FAQ: If a member of my MX group is more than 24 km away, can I agree to time share with them and request 24 hours for both stations and still aggregate points?

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Map demonstrating that the following station pairs are less than 24 km apart: A to B, A to E, B to E, E to C, E to D and C to D.

In the map example, I am station "C" with 5 points. Station "D" also has 5 points but does not want to time share with me. Stations "B" and "E" are 4 point applicants. Can I reach an agreement and aggregate points with "A" (thus clinching the group and causing the dismissal of "D") even though they are more than 24 km from "C" and can I ask for 24 hour operation for both "A" and "C" each?

You can do this. It has been done. However, the settlement agreement between "A" and "C" must specify time sharing with no overlapping schedule. Once your time share proposal is granted and the other applicants are dismissed, you must wait until those dismissals are final. In other words, they have up to 30 days to file a Petition for Reconsideration. Once that 30 day period has passed, you can then request a full time schedule through a Modification of Licensed Facility. The 30-day clock starts with the publication of the dismissals on the public notice which is a few days after the actual dismissal.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2021