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Statement of REC Networks on the departure of Commissioner Mignon Clyburn from the FCC

The airwaves belong to the people, not just a few CEOs and shareholders but to all of the people.  During her tenure at the FCC, Commissioner Clyburn's focus has been on the people and she was always looking for ways to bring more women and minorities into the ranks of broadcasters.  Some of REC's recent initiatives have been inspired by her aspirations to give a voice to those who do not have one.  Her speaking style was very eloquent and outspoken. She was not afraid to hold back.  This could be best evidenced in her dissent in the recent proceeding to repeal net neutrality.  At the FCC, she was a warrior and she will be deeply missed.  Hopefully, her legacy will carry over in her successor.  Thank you Mignon Clyburn for all you have done.  Your contribution didn't go unnoticed.

PIRATE Act: Well Intended, But Misguided

Statement of REC Networks, Michelle Bradley regarding the draft "PIRATE Act".

You may have heard about a bill that may be considered in the U.S. House of Representatives, the "Preserving Illegal Radio Abuse Through Enforcement" or PIRATE Act.  This draft bill has been presented to the Energy and Commerce Committee, Subcommitee on Communications & Technology by Rep Leonard Lance (R-NJ) on March 22, 2018.  For those of us who are familiar with the recent history of broadcast regulation, the New Jersey Broadcasters Association (NJBA) has been very vocal and has been a staunch opponent of LPFM.  Through the influence of the NJBA, the so called "New Jersey Rule" was placed into the Local Community Radio Act of 2010.  Under the New Jersey Rule, full-service FM stations in New Jersey can object to LPFM stations in a similar manner that they can oppose FM translators under §74.1204 of the rules.  In the 2013 LPFM window, no New Jersey full-service broadcast station filed such a protest.  It is possible though they can still object to modifications.  So, yes, New Jersey has a strong broadcast lobby.

After 15 years in limbo, the remaining "Great Translator Invasion" applications go under the hammer

The FCC has announced on Friday the process to settle 102 pending translator applications that are in 43 groups that were filed during the Auction 83 FM translator window back in 2003 (yes, 15 years ago).  This opportunity is open for those who filed in 2003 for a specific facility proposal and is listed in the public notice.  Auction participants will have a window to update their Form 175 information in mid-April (this is mainly for entities with multiple applications in the auction) with up-front pay

Statement of REC: Amtrak 501 disaster and the need for Positive Train Control

On Monday, December 18, 2017, an Amtrak Cascades train operating from Seattle to Portland (Amtrak 501) had derailed on a overpass of Interstate 5 in the state of Washington.   CNN is reporting that three people were killed in that crash.  Two of whom were identified as rail transit enthusiasts from the Southern California area who were on the train, likely because it was an inagural run of a new Amtrak Cascades route.  

Statement of REC: Today's "Destroying Internet Freedom (and due process)" decision at the FCC

As someone who worked in the Title II industry in telephony, cable and high speed internet, I had not taken a strong stand either for or against Net Neutrality. I do strongly support those who have taken to the streets today in DC to protest today's vote, which was more intended (in my opinion) of Trump's erasure of the Obama legacy. There is now increased interest on the right side of the aisle in this issue and today's FCC vote is not the last word on the issue. First, this issue will likely go to reconsideration once the Order is published.