FAQ: Can I use the coverage maps from FCCdata.org for my own station's materials?

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REC Networks generally does not have an objection to the use of the maps from FCCdata for use by the broadcast licensee of the facility we provide information for.  

REC's generation of the contours is licensed under Creative Commons CC BY 3.0.  

The mapping tiles used under the maps are covered under various licening agreements.

  • The default mapping in FCCdata is from Stamen Design and is licensed under Creative Commons CC BY 3.0.
  • The Open Street Map data is from the Open Street Map Foundation and is licensed under Creative Commons CC BY SA (attribution-share alike).
  • Using the USGS cartography or imagry is the work of a federal government agency and therefore is in the public domain.

NOTE: If you have entered a Google API key into FCCdata.org, your duplication of those maps may violate Google's copyright.  Please check with Google for details.  We strongly suggest you use one of the royalty-free options above.

No "larger" versions of the maps are available at this time.

Appropriate Attribution

If you use a screenshot of a map, please make sure you place either inside the map or close to the map: Courtesy: fccdata.org.   (this is the attribution for the data overlaid on the map and is valid for all maps, including the USGS maps and imagery).

Please also include the Stamen Design (if using the default map) and the Open Street Map message at the bottom of the non-USGS maps.   (this is the attribution for the map itself)

Thank you for your cooperation.


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Tuesday, May 7, 2019