FAQ: My application is in an MX group that was never able to establish a time share agreement. We are a lead scorer and now we are talking, is there something that can be done?

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In about a month or so from the close of the window and assuming there are no objections filed against any of the group members, the FCC will mail a letter to all of the tentative grantees. In this letter, the FCC will want you to confidentially respond within 30 days of your time slot choice. This letter also affords you a 30-day period to reach a universal settlement with the other tentative grantee(s). Remember, if you go the universal settlement route and you are in a three applicant group, all three applicants must participate in the settlement. Otherwise, you will be on an involuntary time share with non-renewable licenses. You can reach a universal settlement at anytime, even after the grants.  Note that making a universal settlement, even if for the same hours, will change the nonrenewable licenses to renewable.


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Saturday, November 14, 2020