Bug Fixes: LMS data and myLPFM

We have fixed an issue related to our programs that use FCC LMS data (as opposed to eLMS data) such as channel searching.  New application records were not properly being added to our version of the LMS raw data.  The root cause was an unannounced (by the FCC) addition of fields to the database files.  This issue has been resolved for now but may happen again if the FCC updates the database schema.

myLPFM users attempting to log in were being advised that their station is not an LPFM.  This issue was happening to stations with recent application activity.  This can is related to the previous issue and the fixes put in place for that issue should fix this one.

Fixed a bug in myLPFM that was causing requests for reduced interference reports on a particular channel to return an error message.  


Saturday, April 1, 2023
Systems affected: 
myLPFM v3
Issue type: