Statement of Michelle Bradley: Elimination of the main studio requirements

Today marked the beginning of the end of local radio, especially in the commercial sector.  A station now only need to leave a toll free telephone number to make a mark on their community.  While I agree that there are some stations that are facing financial burdens as a direct result of maintaining a "brick and mortar" main studio, I do feel that REC's proposed solution was a reasonable compromise.

Statement of REC: NHMC letter to Chairman Pai /Declaración de REC Networks en apoyo de la correspondencia de NHMC con la FCC.

REC Networks, the primary entity supporting policy for Low Power FM (LPFM) wholeheartedly supports the statement of the National Hispanic Media Coalition to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai calling on the FCC to provide aid to Puerto Rico.  REC also supports similar aid to the U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI). 

Statement of REC Networks: Retirement of Peter Doyle

With the news of the retirement of FCC Audio Division Bureau Chief Peter Doyle, I would like to publicly thank him for the hard work he has done for LPFM including the task of implementing the Local Community Radio Act of 2011 which not only assured that rules were changed to reflect the will of Congress but also to assure that spectrum in urban areas was made available for potential LPFM stations despite the "Great Translator Invasion" of 2003.   Actually, Doyle, like myself, has been involved with LPFM since day one.

REC identifies 75 LPFM stations impacted by the filings in the AM on FM translator window.

REC Networks has identified 75 LPFM stations (which represents less than 4% of all licensed LPFM stations) in where the LPFM station does not meet the §73.807(c) minimum distance separations to these newly filed translators. This does not mean that the LPFM stations have been "displaced", it only means that in the case of new co-channel and first-adjacent channel short spacing, an LPFM station can not move in the future to a location that is closer in distance to the translator (very short moves closer in may be possible as distances between stations are rounded to the nearest kilometer).