FAQ: How far can I move an LPFM station?

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Unless the FCC has specifically opened a filing window for "major changes", by rule, site moves by LPFM stations are limited to one of the following:

  • The location is within 11.2 km (7 miles).
  • If the location is more than 11.2 km, a contour study that demonstrates that there is 60 dBu contour overlap between the current and proposed facilities.
  • If the LPFM station is currently in a time sharing agreement with another LPFM station, one of more of the LPFM stations can move more than 11.2 km in order to move more than one station to the same tower.
  • If the LPFM station is currently "short spaced" to a third-adjacent channel FM station, the LPFM station may relocate to a new location that is within 500 meters of the third-adjacent channel station's transmitter.

Of course with any move, you will need to make sure that your new location meets all minimum distance separations of §73.807 of the rules. If your current location is short spaced to a subsequently filed broadcast station and the new location is still short spaced, you may move the station only if the distance between the other station and the LPFM station are increased.

If the LPFM station is currently on a second adjacent channel waiver and the new location is also second-adjacent channel short spaced and that spacing is reduced, you will need to prepare a new waiver request.  If the spacing is the same (rounded to the nearest kilometer) or moving the station further away, you may not need a waiver request however a waiver request should be filed in order to demonstrate that no interference will occur.  An LPFM station is still responsible for resolving any second-adjacent channel interference reported by the affected second-adjacent channel station. (see §73.807(e)(2))


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Saturday, April 25, 2020