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  Pre-File Post-File Filing Deadline
Oct 1 & 16 AL GA FL NC PR SC VI 10/1 FL PR VI
Nov 1 & 16 AL GA FL PR VI  
Dec 1 & 16 AR LA MS AL FL GA PR VI 12/2 AL GA

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REC advises LPFM stations to register for new ETRS system

The FCC has issued a public notice to advise that all participants in EAS will need to register on a new EAS Test Reporting System (ETRS).  This new system is a different process than the system that was used in the 2016 National EAS Test.  We do point out that there is no planned test at this time.  The FCC will eventually release a "Form One" in July that will need to be filled out by a date to be announced in that public notice.   There will be more information to follow.  

For now, all LPFM licensees (including silent stations) need to follow these instructions:

LPFM Application Freeze July 19~August 2, 2017

In preparation for the first of the 2017 filing windows for cross-service FM translators for AM licensees, the FCC will impose a freeze on certain LPFM, FM translator and FM booster applications between July 19 and August 2, 2017. 

During this period of time, applications for minor changes on LPFM stations can not be filed.  

Examples of application types that can't be filed (Form 318):

Comments of REC Networks: MB Docket 17-106 (Elimination of Main Studio Rule)

REC Networks (“REC”) has been a major advocate for a citizen’s right to access the airwaves by supporting the Low Power FM (LPFM) service as well as the revitalization of rural, minority-owned, community-based and “mom-and-pop” AM broadcast stations and other initiatives.