REC operational status (updated May 27, 2024 4:00 PM EDT) - REC will be in Limited Operations on Tuesday 5-28-24 due to family priority. No phone support. Email will be monitored throughout the day. Systems access only a part of the day. Normal operations are anticipated on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Announcement regarding REC web applications that utilize maps

For many years, REC was using Google Maps as our default mapping on our various free services, most notibly and its predecessor sites.  When Google Maps started to charge for their maps over a specific allowance, we discontinued the use of those maps in favor of maps available through the Open Layers environment.  This included mapping products from Open Street Map (OSM), Stamen and the US Geological Survey (USGS).  For FCCdata, we have also provided a "bring your own API key" option for Google Maps where someone can enter a Google Maps API key that they obtained and the browser

Congress passes stopgap legislation in the final hours averting an October 1 government shutdown

In the final hours before a deadline for a lapse in federal appropriations, both houses of Congress passed and the President signed a Continuing Resolution that would keep the federal government open for business until November 17, 2023.  This will give Congress enough time to pass agency funding from that point forward.  This will mean that the FCC will remain "business as usual" on Monday, October 1 and will not impact various upcoming activities such as the upcoming Commission vote on an NPRM to reinstate net neutrality, the Reply Comment filing deadline for the proposed changes in HD Ra

(Updated 9/25/23) REC procedures and FAQ in the event of a late 2023 government shutdown

Updated: Septemeber 25, 2023

With the recent discussion about the potential for a Government shutdown around the time of October 1, 2023, some may have questions about the how the FCC and REC will function during that time, especially this time with the LPFM Filing Window looming on November 1, 2023.

Fortunately, REC has had past experience dealing with these shutdowns and there are contingency plans in place for handling a shutdown event. 

REC Networks Statement: Confirmation of Anna Gomez

REC Networks congratulates Anna Gomez on her confirmation to the Federal Communications Commission.  Anna brings with her a lot of telecom experience, in both the public and private sectors, as well as being the first Latina on the Commission since Gloria Tristiani in 1997~2001.  Her addition to the bench brings the Commission back up to its full strength.  From big issues like net neutrality to smaller, but important issues, such as LP250, there's a lot of work to be done.  We will be looking forward to introducing REC to her and her staff.  We wish Anna the very best during her tenure at

REC announcement regarding LPFM filing window Show of Interest requests

We are currently handling potential applicants in various stages.  Please make sure that when you send email to REC, that you either reply to an email that we sent you or you at least include your 4-digit ticket number in the subject line.  That way your email is properly routed within REC.   Many delays in responses are caused by folks who are starting new emails to us instead of replying to one of the emails we sent you.  

Statement of REC Networks re: Guel, HCCN, Juarez HDO and Order

On August 10, 2023, REC Networks issued the following statement in response to today's Media Bureau decision:

Media Bureau releases Order to Show Cause & Hearing Designation Order to Cesar Guel and others for various violations

Today, the Media Bureau has issued a 64-page document including an Order to Show Cause Why A Cease and Desist Order Should Not Be Issued, an Order to Show Cause Why an Order of Revocation Order Should Not Be Issued, a Hearing Designation Order, a Notice of Opportunity for Hearing and a Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture against Hispanic Christian Community Network, Inc.

REC LPFM Advisory Letter #18: Second advisory announcing the resolution of the Local Community Presence bug in LMS

Second advisory (08/09/2023)

The issue originally reported by REC in which the new LPFM application in LMS was not accepting applications which cannot claim the Local Established Presence point appears to have been resolved. 

On the Point System Factors section of LMS, applicants that cannot claim the Local Established Presence point should select the option "N/A".  Applicants that can claim this point must select the criteria on which they are basing their claim (educational organization, public safety or Tribal).  


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