REC FCC Filings

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Docket/Application Date Filed Proceeding Comment Type
20181126AAC, 20181220ABK 12/28/2018 Flowing Streams Church & WVRO Radio Inc. Informal Objection
20181218ABD 12/28/2018 The Broadcasting Group, Inc. & Sucremedia, Inc. Informal Objection
20180926ABZ 09/28/2018 Tepeyac Mission, Inc. & WPBV-LP, Inc. Informal Objection
18-214, 12-268 09/26/2018 LPTV, TV Translator and FM Broadcast Station Reimbursement Comments
18-227 09/24/2018 The State of Competition In The Marketplace For Delivery of Audio Programming Comments
18-184 09/10/2018 Class C4 and proposed changes to §73.215 Reply Comments
18-119 09/05/2018 Translator Interference Reply Comments
18-184 08/13/2018 NOI to establish Class C4 & changes to §73.215 Comments
18-119 07/24/2018 Translator Interference Comments
20180518APL, 20180705AAA 07/23/2018 KQEK-LP: Reply to "Diversity Groups" Reply Comments
RM-11810 07/19/2018 REC 2018 LPFM Petition for Rulemaking Comments
20180518APL, 20180705AAA 07/11/2018 KQEK-LP Informal Objection
20180621AAK, 18-184, RM-11727 06/24/2018 Class C4/§73.215: WRTM request for waiver Informal Objection
RM-11810 06/20/2018 Further implement the LCRA and other changes to the LPFM service Petition for Rulemaking
17-289, 14-50, 09-182, 07-294, 04-256 03/08/2018 Broadcast Incubator Comments
RM-11749, RM-11727, 17-105, 99-25 02/13/2018 Letter to Commissioners about LP-250 and Class C4 Letter
04-296 10/26/2017 Multi-lingual EAS - Request for LPFM blanket waiver Letter
15-94 06/28/2017 EAS Blue Alerts Comments
17-105 06/26/2017 Media Modernization Comments
17-105 06/26/2017 Media Modernization - Appendix B Appendix
20131112BEE 06/08/2017 South Miami Hispanic Community Radio Reply Comments
17-106 06/05/2017 Elimination of main studio rule Comments
RM-11786 05/01/2017 Aztec Partners translator interference proposal Comments
20160930AII 10/03/2016 HGN Music and Education Foundation & Centro Cristiano la Uncion de Dios, Inc. Informal Objection
08/20/2016 Preservation of historic AM call signs Petition for Rulemaking
GUEL 06/22/2016 Grants of Cesar Guel Applications Application for Review
RM-11753 08/26/2015 LPFM.AG Petition (Commercial LPFM, translator rules, etc.) Comments
RM-11749 06/22/2015 REC Networks LP-250 Petition Reply Comments
RM-11749 06/15/2015 REC LP-250 Petition Comments
20150507ACA 05/13/2015 Point Four, LLC (Kramer Junction, CA) Informal Objection