REC FCC Filings

Docket/Application Date Filed Proceeding Comment Type
02-160, RM-10472 08/21/2002 FM Table of Allotments (Baker, NV) Comments
02-124, RM-10446 08/20/2002 FM Table of Allotments (Amboy, CA) Comments
RM-10521 08/13/2002 Use of European PMR-446 radios in the USA. Comments
02-98, RM-9404, RM-10209, RM-9949 05/28/2002 Creating a low frequency and 5MHz allocation in the Amateur Radio Service Comments
RM-10403 05/28/2002 Location and Monitoring Service - greater flexibility Reply Comments
RM-10330 11/26/2001 Electromagnetic pulse attack equipment protection Comments
00-31, RM-9815 05/04/2000 FM Table of Allotments (Nogales & Vail, AZ) Reply Comments
00-31, RM-9815 04/12/2000 FM Table of Allotments (Nogales & Vail, AZ) Comments
99-25, RM-9208, RM-9242 03/02/2000 LPFM: NPRM: Reply to Motions for Reconsideration Comments
99-282, RM-9710 10/05/1999 FM Table of Allotments (Littlefield, AZ) Reply Comments
99-25, RM-9208, RM-9242 08/31/1999 LPFM: NPRM Reply Comments
RM-9682 08/19/1999 Indoor Sports Entertainment Radio Service Reply Comments
99-25 08/17/1999 LPFM: NPRM: Opposition to Greater Media extension of time Comments
99-25, RM-9208, RM-9242 07/16/1999 LPFM: NPRM: Amendment to comments - LPFM nationwide availability - 87.5 as "America's Channel" Supplement
RM-9673 07/15/1999 Amateur radio band emmissions Comments
99-25, RM-9208, RM-9242 07/01/1999 LPFM: NPRM: Amendment to comments Application for Review
99-25, RM-9208, RM-9242 06/27/1999 LPFM: NPRM: Arizona bandplan & revised distance charts Supplement
99-147, RM-9555 05/27/1999 FM Table of Allotments (Congress, AZ) Comments
99-25, RM-9208, RM-9242 05/11/1999 LPFM: NPRM: Oppose NPR/CPB motion to extend comment deadline Comments
99-25 03/25/1999 NPRM: Second amendment to comments Supplement
99-25 02/11/1999 LPFM: NPRM: Oppose NAB request to extend time Comments
99-25 02/10/1999 LPFM: NPRM: Amended comments Supplement
99-25 02/06/1999 LPFM: NPRM Comments
RM-9419 01/15/1999 To allow certain AM licensees to be able to operate on FM translators Comments