Statement of REC Networks re: Guel, HCCN, Juarez HDO and Order

On August 10, 2023, REC Networks issued the following statement in response to today's Media Bureau decision:

"REC is aware of today's decision by the Media Bureau to consider taking sanctions against Antonio Cesar Guel, Hispanic Christian Community Network and Jennifer Juarez.  In 2000, 2001 and 2013, REC made the Commission aware of questionable LPFM applications filed during filing windows for new LPFM stations in which Mr. Guel participated.  We questioned at the time whether Mr. Guel had de facto control (or "shadow ownership") of those LPFM applications and whether the organizations that were established were nothing more than sham applications.  We stress that in those cases, no specific finding of wrongdoing on the part of Mr. Guel was ever determined by the FCC, however, in some cases, there were irregularities found that were not to be directly determined to attributable to Mr. Guel.  Today's decision is not about any alleged LPFM related activities or behaviors.

We note that in this case, none of the LPFM licenses that had Mr. Guel's involvement are being considered for revocation or other sanctions.  We are not going to comment further on the specific merits of the FCC's evidence in this case.  REC is satisfied that the Commission is considering a cease-and-desist order that would prevent Mr. Guel from engaging in activity that puts into question the integrity of the LPFM service or any other broadcast service. 

We will be watching this case very closely, but we will not be getting involved in this specific proceeding in a manner that is otherwise prohibited by statute, regulation or good practice.  We ask the community to also not get involved in a manner that violates Commission Rules or the Communications Act.

With today's FCC decision, we must recognize and pay tribute to the late Michael Couzens, an attorney who was very involved in helping to build a case that would eventually evolve into today's release.  

While an outcome in this matter may not be realized prior to the opening of the 2023 Third Generation LPFM Filing Window, REC will be closely watching all applications filed, as we normally do; and if the need warrants, we will practice our First Amendment right to make the Commission and the general public aware of any activity for which we have a concern.  This does not just apply to Cesar Guel, but to all who participate in November's window.

REC wishes all prospective applicants the best of luck come November."

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Media Contact: Michelle Bradley, CBT 202 621-2355 

REC Networks is the alter ego of Michelle Bradley, CBT, a Society of Broadcast Engineers Certified Broadcast Technologist who currently advocates before the Federal Communications Commission on various communications issues that impact rural communities, a citizen's access to spectrum and the plight of small noncommercial and commercial broadcast stations.  REC also provides professional services for Low Power FM, FM Translator, FM Booster, and for Full-service commercial and noncommercial FM broadcast stations.