07/30/2023 eLMS & recID Public Data Enhancement eLMS, DataStore
07/28/2023 CAP page/myLPFM: National Weather Service alerts in IPAWS/OPEN Enhancement, Other outside issue myLPFM v3, REC Website Content, DataStore
07/21/2023 FCCdata: Preparing for AM radio to migrate to LMS Enhancement, FCC issue, DataStore
07/17/2023 EDOCS API interface: fix Enhancement
07/14/2023 Data from ULS (Ham radio, maritime calls, RPU, STL) Enhancement, DataStore
07/14/2023 Datastore updates for 7-11-23 LMS raw data structure update Enhancement, FCC issue DataStore
06/27/2023 FCCdata: FCC History Cards Enhancement
06/16/2023 Radio History Project: Chicago FM 2 Manual data update
06/09/2023 Updates and fixes to FCCdata/eLMS. Retire CDBSbot. Enhancement, REC systems issue, FCC issue,
06/04/2023 Enforcement Actions (Dingers) enhancements & database update Manual data update, Enhancement REC Website Content, DataStore