FAQ: LPFM/NCE Programming & Station Operations

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FAQ: Can two LPFM stations share a single EAS decoder? 07/14/2024
Can a NCE/LPFM station name their studio (or other programming element) for a sponsor such as “The Acme Studios” and use that in casual conversation on the air? 05/13/2024
FAQ: Can a radio station accept underwriting/advertising for a smoke shop or stores with the word "cigarette" in the name? 04/27/2024
FAQ: I currently "own" a call sign (with a -DB suffix) for my internet radio station, can I use that call sign on my LPFM station? 01/25/2024
FAQ: Can an LPFM rebroadcast the programs or live audio of an international broadcaster (such as VOA, RFI, BBC, etc.)? 05/01/2023
FAQ: What requirements do LPFM stations have if forced to shut down as a result of "rolling" blackouts imposed by a local electric utility? 05/01/2023
Can a LPFM (or NCE) station carry commercials on their internet stream while running compliant underwriting acknowledgements over the air? 05/23/2022
FAQ:Are LPFM stations required to file Ownership Reports - Form 323-E? 10/14/2021
FAQ: Can I run a telephone conversation over the air? 08/28/2021
FAQ: How much is the license fee charged by Xperi (Ibiquity) for an LPFM station to run HD Radio? 08/28/2021
FAQ: Can an LPFM/NCE station mention a church raffle? 11/15/2020
FAQ: Can one sell or otherwise transfer control of an LPFM station to a different organization? 11/14/2020
FAQ: If an LPFM subject to the pledge (main studio and local programming) was to make a channel change or another occurrence was to take place (such as the other station's CP expiring, license cancel, move, etc.), does this relieve the LPFM of the 11/14/2020
FAQ: What is this I hear that if you are forced into a timeshare, the license is not renewable? 11/14/2020
FAQ: Are LPFM stations required to carry announcements at the time of license renewal? 11/14/2020
If our station is silent, how will our renewal be handled? 10/30/2020
FAQ: Can an LPFM station carry “syndicated” programming? 10/03/2020
FAQ: Our station recently filed an application and I just received an "FCC Activity Report" by email. What do I need to do? 09/05/2020
FAQ: What do I do if a political candidate wants air time? 04/25/2020
FAQ: Can a full-service broadcast station rebroadcast an LPFM station? 03/19/2020
FAQ: Is it true that if an LPFM (or NCE) runs a program provided on a "barter", it can have commercials? 03/01/2020
FAQ: Can an LPFM station be rebroadcast on another station's HD subchannel? 02/12/2020
FAQ: It's getting close to the license expiration date and the renewal is still not granted. What now? 02/09/2020
FAQ: Our station does voice tracking, how does §73.1208 (pre-recorded material) impact our presentation? 02/02/2020
FAQ: The LPFM station is in the process of an assignment at the time when the renewal is due. What is the process? 10/09/2019
FAQ: Can a station rebroadcast the time signals of WWV or WWVH? 07/26/2019
Are LPFM stations required to maintain a public file? 02/19/2019
FAQ: During a government shutdown, can a station use obscenity on the air or operate out of tolerance since the FCC is not currently working? 01/10/2019
FAQ: Can a LPFM station rebroadcast the Senate or House debates and hearings live from C-SPAN? 12/29/2018
FAQ: Can I use the FCC's Third Party Fundraising guidelines to interrupt programming to raise funds for the Fraternal Order of Police or a labor union? 09/04/2018
FAQ: What is the exact definition of "Full-Power" station in respect to §73.879 which prevents LPFM from retransmitting "full-power" stations? 05/09/2018
FAQ: Can a LPFM/NCE carry an underwriting message encouraging people to "come to church"? Is this a call to action? 03/31/2018
FAQ: Is vandalizing an LPFM (or other non-commercial) station considered a federal offense? 01/25/2018
FAQ: Many old time radio programs have historic commercials embedded in them including for products that no longer exist. If I want to run these programs on an LPFM/NCE station, do I have to edit out the commercials? 11/01/2017
FAQ: Why aren't all LPFM stations required to carry a certain amount of local programming? 05/24/2015
FAQ: Are LPFM stations required to carry any amount of local programming? 05/23/2015
Can two LPFM stations share the same programming? 05/19/2015
FAQ: Can a LPFM/NCE station interrupt programming to raise funds for another organization (such as the Red Cross) in the event of a local disaster? 05/15/2015
FAQ: Can one LPFM station simulcast another LPFM station? 05/14/2015
FAQ: Is my station subject to the point pledges such as local programming and main studio? 05/14/2015
FAQ: Can the FCC grant a waiver of the Local Community Radio Act? 05/14/2015
FAQ: I read that if I install HD Radio at my station that I can operate an HD-2 station commercially. Is that for real? 05/14/2015
FAQ: I heard that I may have to give announcements for the first year for third adjacent channel stations. What is this about? 05/14/2015
FAQ: We are a school and we are closing for summer vacation. The rules state I need to broadcast 36 hours a week. How can we do that if we are not there? 05/14/2015
FAQ: I am in a time share agreement with a school that does not broadcast during vacation and holiday periods. Any possibility of getting those hours while the school is closed? 05/14/2015
FAQ: If LPFM stations that are in a time share make a one-time agreement to change schedule for one-day (such as to cover a special event), what do we need to do? 05/14/2015