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REC Networks is beta testing a new "mobile friendly" release of

Changes to where the type of browser is detected and if a mobile browser (except tablets), it will provide a mobile presentation of the content:

FCC eliminates requirement to post station license

Today, the FCC has issued a Report and Order eliminating the requirement that broadcast stations (including LPFM stations) post a copy of their station license at the control point or transmitter of the station. The FCC cites the ability to view license authorizations online. The rule changes will take effect when this is published in the Federal Register.

New Voluntary Public Inspection File system brings LPFM to a more level playing field with full-service stations.

For the LPFM community, we announce the launch of the new Voluntary Public Inspection File (VPIF) system, powered by REC Networks.  

Statement of REC Networks: Tragedy in Thousand Oaks, CA

There was a tragedy yesterday right in the area that traditionally was a part of REC's "Area of Interest". expanding into Mexico

Updated 11/6/2018

Users of are now able to retrieve data from Mexico based on the records of the Instituto Federal de Telecommunicaciones (IFT), the Mexican communications regulator.  The Mexico data can be retrieved by clicking on the Mexico tab and requests can be made by call sign or community name.    There will also be links to the original documentation for each concession (licensee) at the IFT website.

Rant from Riverton: Is there a market for "otaku radio" terrestrially in the USA?

On the "I Love AM Radio" Facebook group, a member posted a poll about whether a format consisting of "anime soundtracks" and video game music would work on AM or FM radio.  For the uninitiated, anime music is from Japanese animation.

Rant from Riverton: So, who killed the radio star?

In response to Dick Taylor's blog "Automation Killed The Radio Star" and the subsequent discussion on The Broadcast Club on Facebook.

The narrow formatting of American radio is what killed the radio star. There are simply too many stations and formats. More group owners who see radio as nothing more than just a billboard with music to keep people entertained between the ads. 

REC-FM joins Pacifica Network

Pacifica Network programming is coming soon to REC-FM as a result of a new affiliation agreement.

REC-FM, a showcase of community radio programming for non-commercial LPFM, full-service, Part 15 and internet-only stations will soon be airing Pacifica programming in addition to programming being provided from other sources.   REC-FM is operated by Riverton Radio Project Association, a non-profit media organization founded by Michelle and Eva Bradley to provide noncommercial educational community radio to the Maryland Eastern Shore.  


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