Low Power FM Radio (LPFM)

Low Power FM (LPFM) is radio that within reach of many community organizations, local artists, churches, ministries, schools and government organizations. The FCC has created this service to address the concentration of full power broadcasting by large corporations who have shut out the communities they serve in favor of national formats. 100 watt LPFM stations have a practical range of about 3 miles around the station and must remain commercial free. On this site, you will learn about the LPFM service, find out about existing LPFM stations, as well as legislation and other activities that support or endanger the service. Existing LPFM applicants, permit holders and licensees can find information about their station including answers to your day to day operations as well as what to do when you need to make a change. Everyone can benefit from information about the LPFM rules and why they are the way that they are.

    New LPFM Station
    The filing window for new LPFM stations is coming November 1~8, 2023. Learn about LPFM, check availability and request REC to handle your application.

    REC Services for LPFM
    You have a station to run. Let REC help on your FCC filings.

    myLPFM from REC
    myLPFM is used by existing LPFM licensees to manage various aspects of their station including moves and online visibility.

    REC EZforms
    Self-service requests for REC assistance for FCC form filings (for currently authorized stations).

    FCC LPFM Rules
    The LPFM specific rules can be found in 47 CFR §73 Subpart G. These are the rules that LPFM stations follow. Other rules that apply to LPFM can be found in §73.801.

    Self-Inspection Checklist
    A training program for your staff responsible for daily compliance. Use this monthly to assure you are running by the rules.

    Local Community Radio Act
    Signed by President Obama in 2011, the LCRA expanded the availability of LPFM by easing restrictions on second- and third-adjacent channels.

    Certified Transmitter List
    A list of transmitters that have been lab certified and have an FCC ID number. Transmitters used in LPFM must be certified and have a "FCC ID" label.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    People come to REC all the time for free advice. We provide detailed answers to the most popular inquiries that we get..

    LPFM Pledge List
    LPFM stations that used their points during the 2013 filing window to obtain their grant. These stations may have a local programming and studio requirement.

    The 6 Segments of LPFM
    LPFM is not just made up of community stations and churches. There are 6 different types of LPFM stations.

    Programming Resources
    Where LPFM stations can go to get program content and other on-air elements.

    REC Recommendations
    The people and the gear that support LPFM and have earned the recommendation of REC Networks.

    Do I need a license?
    Unlicensed Part 15 AM and FM broadcasting in the USA for massively short distances.

REC LPFM Handbook