What is RECOT?

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RECOT (pronounced "ree-kot") is an acronym for "REC Operations Time".  RECOT is the time zone that our systems are based out of. 

RECOT is 7 hours behind UTC.  This time zone was chosen because it is the same time zone as Mountain Standard Time.  REC began database related operations in the late 1990s while we were based in Arizona.  Despite the move to Maryland, we decided to keep RECOT the same as the time in Phoenix because Arizona does not change its clocks for daylight saving time.  This allows us to have a consistent system time all year around.  This also corresponds with our J1 Radio program operations as Japan, like Arizona does not observe any kind of summer time.  

Time Zone Standard Time Daylight Time
Pacific One hour later Same time
Mountain Same time One hour earlier
Central One hour earlier Two hours earlier
Eastern Two hours earlier Three hours earlier
Atlantic (PR/VI) Three hours earlier Four hours earlier
Alaska Two hours later Three hours later
Hawaii Three hours later (does not observe DST)
Guam 17 hours earlier (does not observe DST)
American Samoa Four hours later Five hours later
Japan 16 hours earlier (does not observe DST)


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