REC FCC Filings

Docket/Application Date Filed Proceeding Comment Type
24-183, RM-11910 07/19/2024 A10 Class of Service Petition for Rulemaking comments & LP-250 Stations Comments
20-401, 17-105, RM-11854 05/16/2024 Geotargeted FM Boosters FNPRM Comments
21-346, 15-80, 04-35 05/13/2024 Mandatory reporting in DIRS and NORS for broadcast stations Comments
15-94 05/06/2024 EAS Multilingual Alerts Reply Comments
20-401, 17-105, RM-11854 04/29/2024 Geo-targeted boosters: co-channel protections Petition for Reconsideration
15-94 04/08/2024 Multi-lingual EAS Comments
24-14, RM-11910 03/11/2024 Priority application review for stations providing local journalism or other local programming. Comments
15-94 11/14/2023 REC/NAB Request for Extension of Compliance Date (EAS) Motion
22-405 10/06/2023 Modifying Rules for FM Terrestrial Digital Audio Broadcasting Systems Reply Comments
22-405 09/21/2023 Modifying Rules for FM Terrestrial Digital Audio Broadcasting Systems Comments
08/22/2023 Bradley comments before Laguna Beach, CA City Council: KXRN-LP and Voice of Laguna Letter
RM-11952 08/09/2023 Translator Reform Reply Comments
RM-11953 07/31/2023 Fixed, Long-Distance, Non- Voice Communications Above 2 MHz and Below 25 MHz. Comments
RM-11952 07/26/2023 Translator Reform Comments
03-185 07/07/2023 FM to TV6 protections - ex parte with Media Bureau Ex Parte Presentation
RM-11952 06/26/2023 Translator Reform Petition for Rulemaking
RM-11909, FX Reform 06/23/2023 To Commissioners +advisors, MB Chief, Secretary and OMD re: LP-250 and Translator Reform Letter
23-126 06/13/2023 Low Power Protection Act Reply Comments
0000214919 06/02/2023 St Pauls Parish / Strategic Music Partnerships, Prince Frederick, MD Informal Objection
23-126 05/15/2023 Low Power Protection Act Comments
RM-11843 05/07/2023 8 Meter Amateur Band - Letter to FCC and NTIA Letter
0000165973 04/14/2023 2023 NCE MX Group 205 (First Dallas Media) Informal Objection
22-405 01/11/2023 HD Radio power levels and asynchronous sideband operation Comments
22-337, RM-11930 12/22/2022 FM Table of Allotments (Dennison, OH) Reply Comments
22-329, 15-94, 15-91 12/22/2022 Protecting the Nation's Communications Systems from Cybersecurity Threats Comments
22-337, RM-11930 12/06/2022 FM Table of Allotments (Dennison, Ohio) Comments
20-401, RM-11854, 17-105 09/28/2022 Geotargeted Boosters: REC reply to GBS letter 9-22-22 Letter
0000167847, 0000166752 09/18/2022 REC challenges NCE third tiebreaker preference on applicant with previous grants in 2007 NCE Window. Informal Objection
15-94 09/16/2022 Ex parte with staff of Commissioner Simington regarding EAS Ex Parte Presentation
15-94 09/16/2022 Ex parte with staff of Chairwoman Rosenworcel regarding EAS Ex Parte Presentation