After 15 years in limbo, the remaining "Great Translator Invasion" applications go under the hammer

The FCC has announced on Friday the process to settle 102 pending translator applications that are in 43 groups that were filed during the Auction 83 FM translator window back in 2003 (yes, 15 years ago).  This opportunity is open for those who filed in 2003 for a specific facility proposal and is listed in the public notice.  Auction participants will have a window to update their Form 175 information in mid-April (this is mainly for entities with multiple applications in the auction) with up-front pay

Statement of REC: Amtrak 501 disaster and the need for Positive Train Control

On Monday, December 18, 2017, an Amtrak Cascades train operating from Seattle to Portland (Amtrak 501) had derailed on a overpass of Interstate 5 in the state of Washington.   CNN is reporting that three people were killed in that crash.  Two of whom were identified as rail transit enthusiasts from the Southern California area who were on the train, likely because it was an inagural run of a new Amtrak Cascades route.  

Statement of REC: Today's "Destroying Internet Freedom (and due process)" decision at the FCC

As someone who worked in the Title II industry in telephony, cable and high speed internet, I had not taken a strong stand either for or against Net Neutrality. I do strongly support those who have taken to the streets today in DC to protest today's vote, which was more intended (in my opinion) of Trump's erasure of the Obama legacy. There is now increased interest on the right side of the aisle in this issue and today's FCC vote is not the last word on the issue. First, this issue will likely go to reconsideration once the Order is published.

REC petitions FCC for relief on LPFM multi-lingual EAS reporting requirements

In addition to the November 13, 2017 deadline that LPFM stations have for the National EAS Test, did you know there was a second reporting deadline for all EAS participants?   On March 23, 2016 without a lot of fanfare and zero-involvement from any LPFM interest, the FCC adopted an order that established certain reporting requirements from all EAS participants (including LPFM stations) to their State Emergency Communications Committees (SECCs).  

REC launches myLPFM 2.0

REC Networks is announcing the release of a complete re-write of the popular myLPFM channel search tool software.  This new version addresses various issues and needs including:

  • A very slow response time on the previous version
  • The inability for myLPFM to properly handle mobile requests
  • Transition LPFM from a "filing window" mode to a "lifecycle" mode.

The new myLPFM user experience allows you to "build" your new station by first specifying your location and then "constructing" your tower structure.