LPFM Delayed and Dismissed Renewals

This list includes license renewal applications for LPFM stations that are still pending even though the it is past the expiration date of the license as well as renewal applications that were dismissed due to cancellation of the station license.

Unless the license has been cancelled or the licensee has been ordered otherwise, stations with pending renewals may continue to broadcast pending the outcome of their renewal application.

Comments are based on REC observations based on items and issues made public during the proceeding.

Callsign Community File # Application Status License Status
DWSMX-LP CLANTON AL 0000090035 Dismissed 2020-01-31 License Cancelled
Applicant requested license cancellation.
DWRMZ-LP HEADLAND AL 0000092078 Dismissed 2021-03-11 License Cancelled
Silent since 08/30/2019.
DWJSD-LP HENAGAR AL 0000094511 Dismissed 2021-01-04 License Cancelled
Silent since November, 2019.
WUMO-LP MONTGOMERY AL 0000190912 Accepted for Filing 2022-05-17 Licensed
Reported previous silence.
DKOII-LP FLAGSTAFF AZ 0000151370 Dismissed 2022-05-04 License Cancelled
KRIM-LP PAYSON AZ 0000144665 Objection 2021-05-06 Licensed
KMAI-LP ALTURAS CA 0000176856 Dismissed 2022-09-22 Licensed
DKWBB-LP BIG BEAR LAKE CA 0000155041 Dismissed 2022-11-18 License Cancelled
KMOB-LP CLEARLAKE CA 0000171767 Accepted for Filing 2021-11-26 Licensed
KGIC-LP CORONA CA 0000157963 Accepted for Filing 2021-08-25 Licensed
DKSZS-LP DAVIS CA 0000155935 Pending 2021-08-02 License Cancelled
KQSG-LP EL MONTE CA 0000154968 Objection 2021-12-20 Licensed
KMKE-LP EUREKA CA 0000176854 Dismissed 2022-09-22 Licensed
KZLQ-LP LA QUINTA CA 0000155938 Objection 2021-08-02 Licensed
KGAP-LP LOS ANGELES CA 0000155273 Pending 2021-08-02 Licensed
DDKSXS-LP LOS ANGELES CA 0000171235 Objection 2022-10-12 License Cancelled
KGXY-LP MUIR BEACH CA 0000155850 Pending 2021-08-02 Licensed
KYGS-LP NIPOMO CA 0000157386 Accepted for Filing 2021-08-13 Licensed
DKEBX-LP PACHECO CA 0000155865 Pending 2021-08-02 License Cancelled
DKZAC-LP SACRAMENTO CA 0000155783 Pending 2021-08-02 License Cancelled
DKUGA-LP SACRAMENTO CA 0000155818 Pending 2022-03-07 License Cancelled
KBQS-LP SACRAMENTO CA 0000156014 Accepted for Filing 2021-08-03 Licensed
KQEB-LP SAN FRANCISCO CA 0000155860 Pending 2021-08-02 Licensed
KQEA-LP SAN FRANCISCO SUNSET CA 0000155616 Pending 2021-08-02 Licensed
KCLA-LP SAN PEDRO CA 0000155808 Pending 2021-08-02 Licensed
KRDW-LP SMITH RIVER CA 0000155689 Pending 2021-08-02 Licensed
KELR-LP STOCKTON CA 0000157843 Accepted for Filing 2021-08-23 Licensed
KMEC-LP UKIAH CA 0000170650 Accepted for Filing 2022-03-15 Licensed
DKUVJ-LP VALLEJO CA 0000156719 Dismissed 2021-09-22 License Cancelled
KVLP-LP VISALIA CA 0000155945 Accepted for Filing 2021-08-02 Licensed
KQEV-LP WALNUT CA 0000153432 Objection 2021-07-20 Licensed
KSIK-LP GREELEY CO 0000127707 Accepted for Filing 2020-11-30 Licensed
KELS-LP GREELEY CO 0000128337 Accepted for Filing 2020-11-30 Licensed
Station received $15K NAL for underwriting violations.
KMKZ-LP LOVELAND CO 0000127708 Accepted for Filing 2020-11-30 Licensed
DWYPH-LP MANCHESTER CT 0000172509 Dismissed 2022-01-05 License Cancelled
WNGK-LP FORT LAUDERDALE FL 0000191264 Accepted for Filing 2022-05-20 Licensed
DWRIA-LP JACKSONVILLE FL 0000106586 Accepted for Filing 2020-02-25 License Cancelled
Reported off air over 365 days.
WJUP-LP JUPITER FL 0000083043 Accepted for Filing 2019-10-01 Licensed
$25K NAL issued after renewal was filed. Unauthorized location and power.
DWLJJ-LP KISSIMMEE FL 0000081704 Dismissed 2020-01-23 License Cancelled
No response to Operational Status Inquiry.
DWELG-LP LIVE OAK FL 0000083162 Dismissed 2020-10-15 License Cancelled
Reported silent. OSI sent 2/13/2020.
DWGSE-LP SEBRING FL 0000083414 Dismissed 2022-03-07 License Cancelled
Silent for a number of periods of time exceeding 30 days.
WURK-LP TAMPA FL 0000082925 Accepted for Filing 2019-09-30 Licensed
Silent: 08/06/2018~08/03/2019. Currently silent since 08/17/19.
DWVJR-LP NEWNAN GA 0000091952 Dismissed 2021-03-11 License Cancelled
Silence exceeded 365 days.
KQHU-LP HONOLULU HI 0000163433 Accepted for Filing 2021-10-12 Licensed
DWVCL-LP GALESBURG IL 0000119398 Dismissed 2022-03-07 License Cancelled
Silent station.
DWWKJ-LP PEORIA IL 0000120130 Dismissed 2022-02-07 License Cancelled
Silent for two nearly 1-year periods and is currently silent.
DWLJX-LP SPRINGFIELD IL 0000120871 Dismissed 2022-04-19 License Cancelled
Station states they are currently silent. Does not give dates. No STA on file.
WLDC-LP GOSHEN IN 0000116578 Accepted for Filing 2020-06-25 Licensed
Late filing.
KYOM-LP WICHITA KS 0000134278 Accepted for Filing 2021-02-01 Licensed
WPJI-LP HOPKINSVILLE KY 0000113921 Accepted for Filing 2020-05-19 Licensed
Late filed.
DKCJM-LP ALEXANDRIA LA 0000104770 Dismissed 2020-08-21 License Cancelled
Silent for over one year.
KZLU-LP BATON ROUGE LA 0000172172 Accepted for Filing 2021-11-29 Licensed
WREA-LP HOLYOKE MA 0000186172 Accepted for Filing 2022-03-09 Licensed
WJWC-LP GRAND RAPIDS MI 0000116200 Pending 2020-06-15 Licensed
Late filed.
WBPL-LP WILMINGTON NC 0000077913 Accepted for Filing 2019-12-11 Licensed
Waiver request to waive fees. LPFM is NCE.. no fees would apply anyway.
WJSS-LP WILMINGTON NC 0000078152 Accepted for Filing 2019-12-11 Licensed
Waiver request to waive fees. LPFM is NCE.. no fees would apply anyway.
WJSI-LP WILMINGTON NC 0000074256 Pending 2019-12-11 Licensed
Waiver request to waive fees. LPFM is NCE.. no fees would apply anyway.
WUPC-LP ARROWHEAD VILLAGE NJ 0000184140 Accepted for Filing 2022-02-01 Silent
DWXDP-LP HAZLET NJ 0000183636 Accepted for Filing 2022-01-31 License Cancelled
WNJI-LP KEARNEY NJ 0000180779 Accepted for Filing 2022-01-24 Licensed
WQEQ-LP FLUSHING NY 0000183181 Accepted for Filing 2022-01-31 Licensed
DWWGH-LP MARION OH 0000115702 Objection 2022-09-22 License Cancelled
Untimely objection to a transfer of control application previously filed.
DWLCI-LP NELSONVILLE OH 0000124198 Dismissed 2022-04-07 License Cancelled
Late filed, after expiration.
KGPZ-LP GRANTS PASS OR 0000160908 Accepted for Filing 2021-09-29 Licensed
KVRN-LP PORTLAND OR 0000162477 Accepted for Filing 2021-10-01 Licensed
KVBE-LP PORTLAND OR 0000162485 Accepted for Filing 2021-10-01 Licensed
KSQI-LP SALEM OR 0000162487 Accepted for Filing 2021-10-01 Licensed
WBIT-LP ERIE PA 0000196068 Accepted for Filing 2022-07-28 Silent
DWHYU-LP MEYERSDALE PA 0000184472 Cancelled 2022-08-10 License Cancelled
WODB-LP CAGUAS PR 0000105627 Pending 2020-02-10 Licensed
Control dispute.
WFBS-LP SALEM SC 0000078980 Accepted for Filing 2019-07-30 Licensed
DKYEN-LP ENNIS TX 0000141905 Accepted for Filing 2021-03-30 License Cancelled
KERC-LP KERMIT TX 0000145284 Accepted for Filing 2021-05-13 Licensed
DKYLG-LP LONGVIEW TX 0000141923 Objection 2021-08-03 License Cancelled
DKOWJ-LP LUFKIN TX 0000142325 Accepted for Filing 2021-03-31 License Cancelled
DKFNA-LP MARSHALL TX 0000142332 Dismissed 2021-09-13 License Cancelled
KCCP-LP SOUTH PADRE ISLAND TX 0000144275 Accepted for Filing 2021-04-30 Licensed
DKCVD-LP CASTLE VALLEY UT 0000147997 Dismissed 2022-06-13 License Cancelled
DKXUT-LP LOGAN UT 0000148668 Dismissed 2022-11-18 License Cancelled
WXRK-LP CHARLOTTESVILLE VA 0000072621 Objection 2019-05-13 Licensed
Charlottesville 5 PTD: Saga, commercials and shadow ownership.
WVAI-LP CHARLOTTESVILLE VA 0000073441 Objection 2019-05-28 Licensed
Charlottesville 5 PTD: Saga, commercials and shadow ownership.
DDWPVC-LP CHARLOTTESVILLE VA 0000073463 Objection 2020-07-07 License Cancelled
Part of Charlottesville 5 PTD. License surrendered by applicant.
WREN-LP CHARLOTTESVILLE VA 0000072618 Objection 2019-05-13 Licensed
Charlottesville 5 PTD: Saga, commercials and shadow ownership.
DWKMZ-LP RUCKERSVILLE VA 0000072619 Objection 2021-04-15 License Cancelled
Charlottesville 5 PTD: Saga, commercials and shadow ownership.
KQES-LP BELLEVUE WA 0000164569 Accepted for Filing 2021-10-22 Licensed
KWJZ-LP HIGH ROCK WA 0000163174 Accepted for Filing 2021-10-07 Licensed
DDKTZB-LP PASCO WA 0000159459 Accepted for Filing 2021-09-15 License Cancelled
KVFS-LP SPOKANE WA 0000162531 Pending 2021-10-04 Licensed
KOUV-LP VANCOUVER WA 0000160086 Accepted for Filing 2021-09-22 Licensed
KDOA-LP VANCOUVER WA 0000160087 Accepted for Filing 2021-09-22 Licensed
DKNLI-LP WALLER WA 0000180643 Objection 2022-01-21 License Cancelled
KWEW-LP WENATCHEE WA 0000181544 Accepted for Filing 2022-01-26 Licensed
DWIPZ-LP KENOSHA WI 0000119335 Dismissed 2021-06-22 License Cancelled
Silent. (COVID19, student station)
KJHR-LP TETON VILLAGE WY 0000149495 Accepted for Filing 2021-06-02 Licensed