Other Silly REC Stuff

This page includes other miscellaneous telephone entertainment programs produced by the REC Networks over the past 20 years as well as productions that appeared in our commentline programs. If you are looking for non-REC recordings from
other phone lines, see our other lines page and also visit Telephone-Entertainment.com.

Yes, these are in sucky RealMedia format. To play these files, you may have to either download the real bloaty RealPlayer (yeah, they are still around.. I think) or the less bloaty Real Alternative.

We are trying to find more stuff. Once we do, it will be posted. Any new encoding we do will be in MP3 format and not crappy RealAudio (it's all we had at the time)

Calcom Number One (1984) - from REC Tape LA-001

Chicken Weenies (1984) - from REC Tapes LA-012 and LA-014

Kramer Phone (1984) - from REC Tape LA-042 (nominated for an ARTE Award)

Rappin' Al Diamond (1984) - (nominated for an ARTE Award)

Paul Mack - A Waste of Time (1986) -

The Bob 213 1-2-0 Minute Seminar (1985) - From the Paul Mack Extra Special Special

Paul Mack, Stu PhunFone and Al Bernay (1985) - From the making of 'From Birth to Baldness 5-That Old Chain Gang of Mine'

Telford Taking Over (1986) - from REC Tape LA-096

The Generation Two Intro (1987) - Where the screaming of NEVER! when denying toll charges came from

REC Presents The Focus Center (1988) - from REC Tape LA-142

Hi.. Hi.. I'm REC... (1990) - from REC Tape LA-168

REC Cow Chant (We Like The Cows)

We Like The Whales -

We All Work For The Phone Company -

Julia Child -

I Want My REC (1990) -

Will Beane and KXN Traffic (1991) - from the REC Vareity Show

1991, The Year of Telephone Fun (1991) - from REC Tape LA-193

Spingent Singing on the 407-1000 Jingle (2001) - from REC Tape LA-200

El Monte (1994) - Ricky Rosemead and The Arcadians

K-Fone PAMS Jingles (1991) -

Dr. Ruth and Sarkissian (1984) - from the REC Vareity Show

I Just Love My REC (1989) - from Loren North Hollywood

REC Suicide Service (1989) - from Loren North Hollywood. A spoof on the Generation 3 Main Menu

Jokeman: Yummy Bears (1991) - from the REC Vareity Show

Peggy and Tracy singing REC805 (1992) - from REC Tape AV-203

Greg's 'Naked' ID (1994) - from the REC Generation 4 (Van Nuys) system

Kristi's 'Get Moving' ID (1994) - from the REC Generation 4 (Van Nuys) system

GTE Hell (1994) - from the REC Generation 4 (Van Nuys) system

Live Wire (1994) - REC housed LiveWire's Valley Number

Resist The Monkey (1994) - from the REC Generation 4 (Van Nuys) system

Harry Hardball: Human Head Baseball (1996) - from REC602 (Phoenix) Tape PX-209

REC Jingle Montage