Extending your Construction Permit

Updated January 28, 2020.

With changes made in late 2019, the FCC now provides three year LPFM construction permits for both new construction and modifications.    Therefore, unlike the previous filing window, the FCC will not routinely extend a construction permit.

Tolling of a construction permit is only available in rare cases involving Acts of God, judicial or administrative reviews.  

Applicants with a Mexican concurrence condition:

If your construction permit contains a condition statement like this:

This application is being granted prior to the completion of the international notification process. Therefore, any construction of and operation with the facilities specified herein is at applicant's own risk and subject to modification, suspension or termination without right to hearing, if objected to by the Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones ("IFT") in Mexico or if found by the Commission or the IFT to be necessary in order to conform to the 1992 USA-Mexico FM Broadcasting Agreement. This condition will be removed if formal acceptance of the facilities granted herein is received from IFT.

your construction permit is immediately eligible for tolling for the period that it takes for Mexican concurrence.  Once Mexican concurrence is received, then that time will be added to the construction permit automitically by the FCC staff.  In other words, if you wish to wait for Mexican concurrence prior to constructing you can do so. 

If you are in a tolling situation and need assistance, please contact REC.