REC FCC Filings

Docket/Application Date Filed Proceeding Comment Type
03-185 03/16/2021 LPTV Channel 6 - proposal to eliminate LPFM/translator protection requirements towards LPTV stations operating in proposed hybrid system. Ex Parte Presentation
20-401, RM-11854, 17-105 03/10/2021 GeoTargeting/Zonecasting - Changes to FM Booster Rules Reply Comments
20-401, 17-105, RM-11854 02/10/2021 FM Boosters: Geotargeting - independent content Comments
20-299 01/25/2021 Sponsorship Identification Requirements for Foreign Government-Provided Programming Reply Comments
20210107AAB, 20210112AAG 01/13/2021 Nia Broadcasting, Inc. (all digital AM, premature commencement of operation) Informal Objection
20-299 12/24/2020 Sponsorship Identification Requirements for Foreign Government-Provided Programming Comments
20-343, RM-11846 12/16/2020 NCE Application Cap - exparte to Media Bureau Ex Parte Presentation
20-343 12/14/2020 NCE Application Cap - exparte Office of Chairman Pai Ex Parte Presentation
20-270 11/30/2020 Amendment of the Schedule of Application Fees Set Forth in Sections 1.1102 through 1.1109 of the Commission’s Rules. Reply Comments
20-343 11/30/2020 Proposed Application Limit for NCE FM New Station Applications in The Upcoming 2021 Filing Window Reply Comments
20-343 11/30/2020 NCE Application Caps: National NCE Opportunity Map Appendix
20-343 11/20/2020 Proposed Application Limit for NCE FM New Station Applications in the Upcoming 2021 Filing Window Comments
19-310, 17-105 11/20/2020 Broadcast Duplication Rule (REC, musicFIRST Coalition and Future of Music Campaign) Petition for Reconsideration
20-270 11/16/2020 Amendment of the Schedule of Application Fees Comments
19-193, 17-105 08/14/2020 Reply to reconsideration (offering compromise proposal for introducing older non-certified professional broadcast transmitters into LPFM while continuing to prevent consumer devices, kits and pirate transmitters) Reply Comments
19-193, 17-105 08/14/2020 Reply to Opposition by Foundation For A Beautiful Life, Inc. Reply Comments
19-193, 17-105 07/28/2020 LPFM Opposition to Petition for Reconsideration by Foundation for a Beautiful Life, Inc. and partial opposition to Petition for Reconsideration of Todd Urick Comments
RM-11858 07/22/2020 Local origination on FM translators Comments
OMB 3060-0920 06/11/2020 Information Collection Reviewed by the FCC for OMB approval of revised Form 318. (LPFM directional antennas) Comments
05/28/2020 REC 2020 Simple250 LPFM Petition for Rulemaking Petition for Rulemaking
05/28/2020 Simple 250-Appendix E (Upgrade Availability Report) Appendix
17-264, 17-105, 05-6 05/04/2020 Public Notice: Mobile apps and website design Ex Parte Presentation
17-264, 17-105, 05-6 04/28/2020 Public Notices: Draft R&O impacts to LPFM and international broadcast stations Ex Parte Presentation
RM-11854 04/21/2020 "Zonecasting", occasional localized content on FM boosters Comments
19-193, 17-105 04/10/2020 LP250 and directional antennas - with staff of Pai & Starks. Follow-up e-mail to Audio Div. Ex Parte Presentation
19-193, 17-105 04/07/2020 Before the Media Bureau - Audio Division (LP-250 & directional antennas) Ex Parte Presentation
03/16/2020 Request for blanket waiver of certain LPFM service rules for duration of the COVID-19 coronavirus state of emergency Letter
19-311, 13-249 03/09/2020 Channel Loading Simulations for "Wide-FM" (76.1~87.9 MHz) as a Long-Term Solution for Migrating Local AM Broadcast Stations While Maintaining a Critical National AM Infrastructure Appendix
19-311, 13-249 03/09/2020 All-Digital AM Broadcasting Comments
19-193, 03-185, 19-311 02/20/2020 LPFM Technical NPRM - ex parte with Ajit Pai's media advisor Ex Parte Presentation