If our station is silent, how will our renewal be handled?

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If your station (regardless of type) is silent at the time that you file your renewal application, answer Section III, item #6 as "no".  Your license will not be renewed on schedule.  Instead, your application will be held in pending status.  It will not be automatically dismissed.

When the station resumes operation, file the normal form to notify the FCC of a resumption of operation and at the same time, go into LMS and file an amendment to your renewal form by changing Section III, Item #6 from "no" to "yes".

Once your renewal is amended, processing of the renewal will continue.

NOTE: Even though the station is silent, you still need to timely file the renewal (Form 303-S).

When a renewal is filed during the time a station is silent, an online public notice of the renewal is required in lieu of announcements over the air.  For more information on this process, see our Renewals Page.

Verified with Staff 8/22/2019.
Updated 10/30/2020 to reflect amended §73.3580.


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