FAQ: LPFM Technical Operations

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FAQ: Can two LPFM stations share a single EAS decoder? 07/14/2024
FAQ: Why should a second-adjacent short-spaced LPFM proposal be as close as possible to the second-adjacent channel station(s)? That seems highly illogical. I thought it was, the further, the better. 11/11/2023
FAQ: What requirements do LPFM stations have if forced to shut down as a result of "rolling" blackouts imposed by a local electric utility? 05/01/2023
FAQ: Do I have to inform the FCC if I decide to sign the station off from (for example) 3AM to 7AM? What about the EAS? 05/01/2023
FAQ: My station is getting interference. Can we briefly change channels to "test" to see if a different channel is better? 08/15/2022
FAQ: How much is the license fee charged by Xperi (Ibiquity) for an LPFM station to run HD Radio? 08/28/2021
FAQ: We already have a transmitter capable of running 300 watts. Are we ready if LP-250 was to be approved? 07/27/2021
FAQ: The FCC requires AM towers to be fenced in. What are the rules regarding fencing for LPFM (or other FM) towers? 07/27/2021
FAQ: What is a contour and what is the difference between a "50,50" and a "50,10" contour? 03/17/2019
FAQ: During a government shutdown, can a station use obscenity on the air or operate out of tolerance since the FCC is not currently working? 01/10/2019
FAQ: Is vandalizing an LPFM (or other non-commercial) station considered a federal offense? 01/25/2018
FAQ: Can an LPFM station operate unattended? 11/09/2017
FAQ: How can I get STL or RPU frequencies assigned (coordinated)? 08/05/2017
FAQ: Why am I suddenly hearing another station from out of town on my channel? 03/21/2017
FAQ: Are LPFM stations required to have a chief operator? 02/07/2016
FAQ: What information must LPFM stations keep in the station log? 02/07/2016
FAQ: The construction permit shows only a horizontal power but no vertical power. Does this mean that LPFM is prohibited from using vertical or circular polarized antennas? 05/18/2015
FAQ: Why was my station only authorized a very low power? 05/14/2015
FAQ: My construction permit only lists an ERP on the horizontal plane. Does this mean that circularly polarized antennas like the Penetrator are illegal? 05/14/2015
FAQ: Where can I find the rule that requires LPFM stations to run a certified transmitter? 05/14/2015