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FAQ: Why is it not possible for the FCC to allow AM stations with translators to turn off AM and just run on the translator? 03/10/2024
What is RECOT? 10/01/2022
FAQ: I have heard that there will be a power increase for LPFMs in about two years. How can I apply for one? 07/14/2019
FAQ: I see Part 15 broadcasters with call signs. Will the FCC send that to me or how do I get one? 07/03/2019
FAQ: Can I use the coverage maps from FCCdata.org for my own station's materials? 05/07/2019
FAQ: What is a contour and what is the difference between a "50,50" and a "50,10" contour? 03/17/2019
FAQ: How do I start a new LPFM station? 02/19/2019
FAQ: How can New Zealand have a license free 1-watt LPFM service on dedicated frequencies and we can't here in America? 03/29/2018
FAQ: How can I file a request for a new commercial FM broadcast station at the FCC? 03/22/2017
FAQ: An FCC field agent told me that the operation of a micro-powered AM or FM transmitter under Part 15 requires an experimental license. Is that true? 08/24/2016
What is "automatic upgrade authority" in the LP-250 proposal RM-11749? 05/17/2015
FAQ: Why didn't REC ask for the ability for LPFM stations to carry commercials in RM-11749? 05/14/2015
FAQ: How come RM-11749 recommends the same distance separations for LP-250 stations as it does for LP-100? 05/14/2015
FAQ: In RM-11749, since the distance spacing is the same between LP-100 and LP-250 for co-channel and first-adjacent channel, why not second-adjacent channel? 05/14/2015
FAQ: In RM-11749, what is a "foothill station" and why is REC proposing additional restrictions on them? 05/14/2015