WINDOW 2 - MX Amendments Filed

Revised 09/11/2016 - window closed

The following abbreviations are used: P4R=Petition for Reconsideration, IO=Informal Objection, PTD=Petition to Deny, non-T/S=Non-tentative selectee. Also, we are including IOs that were filed prior to the MX window. FCC rules permit IOs to be filed at any time (this is different than PTDs) but they will not be entertained until after the application is accepted for filing.

Granted applicants with a red asterisk * are subject to either the main studio pledge, the local programming pledge or both based on their application and subsequent FCC determination of points.

FINAL - indicates a group that has been finalized. It is too late for Petitions for Reconsiderations or Applications for Review to be filed.


FCC Group


Predicted Winner(s) of this group

73A. Manchester  103.3

(9/9) Spiritual Renewal Ctr. moves to 101.7 and is now singleton. (9/9) Society of the Missionaries moves to 104.5 and becomes singleton. - Spiritual Renewal Center
- Society of the Missionaries of the Holy Apostles-Cromwell
- Manchester Community College

73B. New Britain 103.5

La Nueva Radio moves to 96.9 and is now singleton.

- La Nueva Radio Restauracion 1620
- Hispanic American Cultural Council

74. Simsbury/Collinsville 107.5

Simsbury Fire District dismissed due to non-priority public safety.

Connecticut Valley Hispanic Outreach moves to 98.7 and becomes singleton. (10/9) Connoisseur Media (WPLR) files PTD against CT Valley claiming potential 2nd adjacent channel interference.  WPLR wants either a denial or a condition that a 8-bay Shively 6812b antenna is utilized. (10/16) CT Valley files opposition in the form of a declaration stating that they will use a 8-bay Shively.

- Huckleberry Hill Music Society
Connecticut Valley Hispanic Outreach

76. New Haven 103.5

Alma Radio moves to 97.1 and becomes singleton.  (9/9) Alma Radio dismissed due to second adjacent overlap with WALK.  While there was no overlap between the WALK's 60 and the LPFM's 100 dBu contours, because WALK is a Class B station, they are protected to the 54 dBu contour and there is overlap between the 54 dBu service contour and the LPFM's 94 dBu interference contour. (They can refile an amendment) (9/9) Alma Radio amends requesting 107.5. If reinstated, they will become singleton. (9/10) Alma is reinstated. (12/16) Tiebreaker letters sent to Pequenas and Online Journalism.  (12/18) Pequenas and Online Journalism reach time share agreement.

- Alma Radio
Pequenas Ligas Hispanas de New Haven Inc.
- Online Journalism Project*


FCC Group


Predicted Winner(s) of this group

78. Washington 94.3

(1/14) Historic Takoma files IO against HR57 alleging that HR-57 is a for profit business. (9/11) Historic Takoma files PTD against HR57 raising the issues of the 1/14 IO. (10/6) Historic Takoma files PTD against Washington Peace Center challenging local presence point and claiming application not signed by an officer. (12/5) SEDC Communication Corporation files amendment to 95.9 and changes location to become singleton. (12/8) SEDC dismissed because transmitter is 10.6 miles from their headquarters and more than 13 miles from all of the board members. (12/8) The Bridge moves 5.8 km and breaks from the MX group. (1/9) SEDC files P4R claiming that there was an error in the calculation of their location. (1/21) FCC dismisses HR57 Foundation for not being recognized as a non-profit entity at the time of filing and dismisses Washington Peace Center for having a non-officer sign the application. (2/25) FCC denies SEDC's P4R claiming that the distance to headquarters is based on the Section I address as well as the address on the articles of incorporation and not the address of the main studio.

- The Bridge Foundation
- Historic Takoma Inc.


FCC Group


Predicted Winner(s) of this group

79. Delmarva 94.1

(pre-window) Allied Communications filed P4R Allied loses a point for defective exhibit.  East Sussex is already accepted for filing.

Allied moves to Georgetown and to 99.3. If reinstated, will become singleton. (9/26) East Sussex moves to 99.1.

- East Sussex Public Broadcasting Company

80. Wilmington 95.3

(12/16) Tiebreaker letters sent to Sanford and Afro-American. 

Sanford School requested their granted CP cancelled.

- [1] Sanford School*
- [2] Afro-American Historical Society of Delaware*


FCC Group


Predicted Winner(s) of this group

148. Ottawa 101.3

(pre-window) Ottawa Educational R. filed P4R.  Here and Again is already accepted for filing. Here & Again loses a point for defective exhibit.

While they did not need to (because of Ottawa Educational R.), Here and Again amended to 94.5 and is still singleton.  Ottawa Educ. R. was dismissed due to corporate papers filed after filing. Unlikely they will be granted reconsideration.

- Here and Again

150. Chicago 107.1

(11/19) Des Plaines Police Department voluntarily dismisses. Chicago Independent Radio Project

151. Chicago 98.3

(12/4) Universal settlement between Creative Arts Factory (Boocoo LLC) and Legend Media Network Group.  Even though Legend is a 4-point applicant, this is a universal settlement so aggregation is not required and the time share is allowed. (4/1) FCC dismisses Creative Arts Factory (formerly Boocoo LLC) due to multiple amendments that resulted in a major change of control (more than 50% of the board changing).  Also, Boocoo LLC was dissolved at the time of filing.  During the pendency of the application, they filed to change the name to Creative Arts Factory however that is a separate corporation that was not formed until 2014 (after the initial window closed). 

- Legend Media Network Group

152. Chicago 99.1

(12/2) Urbanmedia One and Morton College reach a time share agreement aggregating 10 of 15 possible points. (12/4) Sound of Hope Radio NFP and University of Heaven WSDA Broadcast Group dismissed, non-T/S. (12/8) University of Heaven requests reinstatement and stays on 99.1 and west towards Aurora, IL. Their application claims that they HQ has been moved to Aurora yet their mailing address remains in Chicago, their board members are in Chicago and they do not have a main studio specified as they did not take that point. (12/8) Sound of Hope Radio NFP requests reinstatement moves towards Arlington Heights and specified 98.3. They claimed the headquarters address has changed yet it is still showing as Chicago.  This new site is northwest of Des Planes. (12/9) FCC accepts Sound of Hope's P4R and is reinstated. (1/7) Sound of Hope files P4R against the grant of Urbanmedia One claiming piracy among other issues. (1/14) University of Heaven, despite already being dismissed has filed another amendment to change the city of license.  Even if they could be reinstated, they are still not local. (1/23) University of Heaven dismissed due to not being local (FCC notes HQ is over 40 miles away.)  (2/4) Urbanmedia requests extension of time to repspond to P4R. (3/4) FCC dismisses Sound of Hope's P4R for failure to participate in the proceeding earlier (e.g. prior to the grant) (4/2) Sound of Hope files a P4R against the decision by the FCC to deny their P4R against the grant of Urbanmedia One. [Ed: This should be an Application for Review.]  SOH raises several questions including: Did SOH fail to demonstrate it could not have raised these issues earlier? Were issues raised of such significance that the FCC should have reviewed them on their merits regardless of how they were raised?  If piracy was committed, should it matter how the issue was raised?, If piracy took place after the CP grant, should the FCC consider the issue timely raised? and if the negotiation in a time share agreement was in bad faith, should the FCC consider the issue timely raised?  [Ed:] SOH is granted, they have notihing to gain from this.  If someone is engaged in piracy after a CP is granted, it would be more appropriate to refer to Enforcement than through the P4R process.  The Audio Division does not take any action until they have material evidence such as something from Enforcement or in the case in Florida, an arrest record for piracy.  If there was "bad faith" in a time share agreement, that could have been raised between the time the window closed and the grant as an informal objection.  This is starting to look like another Group #260 getting ready to erupt.  Let's hope it stays civil.  - Urbanmedia One*
- Morton College*
Sound of Hope Radio NFP

153. Champaign 95.7

(pre-window) Urban Action Network was dismissed, P4R pending.

Urban Action Network tries to reinstate on 93.1 but is using an RFREE waiver form requesting a 700 meter tower.  They remain dismissed. (9/18) Urban Action Network tries again but they are still with over 200 meters of overlap on the second adjacent channel. (10/20) FCC denies  Urban Action Network P4R.

- Trinity Educational Assn.

154. Chicago 105.5

(12/2/13) REC files IO against Divine Redeemer – Cesar Guel  (12/4) Settlement agreement calls for dismissal of Roots & Culture and Public Media Institute taking the channel. (12/5) Divine Redeemer dismissed, non-T/S.

- Pacific Media Institute*

155. Springfield 95.7

Max Out Foundation moves to 102.3 and becomes singleton. 

(10/14/14) Saga Communications (WLFZ) filed PTD against Max Out claiming that the tower could not support the antenna proposed and if moved lower would create a second adjacent channel interference. (10/31) Max Out files an opposition stating that Saga checked the wrong location.  (11/13) Saga files both a reply to Max Out's opposition and a P4R bringing up the issue that a new tower construction requires environmental assessment.  It turns out that the FCC granted Max Out on 10/16 despite there being a PTD.  Since the PTD was hand filed or mailed and not filed through CDBS, staff did not see it.  (2/24/15) FCC dismisses Saga's P4R stating that the tower has not been built yet and that Max Out followed standard procedure for a second adjacent waiver and denies Saga's claim that a new tower construction automaticallty requires an environmental assessment. 

- Benedictine University
Max Out Foundation


FCC Group


Predicted Winner(s) of this group

156. Indianapolis 100.1

Casa Sayula loses a point for defective exhibit.

(9/25) Casa Sayula moves to 92.3 and becomes singleton.

- Sabbath Inc.
Casa Sayula

160. Elkhart 93.5/Goshen 93.7

Latinos Pro Education moves southeast and changes to 96.5 to become singleton

- Kingdom Impact Christian Cultural Church
Latinos Pro Education

161. Lafayette 107.3

(12/10) Great Layfayette Chinese files a "PTD" stating that their filing from 2/28/14 was "timely filed and served" that it should be treated as a "PTD".  In that filing, captioned as an "Informal Objections", Great Lafayette takes issue at their name being a "chain" citing The Church in Anaheim [MX Group #27] and addressing the Sterling boilerplate educational statement.  [Ed: If it was to be treated as a PTD, it would have had to have been filed between 9/5~10/4/2014.  Therefore, it will still be treated as an IO.  The Church in Anaheim is not a "chain" operation as Great Lafayette suspects.  I have personal knowledge of that church as they are a member of the 101.5 MegaGroup in Los Angeles.  Sterling's boilerplate educational statement was a huge mistake on Sterling's part.  I just hope if we have another LPFM window in my lifetime, we do not resort to boilerplate ed statements for the sake of convenience.] (1/15/16) FCC denies IO, grants Church in Lafayette and dismisses Lafayette Chinese Traditional Cultural Association, non T/S.

- The Church in Lafayette

162. Fort Wayne 95.7

(10/10) Harvest Christian moves to 94.5 to become singleton. Also, Associated Churches moves to 101.3 to become singleton. - Harvest Christian Fellowship
- Associated Churches of Fort Wayne and Allen County
- Allen County Public Library

163. Evansville 103.5/103.7

(10/23) Evansville Real Radio amends to move to 102.5 to become singleton.

- Legion of Mary Comitum
- Evansville Real Radio

164. Charlestown 98.3

(12/8) Greater Clark County Schools moves 16km and to 98.5.  - City of Charleston, IN
- Greater Clark County Schools

166. South Bend 106.7

(12/8) Sisters of St. Francis amended their application to drop their points. [ed: unecessary filing.] (12/8) Holy Cross College changes to 105.1.  - Holy Cross College, Inc.
- Sisters of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration


FCC Group


Predicted Winner(s) of this group

171. Louisville 106.5

Crescent Hill Radio changes to 100.9 and is now singleton.

- Fellowship of Reconciliation Louisville Chapter
Crescent Hill Radio Inc.

172. Richmond 93.5

Richmondradio Inc. moves to 97.7 to become singleton.

- Richmond Community Radio
- Richmondradio

173. Lexington 93.9

(10/10) Lexington Christian Network moves to 99.7 to become singleton.

- North Nicholasville Rd. Property Owners Assn.
- Lexington Christian Network

174. Louisville 97.1

(pre-window) Squallis asked to have their application dismissed. (9/26) Squallis has been dismissed.


175. Covington 101.5

24-7 Broadcasting loses a point for defective exhibit. (12/2/13) REC files IO against South Cincinnati – Cesar Guel (11/5) 24-7 Broadcasting moves northeast and changes to 105.5 to become singleton. (1/28/16) South Cincinnati Community Radio voluntarily dismissed.

- 24-7 Broadcasting

177. Frankfort 100.9

(12/3) Woods and Waters Land Trust moves to 104.1 to become singleton. - Woods and Waters Land Trust
Kentucky State University

MASSACHUSETTS (For Lawrence & Haverhill, see New Hampshire) - FINAL

FCC Group


Predicted Winner(s) of this group

183. Boston 102.9

(12/1) Lasell College, Global Ministries Christian Church and City of Boston reach a three-way time share.  Rahab, Inc. dismissed, non-T/S. Lasell College*
Global Ministires Christian Church*
- City of Boston*

184. Springfield 101.7

Media Preservation Society loses a point for untimely exhibit.

Town of Enfield moves to 94.3 and becomes singleton. (11/6) Media Preservation Society dismissed, non T/S. (12/5) Media Preservation Society files P4R stating that Catholic Communications and are both inconsistent applications as both entities report up to the Diocese of Springfield. (12/19) Catholic Communications files opposition. (12/29) MPF replies. (1/6) FCC denies MPF's P4R.

- Catholic Communications Incorporated*
- Town of Enfield

185. Boston 94.9

(pre-window) Renaissance Chinese Cultural was dismissed and filed P4R.

Iglesia Christiana Torrente de Cedron moves south and changes to 89.3 to become singleton. (10/6) FCC denies Renissance Chinese P4R. (10/10) Boston Public Schools files an amendment to lower antenna to 20 feet above roofline to address FAA issues. (12/4) Zumix and Winthrop Art Assoc. reach a time share agreement to claim 10 of 25 possible points. (12/9) Winchester School of Chinese Culture changes to 99.9 and moves 5.3 km to become singleton. (12/17) Boston Public Schools and Chelsea Public Schools dismissed. 

- Iglesia Christiana Torrente de Cedron
Zumix Inc*
- Winthrop Art Assoc.*
Winchester School of Chinese Culture

186. Newburyport 96.3

(9/18) Evolvement Media Group tried to move to 98.1.  This change is short spaced to Public Media of New England (group 240) and was subsequently denied. (11/7) Ipswitch Bay Broadcasting and Evolvement Media Group dismissed, non-T/S. 

- Newburyport Community Media Center*

187. Martha's Vineyard
MVPBS was dismissed pending P4R. - M&M Community Development Oak Bluff Branch

189. Easton 96.5

(pre-window) Massanoit Cmty College dismissed and filed P4R. (11/25) FCC denies Massanoit's P4R.  MCC was requesting waiver of 73.807 in regards to a third adjacent channel short spacing with a reading service stating that they plan to carry the same reading service.  In denying the P4R, the FCC stated that they were precluded from waiving third adjacent to radio reading services due to the LCRA. Even if they were not precluded by statute, the request to waive 73.807 was not filed during the original window. (1/8) Randolph Christian Community Radio dismissed non-T/S.

- Easton Community Access TV

190. Springfield 102.5

Word of Life Church of God moves north and changes to 107.7 to become singleton. (11/1) St. Jerome requests dismissal. (12/5) Media Preservation Society files P4R stating that Catholic Communications and are both inconsistent applications as both entities report up to the Diocese of Springfield. (12/19) CatolicaSpringfield files opposition. (12/29) MPF replies. (1/6) FCC denies MFP's P4R.

- Word of Life Church of God


FCC Group


Predicted Winner(s) of this group

198. Baltimore 92.7
FINAL 9/25

Loyola Univ. loses a point for diversity.

(10/6) Loyola University files a PTD to challenge the loss of their diversity point. They are also protesting John Hopkins being able to amend to add a fifth point to improve their score. (10/16) St. Joseph's and Benedictine Society joinly file opposition stating that Loyola does not even name them in the PTD and they take no position on Loyola's loss of their point. [Ed: Per the Public Notice, if an applicant wants to protest the loss of a point by the FCC, they must file a Petition to Deny against the rest of the group. That is what Loyola did in this case. Since St Josephs and Benedictine take 'no position' on the loss of the point, they are not protesting the loss of the point.] (12/4) Three-way time share agreement between Benedictine Society of Baltimore City, St. Joseph's Sykesville and Johns Hopkins University. This agreement is controversial because John Hopkins originally filed claiming 4-points (no diversity) then on 2/18/14, they amended to add the diversity point.  While JHU does not appear to have any other broadcast licenses, the rules specifically prohibit an applicant to amend to improve their position.  If the FCC considers JHU a 4-point applicant, then they can't aggregate their points in this time share agreement.  (4/30) Radiant Foundation dismissed for lapse in corporate status. St. Josephs Sykesville was made singleton as a result of the dismissal of Radiant Foundation.  (8/26) The FCC has put their decision on circulation to the Commissioners.  This means likely that the Audio Division has proposed that a proponent's points are being adjusted [Ed: I am guessing it was John Hopkins. If Hopkins gets reduced, this leaves three equally qualified applicants in the MX group (Benedictine, Center for Emerging Media and United Workers Association).  There is a possibility that the FCC may open another window for these three to negotiate. Whether they will be permitted to aggregate or not in this window, I am not sure.  If not, then this could go to a 3-way involuntary timeshare unless there is a universal settlement.  United and Emerging were both co-located Prometheus applications but they did not aggregate in the window.]  (9/16) FCC upholds point loss by Loyola.  Determines that the Audio Division errored on Johns Hopkins score thus reducing their score to 4 points.  The Commission opens a 90-day window for the three remaning applicants (Benedictine, Center for Emerging Media and United Workers Association) to reach a two-way time share agreement with aggregation of points or a universal time share agreement with all three parties.  (10/19) Loyola files P4R.  [REC note: The P4R is not timely as no action has been taken on Loyola's application yet. Once the FCC dismisses Loyola, then they can file a P4R.]  (12/15) United and Emerging filed a time share agreement to aggregate 10 of the 15 possible points. (1/20) Benedictine files P4R claiming the time share agreement is invalid. Specifically, the date on the 318 for CEM that carried the agreement was dated 2013 and was signed by an executive director.  They also claimed that the UWA application was not signed by an officer and should have never been accepted in the first place.  They also claimed that because the FCC approved the time share agreement well before 30 days, Benedictine was prejudiced from being able to object to the agreement.  They are asking that the UWA application be dismissed and that CEM and Benedictine be subject to involuntary timesharing.  [Ed: Benedictine may have a valid case with UWA.  The original UWA application was signed by someone with the title of "Leadership Organizer" and does not appear as an officer.  In the past, the FCC has extended the ability to sign an application to an executive director (which will help save CEM's application).  UWA would have to provide evidence that a "Leadership Organizer" is the equivilent of an "Executive Director" as stated in their organization's bylaws in effect during the window.  If UWA is dismissed and Benedictine is reinstated, hopefully they can reach a timeshare agreement with CEM to make sure their licenses will be renewable.] (8/25) FCC grants Benedictine's P4R and adds them to the timeshare group and denies the time share agreement between UWA and CEM due to a lack of an authorized signature.  This group is now a 3-way involuntary.

St. Joseph's Sylesville Roman Catholic Congregation, Inc.
- The Benedictine Society of Baltimore City
- Center for Emerging Media*
- The United Workers Association*


FCC Group


Predicted Winner(s) of this group

199. Kennebunk 104.1

Fifties Preservation Society moves northeast and changes to 102.5 to become singleton. (9/9) Springvale Council K of C moves to 105.7 and becomes singleton. (11/6) The Society of Franciscan Fathers of Greene, Maine dismissed, non-T/S.

- Fifties Preservation Society
- Springvale Council Knights of Columbus
- Regional School Unit RSU 21


FCC Group


Predicted Winner(s) of this group

200. Grand Rapids 97.3

(5/22) IO filed by Iglesia Sandano las Naciones against Community Empowerment claiming organization was dissolved in 2008. (12/2) Iglesia Sanando withdraws IO. (12/3) Iglesia Sanando moves to 103.7 and becomes singleton. Grand Rapids Adventist Academy dismissed, non T/S. (12/4) Grand Rapids Adventist amends to move to 103.7 however Iglesia Sanando already amended there the day before.  (12/8) Grand Rapids Adventist Academy amends to 104.9. (5/26) Grand Rapids Adventist Academy dismissed due to respond to an inquiry related to the National Historic Preservation Act. (6/29) Grand Rapids Adventist files P4R stating the lack of response was an oversight. (9/30) FCC denies P4R.

- Iglesia Sanando Las Naciones
- Community Empowerment Center of Grand Rapids*

203. Kalamazoo 93.1/93.3

(11/27) Catholic Information Center of Southwest Michigan changes to 98.9 to become singleton. Kalamazoo Seventh-Day Adventist Junior Academy
Catholic Information Center of SW Michigan.

204. New Buffalo 107.9

New Buffalo Area Schools took the 6th tribal point. That point is taken away. (11/6) Harbor Light Broadcasting dismissed, non T/S. (12/5) Harbor Light amends to 93.9 and becomes singleton.  (5/26) Harbor Light Broadcasting dismissed due to respond to an inquiry related to the National Historic Preservation Act. (6/29) Harbor Light files P4R stating the lack of response was an oversight. (9/29) FCC denies P4R.

- New Buffalo Area Schools

205. Flint 96.7

(12/8) Flint Odyssey House amends to move to 92.1 (12/8) Greater Flint Arts Council moves to 102.1 - Greater Flint Arts Council
- Flint Odyssey House, Inc.
- Michigan Specialized Communications Group


FCC Group


Predicted Winner(s) of this group

206. Twin Cities 97.9

(9/22) Upper Mississippi Academy dismissed at applicant's request releasing Rios de Auga Viva. (12/4) New Culture In The Midwest and African Community Senior Services reach a universal time share agreement.  The schedule was written sloppy and can be seen as having simultaneous operation (we have seen this elsewhere). - Rios de Agua Viva Church of God
- New Culture Center In The Midwest
- African Community Senior Services

209. Twin Cities 94.1

Somali American Community moves to 101.7 and becomes singleton. Providence Academy moves to 106.7 and becomes singleton. (10/2) MG Community Broadcasting moves to 96.7 to become singleton. (12/3) Victoria Theatre Project moves to 94.9 to become singleton. (12/3) Thomas Dale District 7 Planning Council and Center for Hmong Arts and Talent file a time share agreement to aggregate 10 of the 20 possible points in this group. (12/5) Summit-University Planning Council and Minneapolis Believers in Christ dismissed, non-T/S.

- Somali American Community
- Providence Academy
- MG Community Broadcasting
- Victoria Theatre Project
- Thomas Dale District 7 Planning Council*
- Center for Hmong Arts and Talent*

210. Twin Cities 98.9

(12/16) The Main Street Project and The Organizing Apprenticeship Project voluntarily dismissed.  - Pillsbury United Communities

MISSOURI (Kansas City was in first window) - FINAL

FCC Group


Predicted Winner(s) of this group

211. Doniphan 98.9/99.1

Current River Broadcasting took the Bonus Point without Main Studio. (11/7) Current River Broadcasting, Inc. dismissed, non-T/S. (11/10) Current River files P4R and amended to change to 99.5 to become singleton. (12/19) Current River Broadcasting dismissed due to lack of evidence of NCE qualification.

- Current River Community Radio Foundation

212. Kimberling City 102.3

(11/6) Kimberling City Adventist Radio dismissed, non T/S. (11/10) Kimberling Adventist amends to change to 95.1 which will make them singleton.

- Ozarks National Coalition of Artists and Musicians
- Kimberling City Adventist Radio

213. St. Louis 92.9

(12/16) Tiebreaker letter sent to Roosevelt HS and Webster-Rock. (1/13) Roosevelt High School voluntarily dismissed. - Webster-Rock Hill Ministries

214. St. Louis 102.9

(12/16) Hispanic Center of Metro St. Louis and St. Louis Language Immersion Schools Inc. voluntarily dismissed. - International Institute of Metropolitan St. Louis


FCC Group


Predicted Winner(s) of this group

223. Raleigh 106.5

(12/11/13) IO filed by Capital Area Team Sports against Corporation for Educational Advancement claiming not a valid corporation-foreign corporation.

(10/8) Little Raleigh Radio and Centro Cristiano El Sermon Del Monte filed a time share agreement to aggregate 10 of 20 points. (10/20) Little Raleigh amends to include the time share agreement. (12/4) Columbus Club of Raleigh and Corporation for Educational Advancement file a time share agreement to aggregate 10 of 20 points.  There is a tie in this group however with Educational Advancement having an IO associated with it, there is a chance of dismissal (we are making no opinion of the merit of the IO) and if they are dismissed, Little Raleigh and Centro will win the channel, otherwise, it will be a 3-way tie with Columbus Club, Centro and Educational Advancement taking 8 hours each unless they reach a universal time share agreement. (12/8) Centro Cristiano El Sermon Del Monte moves and specifies operation on 106.7. (12/9) Little Raleigh Radio files IO against Educational Advancement stating that the parties to the application do not list all board members. (3/19) FCC denies the IOs filed by CATS and Little Raleigh. The FCC upholds their policy on "foriegn corporations". Even if the organization is not registered as a foreign corporation in the state, as long as they are registered as a corporation in any state, they are considered a qualfiied NCE.  In the issue of missing board members, using a newsletter or website is not admissable but as long as the parties on the application match legal records with the state, that is all that is needed.  FCC accepts the aggregated time share agreement between Corporation for Educational Advancement and Columbus Club of Raleigh and dismisses Little Raleigh Radio on points.

Centro Cristiano El Sermon Del Monte
- Corporation for Educational Advancement
- Columbus Club of Raleigh, Inc.*

225. Rocky Mount 106.7

(9/25) New Lite Media moves to 102.5 and becomes singleton. (11/21) Northern Nash HS changes to 105.5 to become singleton. - New Lite Media
- Northern Nash High School
North Carolina Humane Society State Council

226. Wilmington 102.1

(10/27) Neptune Radio moves to 99.3 to become singleton.

- Cape Fear Regional Cmty. Development
- Neptune Radio

227. Greensboro 102.7

(12/5) Greater Greensboro Broadcasting Team amends to 107.9 to make them singleton. - Greensboro Radio Project
- Greater Greensboro Broadcasting Team

228. Salisbury 107.1

(11/7) Salisbury Community Broadcasting dismissed, non-T/S.

- Livingstone College*

229. Raleigh 103.3

(12/02/13) REC and (12/11/13) Capital Area Team Sports files IO against Ministerio Guerrero de Jesucristo Incl. – Cesar Guel. (11/20) Ministerio Guerrero moves to 90.3 to become singleton.  The engineer (not Guel) is claiming that the site is at 157.6 m HAAT and that only 4 watts is specified.  We are showing the new site at 48 meters HAAT and 4 watts is not enough for even half power. (11/20) Christian Fellowship Center changes to 106.7 to become singleton. (11/24) Divine Mercy Radio, Inc. voluntarily dismisses. (1/27) Ministerio files opposition. (2/2) REC replies to Ministerio. (3/9) Ministerio amends to change ed statement to address REC and CATS IO.  (3/10) Both REC and CATS withdraw their IOs. 

- Christian Fellowship Center
Diocese of Raleigh
Ministerio Guerrero de Jesucristo

232. Charlotte 93.1

Northside Baptist loses a point for taking Bonus Point without local programming.(12/02/13)REC files IO against Mount Calvary – Cesar Guel.  (12/8) Mount Calvary updates their educational statement.  REC supplements the IO with specific information on this applicant.  REC alleges that this application is inconsistent due to a common board member with Monte Cavalrio (which is Mount Calvary in Spanish).. (3/9) FCC grants REC's IO and dismisses Mount Calvary International Church based on a finding of an inconsistent application as a board member from Mount Calvary also appeared on the Monte Calvario application.  The FCC found other commonalities between the two applications which would raise additional issues regarding compliance with the multiple ownership rules. (4/13) Mount Calvary files P4R which includes new statements attempting to distinguish Mount Calvary from Monte Cavaliro. (10/16) FCC denies Mount Calvary's P4R on procedural grounds but further states there would be no case. 

- The Northside Baptist Church of Charlotte, NC, Inc.

233. Bryson City 100.7

Grace took tribal point not entitled to. Reduce by one point. (11/6) Smokey Mountain Christian Radio dismissed, non-T/S.

- Grace Christian Academy*

234. Raleigh 90.1

(pre-window) St. Thomas More Academy was dismissed and filed P4R.

- Birthchoice

235. Charlotte 101.3

(pre-window) Rock-U Radio was dismissed and filed P4R. (9/26) Rock-U's P4R was denied. (10/31) REC withdrew IO against Monte Cavalrio. (They were Guel assisted)

- Monte Calvario Foundation


FCC Group


Predicted Winner(s) of this group

240. Lawrence MA 97.9/Haverhill MA 98.1

(10/6) St. Patrick Parish files PTD against Public Media of New England objecting to the reinstatement of PMNE's application after geographic coordinates were corrected. (10/14)  St. Patrick files opposition to PTD allegedly filed against them by PMNE, yet there is no PTD on the record. (12/8) St. Patrick moves 13 km and changes to 98.1 (12/8) PMNE changes to 97.9.  (1/9) FCC dismisses all objections per a settlement agreement. Both applicants granted. (1/14) Boston Radio Assoc. files "AFR" against Public Media alleging piracy. (4/27) Boston Radio Assoc. files a "PTD" against against PMNE over the same allegations made in their 1/14 "AFR".  They also cited that the Audio Division engaged in "misconduct, conspiracy and corruption". The FCC stated on public notice that there was a "settlement agreement" that dismissed the objections but no letter was sent.  Boston's 1/14 "AFR" filing can be seen as a Petition for Reconsideration but their 4/27 filing was out of order. (12/16) Boston's "AFR" dismissed as untimely. - St. Patrick Parish
- Public Media New England

241. Manchester 95.1

Manchester Public TV Service changes to 101.7. Conflicts with St. Joseph Catholic Family Ctr that made the same move in group #243. (9/9) FCC denies amendment. (9/9) NH Cmty Radio moves to 93.9 and are now singleton. (9/9) Manchester Public TV and St. Joseph both try again for 101.7. (9/10) FCC again denies amendment. (9/10) Manchester and St. Joseph still playing chicken for 101.7. (9/11) Denied again. (9/11) Manchester & St Joseph submitted the same thing again. The FCC has taken no actions yet. (9/17) FCC took action and denied both amendments. (9/18) Manchester Public TV files for 101.7 and their amendment gets denied.  St. Joseph apparently has been accepted on 101.7.  Perhaps the FCC is stopping this chicken game once and for all? (9/29) New Hampshire Cmty R. minor chg to 93.7 and still singleton. (10/14) NH Cmty Radio filed an amendment to specify HAAT claiming they are at 30m HAAT despite what CDBS is showing.  We have seen these discrepencies happen quite a bit. (11/19) City of Nashua, NH (Justin Kates) voluntarily dismissed. 

- New Hampshire Community Radio
- Manchester Public Television Service
A Londonderry Emergency Response Team (ALERT)

242. Littleton 103.1

(1/16) North Country files (premature) PTD against Radio America Media claiming org was terminated with the state in 2008. Radio America files Opposition and North Country, Reply. (1/14) Eddy L. Moore files premature PTD against North Country claiming pirate operations (Part 15 AM with too long of a ground wire) (1/14) Radio America also files premature PTD duplicating Moore’s filing.  North Country files opposition. Radio America replies. (9/19) North Country amends to 104.3 and becomes singleton. (10/24) North Country PTD by Radio America Media claiming piracy. (11/6) North Country files opposition to PTD. (5/4) FCC denies PTDs against Radio America and grants application.  Radio America was able to reinstate their corporate status retroactively and a party to their application never had an attributable interest at a full-power station as they never appeared on an ownership report. (11/23) North Country Educational Radio dismissed due to signatory not officer.

- Radio America Media

243. Manchester 105.1

St Joseph Catholic Family Ctr moves to 101.7 and conflicts with Manchester Public TV in Group 241. (9/9) FCC denies amendment. [See Group #241 for the details of St. Joseph and Manchester trying to move to 101.7] There is also a settlement agreement where Town of Bedford has paid St. Joseph $1000 to move off of 105.1.  (9/18) St. Joseph appears to have been accepted for filing on 101.7.

- St. Joseph Family Catholic Center
- Town of Bedford, New Hampshire


FCC Group


Predicted Winner(s) of this group

244. Orange/Passaic 95.9

First Spanish Free Methodist Church files PTD (IO) against Optmum Voice disputing community presence point. (10/6) Gospel Light Prayer Church files PTD against Optimum Voice disputing community presence point. Includes documentation that organization was incorporated in 2013 just prior to filing window. (10/6) Caribbean Sports International files PTD against First Spanish Free Methodist Church of Passaic claiming lack of corporate status and against Gospel Light Prayer Church claiming foreign ownership. (10/7) First Spanish Methodist files PTD against Caribbean Sports claiming prior piracy. (10/14) First Methodist files opposition against Caribbean Sport's PTD as untimely. [ed: Interesting since First filed PTD against them on 10/7.  Sometimes, the FCC will consider an untimely filed PTD that still has substance as an IO.]  (10/16) Opposition filed by First Spanish consisting of just corporation papers and apology to FCC staff. (10/17) Caribbean Sports files opposition. Claims pricincipal was not involved in piracy and includes corrected news article. (10/20) Gospel Light files opposition stating that their principals are citizens. (10/27) Caribbean Sports filed a reply to Gospel Light and First Spanish. (10/27) Caribeean Sports filed a supplement to state there was no past piracy. (10/29) Gospel Light and First Spanish file a time share agreement to aggregate 10 of 25 possible points in this MX group. (3/25) FCC addresses the PTDs. Caribbean Sports citizenship claim against Gospel Light was denied stating that the burden is on Caribbean Sports to make a showing that Gospel Light is of alien ownership.  First Spanish's argument that Caribbean Sports was involved in piracy was dismissed.  The FCC does not accept newspaper articles or website pages as evidence of activity. (They are looking for FCC field enforcement activity or in the case of Florida, a police report).  First Spanish Free Methodist Church of Passaic is registered with the City of Passaic but not with the State of New Jersey therefore they will be dismissed.  As a result of First Spanish being dismissed, the time share agreement was rejected.  This leaves a 4-way tie in this group.  The top-3 groups, Preakness Valley, Gospel Light and Caribbean Sports will move forward to the involuntary time share process.  Optimum Voice is dismissed due to shortest community presence. SIRadio dismissed, non-T/S. (4/29) Three remaining applicants reach a universal agreement.  Gospel Light and Caribbean agree to a two-way time share.  Preakness makes a move more than 5.6 km to break away from the group and obtains unlimited operation. 

Preakness Valley United Reformed Church*

- Gospel Light Prayer Church*
- Caribbean Sports International, Inc.*

246. Elizabeth/Brooklyn NY 102.3

(11/7) Radio Elizabeth, Inc. dismissed, non-T/S.

- Educational Lab, Inc.*

247. Parsippany 107.9

(11/7) Northern New Jersey Christian Broadcasting dismissed, non-T/S. (11/10) Northern NJ amended to 92.7 to become singleton. (12/8) Northern NJ amended their application filed an amendment that appears to be doing nothing. (12/16) WPAT Licensing filed PTD against Northern NJ claiming site assurance, proposed tower in municipal park and potential historical impact. (4/17) Northern New Jersey Chrisitan Broadcasting, Inc. dismissed for failure to address the issues raised in the PTD despite a 30-day letter mailed by the FCC in March.

- Calvary Chapel Morris Hills

249. Galloway 107.7/Egg Harbor 107.9

Atlantic Cape Cmty College loses a point for defective exhibit.

(12/8) - Hearts Afire Ministries moves to Atlantic City staying on 107.9 just at 14km from Word of Life to make them singleton.

- Word of Life Christian Fellowship
- Hearts Afire Ministries, Inc.
Atlantic Cape Community College

NEW YORK (for 102.3 in Brooklyn, see Group #246 in New Jersey) - FINAL

FCC Group


Predicted Winner(s) of this group

258. Rochester 97.1/97.3

New Day Global Mission moves to 98.5. Now singleton. (9/9) Rochester Community TV moves to 100.9 and is now singleton.

- New Day Global Mission
- Rochester Community TV
- Ibero American Action League

260. Farmingdale/Ocean Beach 104.7

(pre-window) By Faith Ministries Assoc. was dismissed and filed P4R.  If their P4R is denied, then MX group will be split with EPIC Everyday People in Need of Care leading one subgroup and Fire Island Cmty R. leading the other subgroup. 

(9/9) By Faith has filed to go back on 104.7 from a new location that meets minimum spacing but is still a wedge in the MX group.  Because By Fath's original applicaton was dismissed for short spacing, they are not eligible for nunc pro tunc handling.  Unless the FCC decides different, this is still a split group with EPIC and Fire Island leading their respective subgroups. (9/22) FCC denies By Faith's P4R. (10/01) FIre Island files IO against EPIC claiming they are not a valid organization at time of filing.  (Fire Island is more than 24 km from EPIC and were daisy chained by By Faith that recently had their P4R denied. Incorporation aside, both EPIC and Fire Island would have been grantable). (10/9) By Faith files IO against itself. Actually, it was intended for EPIC.  (10/14) By Faith files IO against EPIC claiming that articles of incorporation due not have a date on them thus challenging the establishment date. (10/14) By Faith files AFR over their dismissal. (11/6) EPIC dismissed due to a lack of corporate status. (12/9) EPIC is trying to get their application reinstated.  They are now trying to use the articles of incorporation for a for-profit business to show that they were incorporated prior to the filing window. [Ed: To quote the insurance commercial, "that's not how this works.. that's not how any of this works.."]  (12/9) EPIC files oppositions to Fire Island and By Faith stating that they were "recognized by the NYS Board of Education as of November 1, 2013".  [Ed: This still does not prove corporate status.] (1/20) By Faith files a "Supplemental Motion to Dismiss Petitioner's Untimely Opposition and Instant Petition for Reconsideration" towards EPIC. [Ed:] Was this really directed at EPIC?  EPIC was dismissed in November. Are we talking about By Faith's 10/14 IO? (2/2) EPIC files another doucment in which a part states that all non-commercial educational stations operating in New York State must be approved by the state. [Ed:] EPIC's dependence on NY Edn Law §236 is severely misguided in this case. §236 is related to broadcasting services that are operated by State University of New York as well as other broadcasters (such as WNYC) that receive funding from the state.  There is no law in New York (or any other state) that requires NCE stations to obtain permission from a state agency (like the SUNY Regents or the Department of Education) to get "permission" to start a station that does not receive state funding.  Such a law would violate federal juristiction on interstate commerce which radio communication falls under.  (2/11) EPIC continues to engage in the battery of bygone equine by filing a "PTD" against By Faith. [Reminder: By Faith was dismissed 1/2/2014 and is currently in AFR.] (2/26) Fire Island Community Radio and Shrine Ministry Community Broadcasting are both dismissed due to lack of corporate status. (3/2) FCC denies EPIC's P4R. As we had said, the letter from the NYS Ed Dept. is not evidence of being a non-profit corporation. (3/12) By Faith files a "motion to strike" against EPICs recent pleadings.  [Ed:] Here's the reality of this MX group:

By Faith: Was dismissed on January 2, 2014 for a short spacing and was not eligible for amendment under 73.870(c).  In Septmeber, 2014, they amend their application by putting their station in the Great South Bay just south of Long Island.  The FCC should have made their facility FVOID back in January to prevent any more amendments.  Either way, this amendment is defective because it's in the water.  

EPIC: They are not a corporation at the time of filing. They attempted to file with the state in early 2014, after the filing window.  

Fire Island Community Radio and Shrine Ministry were both dismissed due to lack of corporate status.  They were not registered with the state of NY (or any other state).  

None of these 4 applicants are eligible.  So with that said, By Faith and EPIC needs to stop wasting the Commission's time and resources with their frivilous nonsense.  It's over.  Dead horse.  Done.  Finished!  Kapish! 

(4/6) EPIC filed PTD against Fire Dept. of Ocean Beach. [Ed:] You can't file a PTD on something that has been granted. You had forever to file something and you do after they have been granted. FCC does not tolerate this "wait to see what happens" approach. Do the LPFM movement a favor, just stop it already. 

- Fire Department of Ocean Beach, Inc.

261. NYC 105.5

(pre-window) Living Water was dismissed and filed P4R. (12/2/13) REC files IO against Libertad en Cristo – Cesar Guel

(9/10) JCM Radio moves a different location and becomes singleton. (9/11) JCM dismissed due to evidence of NCE status. (9/12) JCM submits articles of incorporation and has been reinstated. (9/19) JCM moves northeast. Still singleton. (10/9) Time share and settlement agreement filed by Roman Catholic Diocese of Brookyn, Global Center for Quitting Chinese Communist Party, American Clearstream and American Center for Civil Justice.  As a part of the agreement, Civil Justice will agree to dismiss their application in exchange for $14,030 for reasonable and prudent expenses.  Clearstream originally filed as a 5-point application however their establishment date was 11/1/2012.  On 3/21, the application was amended and the local presence point was removed making Clearstream a 4-point applicant.  Catholic and Global Center are 5-point lead applicants. As a 4-point applicant, Clearstream can not aggregate their points with lead applicants. Therefore, this time share agreement is invalid. (10/10) American Center files their copy of the time share agreement that includes Roman Catholic, Global Service Center and Clearstream.  As mentioned on 10/9, this timeshare agreement is invalid as Clearstream only has 4 points and can not aggregate. (10/14) American Clearstream dismissed for short spacing. (10/14) Global Service Center amended to prosecute the time share agreement which is now invalid with the dismissal of American Clearstream. (11/10) Revised settlement agreement calls for a 2-party time share agreement between Global Center and Catholic with American Center being dismissed. This results in 10 point clinch. Interestingly enough, there was money given to American Center to dismiss but Catholic and Global Center could have reached their time share agreement and forced American Center on points only.  This is due to last month's dismissal of American Clearstrem, the other 5-point applicant in this group.  Libertad en Cristo, a non-leading applicant was also dismissed. (12/8) Libertad en Cristo files to move location to Camusett State Park.  [Ed: There's still an IO against this applicant.] (11/30) FCC grants JCM's objection and dismisses Libertad en Cristo for lack of site assurance. 

- JCM Radio
- Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn
- The Global Service Center for Quitting Chinese Communist Party*

263. Troy 92.7

(12/5) Green Education and Legal Fund moves to 106.9 to become singleton. (12/8) Media Alliance moves to 105.3 (12/8) Troy Bike Rescue moves to 95.9 in Schnectady. (12/16) Tiebreaker letter sent to Oakwood and Tap. (1/16) Tap voluntarily dismisses. - Oakwood Community Center*
- Media Alliance
- Green Education and Legal Fund
- Troy Bike Rescue

264. Syracuse 92.5

(9/15) Syracuse Community Radio moves to 103.3 and becomes singleton. - Syracuse Community Radio
- Manluis Pebble School

265. Binghamton 97.7

(10/24) Bundy Museum moves to 99.5 and is now singleton. - Mt. St. Francis Hermitage
- Bundy Museum of History & Art


FCC Group


Predicted Winner(s) of this group

266. Columbus 94.1

Semm Foundation moves northeast and changes to 98.5 to become singleton. (9/15) Christan Church moves to 92.7 and becomes singleton.

- Semm Foundation
- Central Ohio Green Education Fund
- Christian Church of Evangelical Faith Pentecostal

269. Lorain 93.7

Carillon Communications loses a point for defective exhibit. (11/7) Carillon Communications dismissed, non-T/S.

- Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church*

270. Columbus 96.7

(9/17) The Neighborhood Network moved and changed to 92.7 to become singleton. (12/16) Tiebreaker letter sent to Ohio Hispanic and Christian Media. (1/15) Involuntary time share imposed on Ohio Hispanic and Christian Media. (1/26) Ohio Hispanic files P4R stating that involuntary time share partner Christian Media was not a corporation at the time of filing. (3/18) FCC dismisses Ohio Hispanic's P4R stating that it should have been filed prior to the grant.

- The Neighborhood Network

- Ohio Hispanic Coalition*
- Christian Media, Inc.*

271. Cleveland 95.9

(10/6) Burten, Bell, Carr Development files PTD against Substance of Life claiming lack of site assurance, main studio is vacant lot and failure to identify a physical address for its primary shareholder. (11/14) Substance of Life files opposition stating that the property is being acquired through the City of Cleveland Land Bank program.  (11/24) Burten Bell files reply stating that the opposition was untimely, there is no site assurance and that the application does not list the address for a headquarters or sole officer.  (12/16) Tiebreaker letters sent to Burten Bell and Substance. (1/9) FCC acts on PTD and dismisses Substance of Life due to lack of site assurance and localism.  In this case, no physical address for a headquarters address was provided, instead a PO Box was used.   Burten Bell Carr Development

272. Toledo 106.1

(12/8) Nuestra Gente changes to 96.5 to become singleton.  Their application states that they are short spaced to Canada but no interference contour crosses into Canada.  REC shows Nuestra Gente is properly spaced to all Canadian stations (including third adjacent).  (12/9) Nuestra Gente dismissed for second adjacent channel short spacing and no waiver request. (12/23) Nuestra Gente reinstates due to CDBS issue. - Toledo Integrated Media Education
Nuestra Gente Community Projects

273. Columbus 91.9

(pre-window) Columbus Institute for Contemporary Journalism was dismissed just prior to the window and can still file a P4R.

- The Harambee Academy

PENNSYLVANIA- FINAL (pending judicial action)

FCC Group


Predicted Winner(s) of this group

299. Hazelton 99.1/99.3

(10/29) Iglesia Evangelica changes to 98.9 and becomes singleton. (2/18) La Casa cancels CP. - Iglesia Evangelica Congregactional

300. Erie 107.9

Hand Up moves to 95.3 and is now singleton.

- Grace of Calvary Baptist Church
- Hand Up, Inc.

301. Lansdale 98.5

Two County of Montgomery applications are dismissed due to non-priority public safety.

County of Montgomery (Horsham) seeks reconsideration, moves southeast and changes to 92.1. If reinstated, will become singleton. They are second adjacent channel short spaced to 4 stations. (9/9) Montgomery-Horsham accepted for filing. (10/6) Life Advocate files PTD against North Penn School District questioning parties to the application (school district) and against Tri County Community Programming Fund (Colleen Rodgers) claiming it is filed in the state as a "business corporation" and therefore is not NCE qualified. (10/17) North Penn and Tri County files oppositions. (10/29) Life Advocate files replies to North Penn and Tri County. (11/03) Tri County files reply. (11/12) North Penn submitted a time share agreement with Tri County to aggregate 10 points. They are the only two 5 point applicants in the group. They are still facing a PTD by Life Advocate, the 2-point applicant. (11/13) Life Advocate files a "Sur Reply" and motion to strike against Tri County's 11/3 reply. (3/24) FCC determines that North Penn should have included the school board members as parties to the application instead of staff, grants Life Advocate's PTD and dismisses North Penn School District. Life Advocate dismissed non-T/S. 

- County of Montgomery (Horsham)
- Tri County Community Programming Fund

302. Middletown 95.7/York 95.9

In this group, if the 2-point applicant (Slavic Pentecostal) is removed for being non-TS, then City of York and Middletown Area Bible Church will be fully spaced and should not be subject to involuntary time sharing. (12/16) Tiebreaker letters to City of York and Middletown Bible. (1/20) Slavic Pentecostal Evangelic Christan Church dismissed, non-T/S. INVOLUNTARY TIME SHARE
- City of York*
- Middletown Area Bible Church*

303. Philadelphia 106.5

(12/8) Taxi Workers Alliance of PA, Asian Americans United, Action United, Media Mobilizing Project and Philadelphia Student Union file to request their applications dismissed. (12/9) Philadelphia Public Access dismissed due to potential listeners within the overlap zone. (1/7) Philadelphia Public Access files a P4R and a minor amendment to address second adjacent waiver issue. (1/8) FCC reinstates Public Access' application.

- Philadelphia Public Access Corporation

304. Philadelphia 92.9


(10/6) NAACP Social Justice Law Project and Nueva Esperanza separately file PTD against Germantown Life Enrichment Center, Historic Germantown Preserved, G-Town Radio and Germantown United Community Development Corporation claiming commonalities in the applications and point stacking. (10/17) Inge Davidson moves northwest on same channel to break away from MX group. (10/20) G-Town Radio on behalf of the Germantown 4 files an opposition to NAACP and Nueva's PTD. (10/30) G-Town and Germantown Life amended their applications to update the board members.  (10/31) Germantown United filed an amendment to update their board.  (12/4) 4-way time share agreement between G-Town Radio, Germantown United CDC, Germantown Life Enrichment Center and South Philadelphia Rainbow Committee to aggregate 20 of 35 possible points.  Three of the applicants have PTDs. (12/4) 2-way time share agreement between Nueva Esperanza and Philadelphia NAACP. The time share document filed is incomplete. While it specifies hours the stations will be on the air, it does not specify which stations will be on which hours.  The agreement further states that Nueva will operate 24 hours per week and NAACP will operate 12 hours per week (the bare minimum).  [Ed: This group is the Los Angeles 101.5 of the East Coast. This is going to be a mess that the FCC is going to have to dig through.  Pack a lunch for this one.] (1/15) In what we consider a very controversial decision, the FCC denied the PTDs filed by NAACP and Nueva stating that it is OK for a strong organization to bring in weaker organizations to aggregate points to gang up on other applicants.  REC opposes consortia for exactly this reason. However, what happened is allowed under the rules.  REC strongly disagrees with this decision. We feel there was room for all four organizations (G-Town, NAACP, Nueva and Rainbow). As a result of this, NAACP and Nueva Esperanza are dismissed. (2/18) NAACP and Nueva Esperanza filed P4R against the 4 grants citing the alleged collusion issue stating that staff errored in their decision. (3/2) The G-Town 4 file an opposition to the NAACP/Nueva P4R. (3/10) NAACP and Nueva Social Justice reply to the G-Town 4 opposition. (7/16) FCC denies NAACP/Nueva P4R.  (8/18) Nueva Esperanza files AFR on the G-Town 4 decision claiming that this was a case of collusion and the Germantown applicants filed with the full intention of aggregating points.  Nueva points to a blog post made by the Media Bureau chief regarding the LPFM application process. (10/21) Decision on AFR is on circulation. (12/3) FCC denies AFR stating that issues claimed were already addressed. (12/30) Nueva files appeal with the DC Circuit Court of Appeals. - Inge Davidson Foundation
- G-Town Radio
- Germantown United Community Development*
- Germantown Life Enrichment Center*
- South Philadelphia Rainbow Committee Community Center*

305. Philadelphia 98.5

County of Montgomery is dismissed due to non-priority public safety. (12/4) Greater Philadelphia Asian Cultural Center and Uptown Entertainment enter a universal time share agreement.

- Greater Philadelphia Asian Culture Center
- Uptown Entertainment and Development Corp.

306. Kutztown 107.1

Kutztown University loses a point for diversity. (12/9) Kutztown University is dismissed, non-T/S.

- Berks Radio Assn.*


FCC Group


Predicted Winner(s) of this group

309. Providence 101.1

(10/6) Marconi Broadcasting Foundation moves southwest and changes to 94.9 and is now short spaced to third-adjacent channel station WBRU which runs a radio reading service. (11/14) Marconi (through Dan Alpert) files P4R stating that the amendment should have been denied and not result in the dismissal. Dan is citing a 1991 full power case. If this P4R is granted, it could set presidence for other similar cases where "suicide" amendments resulted in dismissals.  We will watch this one. (11/19) FCC reinstates Marconi's application. The P4R was granted in part (amendment resolves defect) and denied in part. We will be watching for a potential public notice on this case.  (11/20) Marconi electronically files amendment to move southwest and change to 95.1 to become singleton. (12/4) Attleboro Access Cable System and Scalabrini Lay Movement reach time share agreement to take 10 of 25 possible points. (12/4) AS220, Brown Student Radio and Providence Community Radio reach a 3-way time share to aggregate 15 of 25 possible points. (1/7) 3-way time share granted resulting in the dismissal of Attleboro Access Cable System and Scalabrini Lay Movement. - Marconi Broadcasting Foundation
- AS220*
- Brown Student Radio
- Providence Community Radio*


FCC Group


Predicted Winner(s) of this group

310. Spartanburg 104.5

(9/9) LGBT Broadcasters changed location but did not change channel. They are still MX. (9/10) LGBT filed again for 92.5 however their technical exhibit does not match the location they specified and will result in substantial overlap. (9/11) LGBT Dismissed due to the waiver request. They have one chance to fix it.

- Evangel Cathedral

311. Anderson 104.3

(10/6) Spreading Cheer files PTD against Westside High School for defective location, questioning board makeup (school district). (1/22) Westside HS dismissed due to application being signed by a teacher and not an administrator or school board member. Spreading Cheer on 30-day cutoff.

- Spreading Cheer

313. Greenville 104.3

Calvary Broadcasting loses a point for defective exhibit.

(9/10) Monsignor Andrew K Gwynn Inc moves to 102.9. This channel is short-spaced to translator W275BJ.Also 2nd adjacent short spaced to WMYI and WRTH but no exhibit to address those (still has old 104.3 waiver). (9/11) Gwynn dismissed. (10/17) Gwynn files P4R and amends to specify new location to the southeast and on 107.7. (10/17) FCC grants Gwynn's P4R.

- Calvary Broadcasting
- Monsignor Andrew K. Gwynn Inc.

314. Myrtle Beach 101.3

Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce loses a point for defective exhibit. (11/6) Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce dismissed, non-T/S.

- Calvary Chapel Myrtle Beach*

316. Columbia 100.7
FINAL 9/24

(12/2/13) REC files IO against Columbus HEFF – Cesar Guel

Friends of Independent Public Radio Southeast (FIPR) changes to 98.9 to become singleton. (10/17) Friends files technical amendment to adjust antenna height. (10/31/14) FCC sends a Letter of Inquiry to FIPR.  The FCC appears to be concerned about the connection between this applicant and first-generation LPFM Gamecock Alumni Broadcasters (WXRY-LP) as well as second-generation FIPR Northwest (WXNW-LP) and FIPR Northeast (WXNE-LP). The FCC has asking many questions (many that were included on the initial Cesar Guel letters of inquiry) including why the educational statements on FIPR Northeast, FIPR Northwest and this application are identical.  The FCC is trying to make a connection between these stations, permitttes and the applicant.  The FCC in also inquring on site assurance. (3/30/15) The certified mail letter sent by the FCC was never claimed and therefore returned to the FCC. (4/2/15) Friends of Independent Public Radio Southeast dismissed for failure to respond to an official letter of inquiry.  (3/1/16) Columbia Hispanic Education Family Fundation dismissed due to designating a headquarters of a church that the applicant was never headquartered at. (4/4) Columbia HEFF files P4R. (4/12) REC files opposition. (4/28) HEFF requests extension of time. (5/9) HEFF files reply. (8/24/16) FCC denies REC IO.

- Columbia Hispanic Education Family Fundation

317. Charleston 97.5

(10/6) James Island County Park dismissed, non-T/S.

- Charleston County Public Library*

318. Columbia 101.7

(12/8) St. Joseph Catholic School moves to 107.1.  - St. Joseph Catholic School
- Cardinal Newman School


FCC Group


Predicted Winner(s) of this group

320. Carthage 100.5/Rome 100.7

(11/6) Leap of Faith dismissed, non-T/S.

- Cornerstone Baptist Church*

321. Memphis 100.3

(10/6) Soulsville Foundation files PTD against National Association of Black Female Executives in Music (NABFEM) claiming that less than 75% of the board members live within 10 miles of proposed site. (11/6) NABFEM files opposition. (11/25) Soulsville files time share agreement with Visible Music College to take 10 of the 15 possible points. (12/1) NABFEM and Resources for Sober Living dismissed, non-T/S. Soulsville Foundation, Inc.*
- Visible Music College*

322. Marysville 100.9

(9/10) JW McGhee Foundation moves to 102.7 and becomes singleton.

- First Apostolic Church
- JW McGhee Foundation For Broadcast Arts

323. Nashville 104.1

WRVU Friends and Family, Open Table and Catholic Media Productions all move to 101.5 creating a new conflict. The FCC accepted all three suggesting a new MX group on 101.5 for Nashville. (10/10) Catholic Media moves to 100.5 to become singleton. (12/4) Open Table voluntarily dismisses clearing the way for WRVU Friends and Family. Tennessee Alliance for Progress and Nashville Peace and Justice Center voluntarily dismiss claring the way for Middle Tennessee Jobs with Justice.

- Catholic Media Productions
- WRVU Friends and Family
- Middle Tennessee Jobs with Justice

324. Knoxville 103.9

Temple Baptist Church changes to 102.5 and becomes singleton. (10/6) Frank Callo [individual] files PTD against 7th Day Church of God claiming applicant is not a corporation and main studio location is a vacant pad. (10/6) Mark Carr files IO against United Mountain Defense and The Neighbordhood Center(11/5) The Neighborhood Center replies and amends their establishment date based on their corporation papers placing them in 4th place.  (11/13) United Mountain files reply. (12/1) Michael Bock files IO against 7th Day Church questioning their corporation status. (12/2) United Mountain Defense, Applacia Community Radio and The Neighborhood Center filed a three-way time share agreement to take 15 of 20 possible points. (3/5) The 3-way time share group filed an amendment to address an FAA issue.  Note that these applicants still have pending objections. (3/6) FCC grants time share group and dismisses 7th Day Church of God due to lack of points. FCC dismisses 7th Day's IO. Specifically, the FCC did not find any evidence of collusion between the three groups despite their facility colocation (if anything, co-location is encouraged, it makes for a better experience for the listener).  In the case of UMD, an organization that puts out an infrequent newsletter is not considered a daily newspaper therefore they do not run afoul of the cross-ownership rules.  In the case of TNC, the FCC found that even though residential addresses were not provided for board members, that TNC headquarters are within 20 miles of the transmitter site.  In addition, even though they were not incorporated until 2011, they were still incorporated for at least 2 years prior to the filing date and therefore eligible for the full 5-points.  In the case of ACF, since their headquarters is the transmitter site, they are local.  The organization has provided all of the documentation required to show that they are qualified to be an NCE licensee.

- Temple Baptist Church
- United Mountain Defense*
- Applachia Community Fund*
- The Neighborhood Center*

325. Rosemark 105.1

Society of Assisi loses a point for taking Bonus Point without local origination. (Pre-window) Comunidad Cristiana of Memphis dismissed, filed P4R. (12/10) Society of Assisi dismissed, non-T/S.

- Tipton-Rosemark Academy*

326. Murfreesboro 103.9

(11/20) Remnant Broadacsting Corporation dismissed, non T/S. (12/1) Remnant reinstates and moves to 93.5 to become singleton. 

- Stones River Cmty Media Alliance
- Remnant Broadcasting Corporation

327. Greenville 105.3

(11/6) Our Father's Business, Inc. dismissed, non T/S. (12/9) Our Father's Business moves to 97.9. 

- Central Baptist Church
- Our Father's Business

328. Chattanooga 100.1/100.3

(12/22) An application for Iglesia Cristo Salva which was originally dimissed in December 2013 was reinstated on reconsideration. That application would fall into this MX group.  We don't know yet how this will be handled if whether Iglesia will have due process to change channels or if they will be included in the involuntary time share.  Iglesia appears to be a 5-point applicant but since this applicant never was on the Commission's original list, this may get delayed as it works through the system.  For now, we will have to consider it a member of this MX group.  (2/2) The FCC has announced that Iglesia Cristo Salva will be accepted for filing in this MX group.  As a result, the FCC has reopened a 90-day filing window for major changes or settlements for Iglesia only.  The FCC will hold any actions in this group until 5/4/2015. (2/3) Iglesia Cristo Salva changes to 99.7 to become singleton. (3/9) FCC grants a non-renewable time share between Alton Park (3a-3p)  and Metropolitan Tabernacle (3p-3a). INVOLUNTARY TIMESHARE
- Alton Park Development Corporation*
- Metropolitan Tabernacle*

Iglesia Cristo Salva


FCC Group


Predicted Winner(s) of this group

382. White Stone 100.1

(9/9) White Stone Radio changes to 103.9 and are now singleton. - Watershed Radio Project
- White Stone Radio

384. Roanoke 95.7

Abundant Grace loses a point for defective exhibit. (10/8) Radio Free Roanoke files PTD against Abundant Grace claiming attributable interests and multiple ownership. (10/24) Abundant Grace files opposition requesting extension of time. (10/28) Radio Free Roanoake replies to state that their PTD was filed on time. Since the PN was released on September 5, that is when the 30 day clock starts. Since October 5 falls on a Sunday, the deadline for PTDs was October 6.  The FCC can still accept this as an IO.   (11/10) Abundant Grace files another opposition stating the PTD was untimely filed among other issues. (11/24) Radio Free Roanoke files reply. (12/17) Radio Free Roanoke and Abundant Grace received tiebreaker letter. (3/25) Abundant Grace makes a minor change to request 95.3 to make them singleton.  There is still a pending PTD against them. (3/4/16) FCC sends Abundant Grace a 30 day letter to address FAA issues. (5/9) FCC finds that Abundant Grace did properly amend their application to address issues with board members and that RFR's statements about real party in interest are heresay. Grants AG's application.

- Radio Free Roanoke
Abundant Grace Outreach Ministries

385. Charlottesville 92.3

(12/11/13) Hannah Patrick and (12/18) D.R. Tyler Magill file IO against Blue Ridge both claiming collusion and multiple applications. Patrick also questions local presence.  Blue Ridge files opposition.

Rectors and Visitors of Univ. of VA changes to 100.1 and becomes singleton. (1/6) Blue Ridge Free Media dismissed due to inconsistent applications. A board member also appears on Big Deal Productions.(2/24) Blue  Ridge files P4R on paper and was granted.

- Rectors and Visitors of Univ. of Virginia
- Blue Ridge Free Media


FCC Group


Predicted Winner(s) of this group

386. Burlington 99.3

(9/9) St. Francis Xavier Parish moves to 105.5 and becomes singleton. (11/14) Chittenden County Government Access Channel Trust voluntary dismisses. (11/25) Regional Educational Television Network voluntarily dismisses. - St. Francis Xavier Parish
- Vermont Community Access Media (VCAM)


FCC Group


Predicted Winner(s) of this group

402. Milwaukee 101.3

Alive MKE loses a point for defective exhibit.

Whitefish Bay School District Board moves to 103.3 and becomes singleton. Souls Harbor moves to 92.9 and become singleton. (9/9) Soul's Harbor dismissed due to second adjacent overlap with WBWI-FM.  While there was no overlap between the WBWI 60 and the LPFM's 100 dBu contours, because WBWI is a Class B station, they are protected to the 54 dBu contour and there is overlap between the 54 dBu service contour and the LPFM's 94 dBu interference contour. (They can refile an amendment) (9/9) Souls Harbor refiles amendment for 92.9 making a showing that the LPFM's 94 does not overlap WBWI's 54. (9/10) Souls Harbor reinstated. (10/2) Riverwest changes to 104.1 and becomes singleton. (12/17) Innercity Development Project, Faith Community Development and Kettle Moraine Community Radio (major modification applicant) received tie breaker letter.  Note that Kettle Moraine is not actually short spaced to Innercity and Faith and they will have to ride through the time share process and then after the dismissals are final, they can file for unlimited hours. (1/21) FCC grants time share agreement between Inner City, Faith and Kettle Moraine.  Dismisses 4-point applicants Waukesha Media Arts Foundation and Alive MKE. (2/4) Wakuesha Media files P4R and amends to propose 101.1.  (2/5) FCC grants P4R and application accepted for filing as singleton. (2/13) Kettle Moraine requests unlimited hours. (2/23) Alive MKE files P4R. (2/24) Alive MKE's P4R is granted and is now on 30-day cut off. (2/24) Kettle Moraine's request for unlimited hours granted. (3/12) Wakuesha Media Arts Foundation dismissed for cancelled corporate status.

- Whitefish Bay School District Board
- Souls Harbor Baptist Church
- Riverwest Artists Association
- Innercity Development Project*
- Faith Community Development Corporation*
- Kettle Moraine Community Radio (major mod)*

- Alive MKE


FCC Group


Predicted Winner(s) of this group

403. Wheeling 107.1

Tri-State Sephardic Center changes location to Glen Easton, WV (14km away) and channel to 106.9 to make them singleton. (9/26) Tri-State Shepardic Center dismissed due to being incorporated.

- Ohio Valley Peace

404. Oak Hill 106.5

(11/25) QBSA Jamboree Radio Org moves to 96.7 to become singleton. (12/1) QBSA Jamboree Radio Org dismissed due to not being a public safety entity. (1/5) QBSA files P4R. The Boy Scouts of America has been requesting special temporary authority for the site in question once every 4 years for the national jamboree. These special event stations have been granted in the past based by STA.  The LPFM application is intended to make the temporary event stations a more permanent operation.  The BSA claims they handle all public safety functions within the confines of the property where the jamborees are held. [Ed:] Even if this station is approved, are they going to be able to keep a regular 30 hour a week schedule despite that the land is only used once every 4 years?  Perhaps the BSA is better off running this by STA. (1/21) FCC denies reconsideration for QBSA stating that they are not a recognized corporation and if they are attempting to use the BSA as a basis, none of the BSA structure was listed as parties to the application.  Southern Appalachian Labor School

405. Charleston 96.9

Masque Informed (Christopher Long) and Coal Mountain both filed to move to 106.7.  They are 21 km apart from each other. (9/9) City of Albans changes to 90.3 and becomes singleton. (10/6) Richard Withers files PTD against Irish, Inc. claiming one board member has 12.5 interest in WLUX(AM) and WMUX(AM). (10/10) City of St. Albans moves again to 96.7 and is still singleton. (10/29) Coal Mountain files IO against Masque claiming applicant is individual and is not NCE qualified. (11/6) Masque Informed amended to 88.1 and is now singleton. (11/10) Coal Mountain moves to 106.9 to become singleton. (1/21) FCC dismisses Irish Inc. for attributable interest with a full power station.  Determines that Masque is recognized as a corporation and grants.

City of Albans
- Masque Informed
- Coal Mountain Broadcasting, Inc.

406. Charleston 99.3

Marshall University loses a point for diversity.

(9/10) Partnership of African American Churches changes to 92.1 and becomes singleton.

- Partnership of African American Churches
- Marshall University