
Transamerica International Broadcasting Inc (OMB) EM100DIG 100   KEUEM100DIG
Transamerica International Broadcasting Inc (OMB) EM25DIG 25   KEUEMDIG25
Transamerica International Broadcasting Inc (OMB) EM500DIG 500   KEUEM500DIG
Transamerica International Broadcasting Inc (OMB) EM250DIG 250   KEUEM250DIG
Worldcast Systems, Inc. ECRESO 300   O35EFM0300W
Worldcast Systems, Inc.(Ecreso) HELIOS 350 350   O35-HFM0350W
Worldcast Systems, Inc. (Ecreso) AiO Series 100   O35-AIO0300W
Worldcast Systems, Inc. (Ecreso) AiO Series 300   O35-AIO0300W

** = SYes is a new company discovered by REC at the 2024 NABSHOW.  They have multiple models in 100, 250, 300 and 600-watt classes. In our discussions with this company, we cannot verify that they have received FCC certification and their datasheets provide no information on either certification, nor SDoC (used for other broadcast stations other than LPFM).  SYes states that they will follow up with REC with that information.  Until we receive verficiation, we will consider then not certified and therefore their equipment cannot be used by LPFM stations.  We hope they do follow through and obtain lab certification if they plan to market transmitters in the United States.

4-9-24: Added CW Broadcast 150ES as certified.  Unit uses the same exciter as the 300ES and uses the same FCC ID #.
4-18-24: Added initial information about SYes.
6-11-24 Added update on Worldcast Ecreso AiO Series.