FAQ: What information must LPFM stations keep in the station log?

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LPFM stations must keep a log which includes:

  • Any station outages due to equipment malfunction, servicing or replacement. (Some time share stations or stations operating part time may also log when they turn on and off the transmitter. This is not required by rule.)
  • Any operation not in accordance with the station license such as operating with less power from the transmitter that what is shown on the station license.
  • Emergency Alert System (EAS) weekly log requirements. (See §11.61(a)(1)(v))
  • If your station owns the tower and that tower is required by the FAA to have obstruction lighting, note any extinguishment or malfunction of any lighting as well as adjustments, repairs and replacement of the lighting. (See §17.48)

Log entries should include the date and time as well as the person making the entry.

Logs must be made available to the FCC upon request.

See §73.877 and §73.878 of the rules.

LPFM technical operations
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Sunday, February 7, 2016