FAQ: LPFM Station Planning & Construction

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FAQ: Can I get a second or third adjacent waiver for a short-spaced station in Canada or Mexico? 05/07/2024
FAQ: The LPFM original construction permit is granted, how do I get a call sign? 02/17/2024
FAQ: I currently "own" a call sign (with a -DB suffix) for my internet radio station, can I use that call sign on my LPFM station? 01/25/2024
FAQ: Can the FCC waive minimum distance spacing requirements for a full-power station on the same channel or first adjacent channel? 11/14/2023
FAQ: Why should a second-adjacent short-spaced LPFM proposal be as close as possible to the second-adjacent channel station(s)? That seems highly illogical. I thought it was, the further, the better. 11/11/2023
FAQ: If my location is within 16 km of the coast or a foreign country, are there any tricks I can do to reduce my HAAT and increase my ERP? 08/23/2023
FAQ: If the geographic coordinates on the permit/license are incorrect or if I need to make a very short move of the tower site, do I still need a Construction Permit? 08/12/2023
FAQ: Once I am issued my construction permit, how long do I have to build? 08/12/2023
FAQ: With the collapse of the big radio telescope at Arecibo, do we still have to get coordination on Puerto Rico applications? 08/07/2023
FAQ: Can we start building the station/tower even though the construction permit has not yet been granted? 08/04/2023
FAQ: Should I use the "vacant channels" feature at radio-locator.com to find available channels for LPFM? 07/30/2023
If a full-service FM station license is cancelled, is the spectrum now available for LPFM use? 04/07/2023
FAQ:Are LPFM stations required to file Ownership Reports - Form 323-E? 10/14/2021
FAQ: How much is the license fee charged by Xperi (Ibiquity) for an LPFM station to run HD Radio? 08/28/2021
FAQ: The FCC requires AM towers to be fenced in. What are the rules regarding fencing for LPFM (or other FM) towers? 07/27/2021
FAQ: Can I use a tower on a trailer (especially if my permit is about to expire)? 07/12/2021
FAQ: My LPFM station in San Diego (Tucson, El Paso, Brownsville, Yuma) was only authorized 50 watts. Why? 11/14/2020
FAQ: If I am stuck in an involuntary time share situation, is there a way to make the license renewable? 11/14/2020
FAQ: Another group never built their granted construction permit and now the permit is about to expire. Can another group "take over" the permit and build it? 11/14/2020
FAQ: Another group never built their granted construction permit and now the permit is about to expire. Can another group "take over" the permit and build it? 11/14/2020
FAQ: Must LPFM stations give public notice of the filing of applications with the FCC? 10/30/2020
FAQ: Our station recently filed an application and I just received an "FCC Activity Report" by email. What do I need to do? 09/05/2020
FAQ: How do I extend a construction permit (CP)? 03/16/2020
FAQ: What is a contour and what is the difference between a "50,50" and a "50,10" contour? 03/17/2019
FAQ: Once I get my permit and build, when can I go on the air? 03/02/2017
FAQ: The tower company is asking whether I am putting up a one or two bay antenna. What is the difference and which one is better? 10/07/2015
FAQ: I am on the air with a compliant facility, I have not filed a Form 319 yet and now my construction permit is expired. What can I do? 08/18/2015
FAQ: I am not on the air. I am not ready to come on the air yet. My construction permit has expired. Is there anything I can do? 08/12/2015
FAQ: Are full power stations running hybrid HD Radio (IBOC) afforded any additional protections above and beyond the current analog protections? 05/25/2015
FAQ: What does it mean (on fccdata.org or on the FCC website) when an application is "superseded"? 05/24/2015
FAQ: The construction permit shows only a horizontal power but no vertical power. Does this mean that LPFM is prohibited from using vertical or circular polarized antennas? 05/18/2015
FAQ: Can I reduce my power to decrease the size of an overlap zone for a second adjacent channel waiver? 05/14/2015
FAQ: I have heard that if I have a single bay antenna (such as a Nicom BKG-77) being fed by 150 feet of LMR-600 cable with a lightning arrestor, I should set my transmitter's power to well over 100 watts. Is that legal? 05/14/2015
FAQ: If there is a pending or granted LPFM applicant who no longer wants their channel, can have that applicant/permittee request a dismissal/cancellation as a part of a settlement agreement (in order to place another MX applicant on that channel)? 05/14/2015
FAQ: Why was my station only authorized a very low power? 05/14/2015
FAQ: My proposed LPFM station is spaced 69 km from a Class-A FM station on co-channel. The Class-A station has filed an objection showing overlap. I'm in the foothills. Is my application doomed? 05/14/2015
FAQ: My construction permit only lists an ERP on the horizontal plane. Does this mean that circularly polarized antennas like the Penetrator are illegal? 05/14/2015
FAQ: Can the FCC grant a waiver of the Local Community Radio Act? 05/14/2015
FAQ: Can I use a directional antenna to address a second adjacent waiver issue? 05/14/2015
FAQ: Two MX LPFM applicants are short spaced by about 20 km. Can we reduce our power or use directional antennas to be able to both operate at the same time? 05/14/2015
FAQ: Should I buy a 250-watt transmitter just in case the FCC approves a 250-watt service in the future? 05/14/2015