Upcoming Renewal Announcement Dates

  Pre-File Post-File Filing Deadline
Feb 1 & 16 IN KY TN AL AR GA LA MS 2/3 AR LA MS
Mar 1 & 16 IN KY TN AR LA MS  
Apr 1 & 16 MI OH AR IN KY LA MS TN 4/1 IN KY TN

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LPFM to use LMS for FCC filing for the first time

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Based on credible reports from Commission staff, REC can confirm that the FCC Media Bureau plans to require the use of the License Management System (LMS) for renewal filings in the upcoming cycle.  The first renewal filings for Maryland, D.C., Virginia and West Virginia must be filed on or just before June 1, 2019.  

LMS has been used primarily by television broadcasters for most of their application needs.  In television, assignments and transfers still go through CDBS.  In full-service radio, LMS has been used only for ownership reports.  LPFM stations are not required to file ownership reports.

The LMS form is called Form 2100.  Similar to the IRS 1040 tax form, Form 2100 uses "schedules" and other variations in order to handle specific needs of the application.  We have not yet seen the presentation of how the form will be laid out.  Since the existing renewal form (Form 303-S) is fairly simple and straightforward, we expect the LMS version of the form to be the same.

Rant from Riverton: The Japanese are doing it right, but they've got the room to do it

Sony ICF-29 - (Photo: Sony)Lately, I have been seeing an article in the Japan Times that is spreading around the US broadcasting industry and hobby like wildfire.  Those who know about my connections with Japan have been sending me e-mails and Facebook private messages about it.   I am referring to the request by the Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association (JBA) (Japan's NAB) to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) (Japan's FCC) to work towards abolishing commercial AM radio broadcasting in Japan through converting to a full FM arrangement by the year 2028.  


Some are saying that the end is near for AM broadcasting in the United States, especially with the moves by several European nations and now this move by the JBA to work towards their own solution to AM revitalization.  

Rant from Riverton: It's about ARRL's numbers.. and "Tyro"-mania

The §1.401 Inbox in the FCC's Electronic Comment Filing System occasionally gets blessed with Petitions for Rulemaking regarding amateur radio.  Everything from license class restructuring to people upset because they lost the opportunity to get an extra class call sign is tn there.  Very few see the light of day, be assigned an RM number and get on the public notice for a 30 day comment period.   Two ham petitions re

REC Statement on PIRATE Act: HR-583

Overall, REC does support most of the text contained within the PIRATE Act.  Improperly operated broadcast transmitters can cause interference to public safety and safety of life communications especially in the aeronautical mobile and aeronautical radionavigation services and higher powered transmitters can pose a public health hazard.

FCC adopts Notice of Proposed Rulemaking MB Docket 19-3 affecting LPFM and full-service NCE

On Thursday, February 14, the Federal Communications Commission has adopted a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking in MB Docket 19-3 which proposes changes to various non-controversial administrative rules, most of them would not apply until NCE full-service and LPFM has another filing window.  The proposed changes include:

NCE/LPFM proposed rulemaking back on the FCC meeting agenda for February 14


Updated February 7, 2019:

The FCC will be considering the adoption of MB Docket 19-3 at the FCC Open Meeting, that has been rescheduled for February 14, 2019.  The meeting was rescheduled because of the potential of another government shutdown that cound take place as soon as Saturday, February 16.  On Friday, February 1, REC's Michelle Bradley met over the phone with FCC Audio Division chief Albert Shuldiner and other staff regarding concerns over a proposal in the draft NPRM that would, in the opinion of REC, further endorse and encourage gamesmanship by permitting collusion in the LPFM time-share negotiation process.  REC has proposed an alternate Viable Time Sharing plan that would add fairness to the process and reduce the chances of pre-planned outcomes.  REC has asked that the Media Bureau use their editorial privilege to refer to the ex parte presentation made by REC that details the plan.  

Once the NPRM is adopted by the full Commission and it is published in the Federal Register, the Commission will announce deadline dates for comments and reply comments.