I did not file during the October/November 2013 window, can I still get an LPFM station?

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Not at this time.  The FCC only accepts applications for new stations during designated filing widnows.  Prior to 2013, the previous filing window spanned over 2000 and 2001. Another window may come around 2022.

If there is an existing organization that is already an LPFM licensee and they are willing to assign their license to your organization, then assignment may be possible. 

LPFM stations that have been licensed for less than 4 years and were considered as being in a comparative review of points when they were initially awarded, the new organization would have to qualify for the same number of points.  A list of 90 LPFM stations that fall into this category are found on our Pledge List.

An LPFM station can be "sold", but the sales price is limited to the actual amount spent by the original  licensee for the purchase of equipment and the construction costs that will be also enjoyed by the new organization.  The costs of utilities, rents, salaries and music licensing can't be included in the price.  No one can make a profit off of an LPFM transaction.,


LPFM during the filing window
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Saturday, November 14, 2020