REC operational status (updated July 19, 2024 2:10 PM EDT) - Normal operations expected for the week of July 21, 2024.
Information on A10 Service Class - Upgrade/Impact Search Tool

REC tells FCC that EAS cybersecurity plan is overkill for Small Stations, calls on EAS manufacturers to step up to address security concerns

REC Networks has filed comments with the FCC in PS Docket 22-329, a proceeding related to Emergency Alert System (EAS) readiness and cyber security.

REC LPFM Advisory Letter #13 - NCE Filing Window Impact to LPFM Stations on Channels 201~222 (88.1~92.3) - Encroachment and Potential Displacement

Updated December 19, 2022

Revision #4 - New displacement warning issued for KPCY-LP. Updated to reflect modification of KQLO-LP. Delete cancelled license for WEMQ-LP. Updates for KCWG-LP., WGGM-LP, WMBT-LP, KCIU-LP, WDSW-LP, KEQQ-LP, WFGU-LP, KXPE-LP, KJZX-LP, KTHN-LP.

This revision is a routine update to this Advisory Letter to reflect actions taken by the Media Bureau and the full Commission in the 2021 NCE Window as well as subsequent modifications filed by NCE grantees.  

Rant from Riverton: I can relate to Musk's mindset ~ but I don't approve of his tactics.

For the past 72 hours, I have been following the whole Elon Musk Twitter issue with the banning of accounts related to the @ElonJet account that was retransmitting ACARS and other data regarding the position of his private jet as well as the many journalists who have been caught in the gauntlet for reporting on it. 

REC announces LPFM stations eligible for full listings at for 2023

Every year, REC conducts an inventory of Low Power FM (LPFM) stations.  This inventory is used to drive the listings at, the National LPFM Station Directory as well as maintain our statistical data for the 6 Segments data, which is used for regulatory advocacy and other purposes.

Impacts on REC related operations in the event of a Twitter shutdown

All of the networks of REC (broadcast services, J1 Radio and Delmarva FM) are closely watching the developments going on at Twitter.  While we will take no position on the current labor situation that is impacting Twitter at this time nor are we taking a position on the current ownership structure of the social network, we are concerned about the interruption of Twitter services and the impacts on the services that are provided by REC Networks that depend on them.

REC Networks announces guidelines for 2023 listings in the National LPFM Station Directory (

REC Networks operates the National LPFM Station Directory at  This directory lists every LPFM station across the country.  

During the last two weeks of the year (Christmas week and New Years week), REC has been doing an extensive inventory of all 2,000+ LPFM stations in order to try to find them so they can be listed.  This is a very time consuming process, especially with the many stations that choose to not be visible through the lack of a website and social media presence.  

LPFM stations can now have their logos and station information displayed in some connected cars at no charge.

For immediate release.

REC Networks has released Version 3.1 of myLPFM (  With this new version comes functionality that permits any licensed LPFM station to enhance their presence in certain vehicle models (with more on the way) using RadioDNS.   RadioDNS is an open source service originally established by the European Broadcasting Union but is available world wide.  

REC statement on the merger of Aiir and PlayoutONE

For the past few years, REC Networks has had an excellent relationship with Aiir, which provides content management system (CMS) solutions for radio station websites as well as providing mobile apps and we truly value Aiir being a part of our extended family. 

It was with great excitement that we hear about the news of the announced merger of Aiir and PlayoutONE.  


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