FCC Certified Transmitter List

The following is a list of transmitters that have been certified by the FCC's Office of Engineering and Technology.   

This list shows all transmitters that were certified after 2000 in the FM broadcast band with a power level of 600 watts or less.  

Listings with the yes icon indicates equipment that specifically uses language in their documentation that addresses LPFM (§73.801).

Applicant (Trade name) Model Power FCC ID#
305 Broadcast, LLC (ELENOS) ETG150 150 ODKETG150IS
BEI Electronics, LLC (BE) STXe 60 DDE7EPTX-STX60
yes BEI Electronics, LLC (BE) STXe 500 500 DDE7EPTX-STX500
yesBEXT Inc. (BEXT) XT150 150 E6T072503FMW150
BEXT Inc. (BEXT) XT300 300 E6T072503FMW300
BW Broadcast, Ltd. (BW) TX50V2 50 2ABPH-TX50V2
yes BW Broadcast, Ltd. (BW) TX 300V2 300 2ABPH-TX300V2
BW Broadcast, Ltd. (BW) TX 300V3 300 2ABPH-UNIFIEDTX
Broadcast Warehouse Limited (BW) TX25/50 25/50 TUOTX25-50
Broadcast Warehouse Limited (BW) TX150/300 150/300 TUOTX150-300
yesDB ELETTRONICA TELECOMUNICAZIONI S.P.A. (DB Digital Broadcast Italy) Mozart Series 500 2ACBVMOZART500
yesDB ELETTRONICA TELECOMUNICAZIONI S.P.A. (DB Digital Broadcast Italy) Mozart Series 50 2ACBVMOZART50
yes Decade Transmitters Inc FM-800 1.8 MCHFM-800
Elettronika S.r.l. (ELETRONIKA) MIRA250S 250 PHLMIRA250
Elettronika S.r.l. (ELETRONIKA) PLL-CST3 250 PHLPLLCS
Elettronika S.r.l. (ELETRONIKA) MIZAR 30 PHLMIZAR30
Elettronika S.r.l. (ELETRONIKA) MIZAR 300 PHLMIZAR300
Elettronika S.r.l. (ELETRONIKA) PLL/CT 30 PHLPLLC
FM Broadcast Inc. (Ptek) 300ES 300 AUNFM300ES
GatesAir, Inc. (Harris) FAX150 150 BOIFAXLP
yes Nautel Maine Inc (Nautel) VS-300 300 B3W-VS300
yes Nexus Broadcast Products (Nexus) NBE-25 20 RR4NBE20
yes NiCOM USA NT-20 20 RMYNT20FP03
yes NiCOM USA NT-250 250 RMYNT250FP03
yes NiCOM USA NT-30 32 RMYNT30FP03
yesNiCOM USA NT-350 350 RMYNT350FP07
yesNiCOM USA NT-500 500 RMYNT500FP09
NiCOM USA NT-150 150 RMYNT150FP03
Ptek FM250E 250 ML9FM250E
Ptek FM300ES 330 AUNFM300ES
R & L Media Systems Inc PM300 300 LUHPM300
Ramsey Electronics, Inc. PX50 50 PF3PX50
Richardson Electronics Ltd (RF Cast) MT100 100 NXHMT100
Richardson Electronics Ltd (RF Cast) MT250 250 NXHMT250
Richardson Electronics Ltd (RF Cast) MT300 300 NXHMT300
yes TAW~Global, LLC 1.2W 1.2 XOASRC-LPFM1
Technalogix, Ltd. TXF-150 150 QH5TXF150
Technalogix, Ltd. TXF-500 500 QH5TXF500
Technalogix, Ltd. TXF-300 300 QH5TXF300
Technalogix, Ltd. TXF-50 50 QH5TXF50
Transamerica International Broadcasting Inc (OMB) EM100DIG 100 KEUEM100DIG
Transamerica International Broadcasting Inc (OMB) EM25DIG 25 KEUEMDIG25
Transamerica International Broadcasting Inc (OMB) EM500DIG 500 KEUEM500DIG
Transamerica International Broadcasting Inc (OMB) EM250DIG 250 KEUEM250DIG
Worldcast Systems, Inc. ECRESO 300 O35EFM0300W
yesWorldcast Systems, Inc.(Ecreso) HELIOS 350 350 O35-HFM0350W

yes - Includes specific documentation related to LPFM specific lab testing or otherwise known by REC to be lab certified for LPFM.  Those without this icon may still be specifically tested for LPFM, please check with manufacturer.