FAQ: Can I use a tower on a trailer (especially if my permit is about to expire)?

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In the past, the FCC has found that antennas mounted on trailers to be considered as temporary construction.  In order to license a facility, the tower must be of "durable construction", meaning it is attached to a durable, non-movable surface and connected to a permanent power source.   Therefore, you are unable to license a tower that is mounted on a trailer.  

The only time when a trailer mounted tower is acceptable is in the case of an already licensed station needing to temporarily move to a different location and only if the FCC has granted a Special Temporary Authority to use the temporary facilities.

Citations: Broadcast Towers, Inc., Order, 26 FCC Rcd. 7681, 7686 (MB 2011); see also Manitee Media Corporation, Letter, 33 FCC Rcd. 6685, 6690 (MB 2018).


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Answer Date: 
Monday, July 12, 2021