Super Mapple Digital v 18

Super Mapple Digital is a Japanese desktop mapping application.  This application is used by REC in connection with the research conducted in the Japanese broadcast station support for and  

This tool is in Japanese and requires either a Japanese Windows operating system or it can be ran under Locale Emulator.  At REC, we run Mapple under Locale Emulator and it works fine.

There is a free 30-day trial of the software avaialble for download.

Super Mapple Digitial can be purchased by customers outside of Japan through Vector.  The basic mapping software is 2,160 yen (consumption tax inclusive) which gives a higher level coverage nationwide.  For more details for particular areas, you can purchase additional modules for 1,080 yen (tax in) each.  There are 14 different modules available.  For coverage of the Kanto region (Tokyo and surrounding areas), you will need to purchase the Kanto 1 (関東1) and Kanto 2 (関東2) modules.   Vector's website is in Japanese but using the translator in Chrome, you can follow the flow.  Unlike Mapple's other retailer (Jungle Store), Vector does accept PayPal.  The registration process does not have an accommodation for overseas customers but you can fudge information in the registration.  For example, I can put 海外 (overseas) as the prefecture and used 000-0000 as a postcode and it took it.  This software is not for the weak of heart and other than this help file, there is no other English support for this software that I am aware of.  All place names are in Japanese.  If you are wanting to learn the language and especially the place names, this is a good tool to use.

These pages are an attempt to translate the online help files.

The MAPPLE software and the original Japanese version of this help file is Copyright ©2000~2017 Shobunsha Publications, Inc.  REC's translation is for educational purposes only and intended to promote this software for use in the English speaking community. 

MAPPLEソフトウェアとこのヘルプファイルの日本語版は、著作権で保護されています。©2000〜2017 Shobunsha Publications、Inc。

レッコネットの翻訳は教育目的のみであり、英語を話すコミュニティで使用するためにこのソフトウェアを宣伝することを 意図しています。