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FAQ: Can the FCC waive minimum distance spacing requirements for a full-power station on the same channel or first adjacent channel? 11/14/2023
FAQ: Why should a second-adjacent short-spaced LPFM proposal be as close as possible to the second-adjacent channel station(s)? That seems highly illogical. I thought it was, the further, the better. 11/11/2023
FAQ: If my location is within 16 km of the coast or a foreign country, are there any tricks I can do to reduce my HAAT and increase my ERP? 08/23/2023
FAQ: If the geographic coordinates on the permit/license are incorrect or if I need to make a very short move of the tower site, do I still need a Construction Permit? 08/12/2023
FAQ: With the collapse of the big radio telescope at Arecibo, do we still have to get coordination on Puerto Rico applications? 08/07/2023
FAQ: Can we start building the station/tower even though the construction permit has not yet been granted? 08/04/2023
FAQ: Should I use the "vacant channels" feature at radio-locator.com to find available channels for LPFM? 07/30/2023
I just learned that there is a "Table of Allotments" petition filed with the FCC which could impact our LPFM station. What can be done? 04/30/2023
FAQ: The FCC requires AM towers to be fenced in. What are the rules regarding fencing for LPFM (or other FM) towers? 07/27/2021
FAQ: Can broker fees or commissions be included in the sale price of an LPFM station assignment? 04/23/2021
FAQ: Must LPFM stations give public notice of the filing of applications with the FCC? 10/30/2020
FAQ: Our station recently filed an application and I just received an "FCC Activity Report" by email. What do I need to do? 09/05/2020
FAQ: How can an LPFM station get a power increase? 04/25/2020
FAQ: When can I move a station more than 11.2 km away? 04/25/2020
FAQ: How far can I move an LPFM station? 04/25/2020
FAQ: How do I extend a construction permit (CP)? 03/16/2020
FAQ: I am already granted with a second adjacent waiver but now I need to make a change on Form 318 for the same channel. Since I have already received a second-adjacent channel waiver for a particular station, do I have to submit a new waiver request? 02/20/2019
FAQ: How can I get a translator for an LPFM station? 12/29/2018
FAQ: How can I get STL or RPU frequencies assigned (coordinated)? 08/05/2017
FAQ: If two stations are currently in a time share agreement and another channel becomes available that is properly spaced, can one of the two stations ask for a move to the other channel claiming eliminating the time share will "reduce inteference"? 06/18/2016
FAQ: What does it mean (on fccdata.org or on the FCC website) when an application is "superseded"? 05/24/2015
FAQ: Can the FCC grant a waiver of the Local Community Radio Act? 05/14/2015
FAQ: Can a translator carrying an LPFM station have a power higher than the LPFM station itself? 05/14/2015