What is "automatic upgrade authority" in the LP-250 proposal RM-11749?

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REC is proposing an option to help the FCC address the large number of stations eligible for upgrade by permitting stations that do not fall under certain exclusions to be given authority by Public Notice to upgrade without having to file a Form 318. During the automatic upgrade authority (AUA) period, eligible LPFM stations would be permitted to make their changes as long as those changes do not change a station's location, channel or antenna height. Once they make the change, they can file a Form 319 to cover the change.

Under the AUA proposal, the following station types would be excluded from automatic upgrade and would have to file a Form 318 to upgrade:

  • Stations within 320 km of Canada or Mexico (due to international coordination issues)
  • Stations in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands (also due to international coordination issues)
  • Stations in the reserved band 88.1~91.9 MHz (due to band crowding and TV channel 6 issues, there are only 60 LPFM stations below 92).
  • Stations that are or would be short-spaced on co-channel, first-adjacent or second-adjacent channel (even if the station already has a waiver).
  • Stations that are or would be short-spaced to a radio reading service on a third-adjacent channel.
  • "Foothill" stations (those with a very large service contour lobe in one or more directions).
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Sunday, May 17, 2015