FAQ: Can an LPFM station operate unattended?

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Yes. Unattended operation is allowed. The only caveats:
- You must be able to shut down within 24 hours in the event of an interference complaint from another station (§73.809(c)).
- You must be able to shut off the station immediately if notified by the FCC that the station is causing spurious emissions (§73.809(d)).
- If your station is subject to a point pledge, then you must maintain your minimum 8 hours a day staff presence at the main studio. (§73.872(b)(3)).
Most modern transmitters have the ability to be connected to the internet so they can be controlled and the meter readings can be monitored from anywhere.

- If you are operating unattended, you should notify the FCC Media Bureau in writing of the address and/or telephone number of a responsible party who can access the transmitter to address out-of-compliance operation. You are not required to do this but it is a good idea.

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Thursday, November 9, 2017