WINDOW 1 - MX Amendments Filed

UPDATED 9/11/2016 – Window closed 

Potential Grants show which applicants will likely be granted from this group including those who change to other channels during the window.  Applicants who will be granted on their original channel are shown in bold. Applications that have been granted by the FCC are in BLUE. MX groups where the final result can be projected are in GREEN.

The following abbreviations are used: P4R=Petition for Reconsideration, IO=Informal Objection, PTD=Petition to Deny.  Also, we are including IOs that were filed prior to the MX window. FCC rules permit IOs to be filed at any time (this is different than PTDs) but they will not be entertained until after the application is accepted for filing.

Granted applications with a red asterisk * incidate those that are subject to either main studio pledges, local programming pledges or both.


FCC Group


Potential Grants

1 – Wasilla

(8/21) Alaska Revival Radio moves to 96.9 to become singleton. (12/18) Alaska Revival Radio dismissed due to failure to address FAA issues. - Rage Inc.


FCC Group


Potential Grants

15. Flagstaff 1

(9/16) Sunnyside Neighborhood moves to 101.5 and becomes singleton. (9/17) Flagstaff Liberty Alliance non-T/S dismissal. - Weavel, Inc.*
- Sunnyside Neighborhood Association of Flagstaff

16. Tucson 1

Iglesia Centro de Sanidad moved to 90.1 and is now singleton. Tohono O’odham moves to 102.5 and is now singleton. LPFM Downtown Tucson unsuccessfully moves to 100.7 and returns to the group.

- LPFM Downtown Tucson
- Tohono O'odham Nation
- Iglesia Centro de Sanidad

17. Tucson 2

Luz Vida Para La Familia tried changing to 96.7 but was dismissed for short-spacing to K267AF.  Xerocraft unsuccessfully moves to 100.7 and returns to the group. (7/15) Xerocraft moves to 100.1 and becomes singleton-accepted for filing. (8/5) Luz Vida Para La Familia filed for reconsideration requesting reinstatement on original channel. May file time share. This channel has two other 5-point applicants. (10/6) Pascua Yaqui (Hector Youtsey) moves north and is still MX. (10/7) Pascua Yaqui moves to 100.7 and is now singleton.  This results in being the tentative winner of this channel however there is still a PTD for Luz still pending. (11/25) FCC denies Luz P4R. In this case, they claimed that because the nunc pro tunc amendment after dismissal specified the original channel, it was now MX with the other applicants thus making the applicant ineligible for any more amendments.  This is an unusual outcome because in the past, the FCC would apply 73.870(c) to any suicide amendments.  We are suspecting that the Marconi Broadcasting Foundation case in Rhode Island.  We are still looking into this on how suicide amendments like Luz and Marconi will be handled going foward. (12/29) Luz files Application for Review. (5/8) Luz withdraws their AFR.

- Xerocraft
- Pascqua Yaqui Tribe

19. Flagstaff 2

(10/6) Northern Arizona University moves to 107.1 to become singleton. - Calvary Chapel of  Flagstaff
- Northern Arizona University

20. Tucson 3

Message Radio moves to 91.7 and Global Change also moved to 91.7.  Both are still pending. (8/12) Message Radio, PTD filed by Global Change claiming that Message is a "sham" organization.(8/27) Message files opposition claiming that Global was basing their conclusions on a person who is no longer affilliated with Message. (9/3) Global Change replies to Message R.'s opposition. (10/9) Mesage moves north and to 99.9.  Message does have a PTD. (3/20) Xerocraft files IO demonstrating that Message Radio has been dissolved with the Arizona Corporation Commission due to failure to file annual report. (5/14/15) FCC sends letter of inquiry to Message requesting copies of all billing and payment records associated with Sterling Communications (a consultancy firm) and all documents sent and received from Lighthouse Network (an LPFM applicant in San Antonio, TX).  (6/15) Message submits copies of ID cards for officers and invoices from Sterling. (6/18) Lighthouse Network replies stating that they are not associated with Message other than to help them build the station, like any out of town church would do. (7/20) Michael Couzens representing Xerocraft (group #17) files IO against Message further demonstrating that there is a connection between Message and other LPFM applications. (8/27) Message files "Response to Unauthorized Comments" requesting Xerocraft's IO be stricken claiming that they are not a party to this proceeding.  [Ed: Message needs to re-read §73.3587 of the rules which states that any party can file an Informal Objection.  Informal Objections can be filed at any time prior to the FCC's decision on the application.]  (7/12/16) FCC dismisses Message Radio due to a hidden real party in interest.

- Global Change Multi-media

21. Yuma

Ah-Mut Pipa moves to 105.1.  (8/11) Yuma Catholic HS reduced their score.

- Yuma Catholic High School
- Ah-Mut Pipa Foundation


FCC Group


Potential Grants

22. San Diego 1

(11/10) FCC sends letter to La Maestra and Positive Hope requesting their desired time slots. Due within 30 days. They also have an opportunity to reach a universal settlement. (3/9) La Maestra amended to move south and stay on 101.1.  They later requested the amendment withdrawn. (3/11) Both La Maestra and Postive Hope filed minor moves staying on 101.1 to become more than 24km apart to make both applicants singleton.  [Ed:] Positive Hope's amendment has us scratching our head slightly because while while the ASRN on their application is correct, they left the old coordinates on the application.  The FCC did correct it on our side and it should show in our systems correctly.  - La Maestra Family Clinic
- Positive Hope, Inc.

23. Lake Elsinore

(10/7) Cornerstone Community Church moves to 104.9 and becomes singleton. - Jennifer Smart Foundation
- Cornerstone Community Church

24. Bay Area 1

(1/7) Golden Gate Society for Coatings Technology, IO filed by Calvary Chapel claiming localism and publically accessible main studio. (1/27) Golden Gate files opposition.  Calvary Chapel of Hayward moves southeast towards Fremont remaining on 96.9.  Now singleton. (7/16) Perlata Community College District, Sound of Hope and Chinese Culture and Art Heritage Foundation propose a 3-way time share agreement that will take 15 of the 25 points available clinching the group.(8/21) Calvary Chapel of Hayward dismissed for population within the 2nd adj waiver area of the new channel. (8/25) Calvary seeking reconsideration stating structures within overlap zone are a former ranching operation and are now unoccupied. (8/25) Calvary granted in reconsideration. (10/6) Golden Gate files for reconsideration and moves to 100.1.  to become singleton. (10/31) Just Cause (that was dismissed on points) filed P4R and amended. Their waiver document is asking for 102.5 but their application's tech box is still showing their original channel. (12/15) FCC denies Just Cause's P4R stating the amended application calls for a major change and major changes can only be filed during the window. (1/6) FCC denies IO against Golden Gate stating that a headquarters must be a location where actual activity on the part of the application is conducted.  It does not specifically address the issue of main studio.

- Perlata Community College District*
- Sound of Hope Radio Network, Inc.*
- Chinese Culture and Art Heritage Foundation*
- Calvary Chapel of Hayward
- Golden Gate Society for Coatings Technology

27. MegaGroup (Los Angeles 101.5)


(12/2/13) Cathedral de Alabanza, IO by REC (Cesar Guel). (7/29)G Final Cut (a 4-point applicant) has moved to Carson and filed for 99.1 making them singleton. (8/7) Glendale Humane Society and Long Beach TV has filed 10 petitions to deny. Against Future Roots, Craft and Folk Art Museum, Eagle Rock, Echo Park Film, Machine Project and Materials and Applications for point stacking and site assurance issues; also against Future Roots for a non-officer signing the application; also against Craft & Folk for a site not suitable for broadcasting; also against Eagle Rock for not authroizing the application (includes e-mail from officer); against Iglesias de Restauracion Fillal South Bay for second adjacent interference; against Ballet Folklorico Ollin for zoning issues involving using residence for main studio and tower height in a residential area; against Emperor's Circle of Shen Yun for second adjacent interference and against Boyle Heights Arts Conservatory for second adjacent interference and radio frequency radiation issues. (8/7) REC files IO against Los Angeles Academy of Arts of Enterprise for lack of parties to application and a non-officer signing the application. (8/22) Future Roots [also representing the rest of the "Westside 6" applicants, Craft & Folk, Materials & Applications, Machine Project, Eagle Rock and Echo Park requested an extension of time by serving REC.  This pleading is not yet in CDBS as of 8/27. (8/27) Glendale and Long Beach on behalf of the 101.5 MegaGroup files an opposition to the motion to extend time due to no valid reason for justifying an extension as well as untimely filing. (9/3) Ballet files opposition to Glendale/LBTV's PTD stating that zoning can not be an issue at the application phase. (9/3) Boyle Heights files an opposition and an amendment to change antenna heights to address the Glendale/LBTV PTD. (9/9) Future Roots representing the Westside 6 files another motion for extension of time. (9/16) Future Roots, et al is requesting more time to file their response to the MegaGroup PTD. (9/26) Joint opposition to Glendale/LBTV PTD filed by Future Roots, Craft & Folk, Materials & Applications, Machine Project and Echo Park (note that Eagle Rock did not participate in the opposition). (10/7) 5 of the Westside 6 applicants Future Roots, Craft and Folk, Machine, Echo Park and Materials filed a time share agreement for 25 points. NHMC, Boyle Heights, Prism Church, LA Academy of Arts and Enterprise, Shen Yun, Ballet Folklorico Ollin and Catalyst file a time share agreement for 35 points.  We do note though that of those groups, only Shen Yun and Boyle Heights' applications are visible.  We believe this is as a result of confusion in the community over the deadline.  Some are saying it was 11:59PM on 10/7 while others are saying 6:00PM on 10/8.  REC is requesting clarification from the FCC.  We also note that while not yet in CDBS, the MegaGroup applicants Historic LA Business Improvement District, Glendale Humane Society, Edgewood High School, Long Beach Community TV and The Church in Anaheim reached a time share agreement for 25 points.  Church in Anaheim has also changed their location. This group is going to be an ongoing situation.  Stay tuned for updates. (10/8) IO filed by Monsoor Sabbagh against Catalyst. (10/9) REC filed an IO against Westside 5 applicants due to simultaneous operation on time share agreement. REC also filed an IO against NHMC applicants due to failure to prosecute (only 2 of the 7 applicatons were amended), most applicants are proposing less than 8 hours of local programming per day without any disclosure of how such an operation would serve the public interest and also for a minor case of simultaneous operation. (10/10) In response to REC's IO, NHMC, Ballet Ollin and Catalyst file an amendment referring to the Boyle Heights application as the "lead application" and referring to the time share agreement posted in there. (10/14) Milken Community Schools requested dismissal. They were not in any of the three factions. (10/16) Prism Church files an amendment referring to Boyle Heights as the "lead application". (10/17) City of Industry requested dismissal. This moves Edgewood to the lead applicant in the group. (10/17) Shen Yun files opposition to PTD in the form of an amendment to the application.  The amendment makes no technical changes. (10/20) FCC clarified that due to confusion over the Public Notice, time share agreements filed on 10/8 will be considered as timely. This means that the MegaGroup time share agreement is timely filed. They also clarified that time share agreements that were timely filed on at least one application will apply for all applications.  REC filed supplement to IO against the NHMC timeshare to withdraw the motion of failure to prosecute but still maintains that the time share agreement proposes simultaneous operation and does not give a public interest showing for proponents operating less than 8-hours a day for the purpose of the pledge. (10/27) Shen Yun amended to specify a new location to address the GHS/LBTV PTD. (10/27) NHMC, Ballet, Catalyst, Shen Yun, Boyle Heights and Prism jointly file an opposition to REC's IO. (11/10) Westside 5 files opposition to REC and amends all of their applications to "correct" their time share agreement to address REC's determination that they timely filed an agreement that included simultaneous operation. (11/12) Shen Yun makes another move.  (11/26) Boyle files opposition to a P4R supposedly filed by Future Roots. It's possible that it has been hand filed and therefore does not immediately show in the application docket.  The opposition captions all 7 of the NHMC applicants.  According to the opposition, Future Roots filed a P4R against the FCC's decision to allow the extension of the filing deadline and the decision that a time sharing agreement is filed as an amendment on one, it's timely prosecuted for all. Speaking for the NHMC, attorney Michael Couzens states that Future Roots can't have it both ways referring to Westside 5's 11/10 amendment to correct their time share agreement in response from REC's IO.  (12/5) Catalyst files opposition to IO filed by Monsoor Sabbagh. (1/12) Glendale Humane Society voluntarily dismisses. (1/19) REC files IO against Shen Yun stating that one of Shen Yun's amendments created a new application conflict. [Ed:] Shen Yun had filed multiple amendments since the LBTV PTD was filed stating that the Flair Dr. location does not protect 2nd adjacent. (1/21) REC files IO against NHMC stating 2nd adjacent interference due to penetration of office building, tower on roof of building violates zoning code and application not signed by a designated officer. (2/26) One Source dismissed due to no longer being incorporated. (4/29) NHMC amends their application in response to REC's IO in order to address the allegation of second adjacent channel interference as well as adding the signatory of the application to the board.  (7/27) Materials & Applications file an amendment to move north 5.9 km claiming that it would allow them to break from the MX from Ballet Folklorico Ollin. (7/28) Ballet files amendment to move 2km to the west.  This does break the MX with M&A but it is still MX with other Westside 5 applicants.  Could we be seeing some progress in this group? (7/28) M&A requested their amendment returned.  Chances are they will refile. (7/28) REC files IO against Ballet's amended location.  Proposed location does not take into consideration the 405 freeway within overlap zone at a higher elevation. Even with a 3-bay antenna, interference would still reach the traffic lanes. (9/24) LBTV and former Glendale Humane Society withdraw all of their PTDs. (9/29) REC withdraws all IOs against NHMC, Prism Church, Boyle Heights and Catalyst as well as the IO against Future Roots, Craft & Folk, M&A, Machine and Echo Park related to their time share proposal.  REC files IOs against Future Roots, Craft & Folk, M&A, Machine and Echo Park to continue to issues in regards to possible collusion and against Iglesia Filial due to second adjacent channel interfer ence.  REC is maintaining IOs against Ballet, LAAAE and Shen Yun. (9/29) Monsour Sabbagh withdraws IO against Catalyst. (10/5) Eagle Rock Community Cultural Association requests dismissal. (10/7) REC withdraws all remaining Informal Objections in an effort to work towards a settlement solution for this group. (12/17) LBTV has reached a time share agreement with G Final Cut (who had moved to 99.1).  Under this time share LBTV would move to 99.1.  Craft & Folk has filed a move. Requested a waiver of the minor move rule. It also indicates that Ballet will also file another minor move. The new location for Craft & Folk appears to be further west. (12/20) G-Final and Long Beach TV file an amendments that are doing nothing.  It is our belief these two applicants will co-locate at the proposed LBTV site.  Ballet moves location to the Foothill Division police station parking garage (ed: site assurance?). (12/21) Edgewood files amendment stating that they are part of an overall agreement that will be coming. No other changes.  Similar to amendments filed by LBTV. (12/23) FCC accepts time share agreement btween G-Final and LBTV and grants LBTV, the first 5-pointer in MX27 to get a grant.  (4/25/16) Future Roots, Echo Park and Machine Project move to 99.1 and join Reach For The Top (MX Group #40) in a 4-way time share agreement. CAFAM becomes singleton. Catedral de Alabanza dismissed, non-T/S. Filial reaches a time share agreement with San Pedro HCR and moves to 97.5.  (REC has agreed to withdraw the IO against San Pedro HCR) Oriental Cultural Center has requested a move to Ontario and remains on 101.5.  M&A moves to 96.7 and time shares with granted Cinefamily (MX Group #61). (4/27) Church in Anaheim and G-Final Cut agree to time share in Anaheim.  This now means that LBTV will be full-time on 99.1. (4/28) Revised time share agreement involving NHMC, Prism, Edgewood, Shen Yun, LAAAE, BFO, Boyle Heights and Catalyst.  We do note that BFO is already singleton and does not need to be in the agreement.  Catalyst will eventually be singleton when Filial's time share request with San Pedro HCR is granted.  (5/16) City of Los Angeles filed a post-grant IO against BFO stating that proposed antenna is on tower that belongs to the city at the LAPD Foothill Division station and site assurance was never secured.

- G Final Cut, Inc.
- Long Beach Community Television and Media Corporation
- Future Roots
- Echo Park Film Center
- Materials and Applications
- Machine Project
- Historic Downtown Los Angeles Business Improvement District
Craft and Folk Art Museum
- The Church in Anaheim
- Ballet Folklorico Ollin*
Iglesias de Restauracion Filial South Bay
Catalyst Long Beach
- Oriential Cultural Center
- National Hispanic Media Coalition*
- Prism Church of Los Angeles*
- The Emperor's Circle of Shen Yun*
- Edgewood High School*
- Los Angeles Academy of Arts and Enterprise*
- Boyle Heights Conservatory*

28. Yuba City

Both St. Joseph Catholic Church and Non-leading applicant Rhythm Foundation, Inc. move to 94.3 at their same respective locations thus creating a new conflict. (9/17) Rhythm Foundation, non-T/S dismissal. (9/26) Rhythm Foundation amends to 99.5 and will be singleton.

- St. Joseph Catholic Church
- Queens Ave Cmty Church
- Rhythm Foundation

29. Central CA

Refuge Church moves to 101.7 and is now singleton. Non-leading Pacific Coast Conservation Alliance moves to 107.9 and is now singleton. (8/22) Refuge Church moves again to 103.9.

- Refuge Church of Atascadero
- Pacific Coast Conservation Alliance

30. Santa Maria

Santa Maria Valley Media Ministry moved southeast south of Santa Maria changed to 105.5. They are now singleton. (9/26) Central Coast and United Way of SLO County have reached a time share agreement.  CCMA operates 6a-10a and United Way 10a-6a daily.

- Santa Maria Valley Media Ministry
- Central Coast Maintenance Association
- United Way of San Luis Obispo County

31. Monterey

(9/15) CSU Monterey Bay dismissed non-T/S. (9/16) CSU Monterey Bay moves north and changes to 104.7 to become singleton. (10/30) CSU reduces antenna height to 6 meters AGL to comply with 20-foot rule.

- Iglesia Pentecostal Nueva Vida
- CSU Monterey Bay

32. Sacramento 1

Women's Civic Improvement Club changed to 92.1 and is now singleton. (8/14) Lotus files PTD against Women's CIvic claiming interference to KMJE. (8/26) Women's Civic requests an extension of time. (10/6) Sacramento Bicycle Kitchen moves southwest and changes to 98.9 to become singleton. (10/6) Sacremento French Cultural Society moves to Southwestern Sacremento and changes to 97.3 to become singleton.(11/12) Lotus and Women's reaches a settlement agreement for which once granted, it will not construct on 92.1 but instead will attempt to find a displacement channel.  (12/8) FCC granted Women's on 92.1.  

- Women's Civic Improvement Club of Sacramento
- Sacramento Bicycle Kitchen
- Sacramento French Cultural Society
- Verge Center For The Arts

33. Ventura-Oxnard 1

Ojai Community Radio moves to 101.3 and is now singleton.

- County of Ventura
- Ojai Community Radio

34. Orange Co 104.7

(8/8) LC Media, licensee of co-channel station KQIE Redlands and Point Four, licensee of KCAQ Oxnard filed PTD against entire group claiming the 104.7 LPFMs will cause harmful interference to KQIE and KCAQ even in areas outside those stations respective service contours.  Claims the LCRA adds an additional restriction that a LPFM on a waiver must cause no interference to co- and first-adjacent despite meeting 73.807 spacing.  EMF made a similar argument in Group #58. 14 years ago during the original LPFM window, KCAQ also filed against LPFMs on 104.7 that filed at the time. (8/28) Latino Center and Centro Cultural file opposition to KQIE/KCAQ in part stating that the intention of the LCRA was not to add a new regime to add additional protections to co-channel stations up and above 73.807. (9/3) KQIE/KCAQ has requested an extension of time to respond to the PTD opposition. (9/18) LC/Point Four reply to opposition to PTD. (10/7) Centro Cultural and Latino Center reach a time share agreement for 10 of 20 points. (7/20/15) FCC denies LC Media/Point Four's PTD by clarifying that a second adjacent waiver does not add any new obligations for co-channel and first-adjacent channel spacing per the LCRA.  New Hope Family Worship Center and Calvary Chapel Huntington Beach dismissed, non-T/S. (8/20) LC Media/Point Four files AFR seeking review of the Audio Division interpretation that the "any radio service" language in the LCRA related to second adjacent channel waivers means any radio service on any channel, not just on second adjacent channels.  (8/26) Depsite Latino and Centro being granted already, Calvary files a notice of partial settlement with Latino and Centro to state that Calvary had been paid $2,000 in connection with no further action being taken on their application. (9/14) LC Media/Point Four AFR dismissed as untimely. Late by one day. (10/15) LC Media/Point Four file another AFR. (1/26/16) AFR dismissed as untimely.

- Latino Center for Prevention and Action in Health and Welfare*
Centro Cultural de Mexico en al Condado de Orange*

35. Santa Clarita

Non-leading Santa Clarita Public Service Broadcasters Corporation moves northeast and changes channel to 101.5 and are now singleton.

- Santa Clarita Organization for Planning the Environment
- Santa Clarita Public Service Broadcasters Corporation

36. Fresno

Creative Fresno filed an application stating they are changing channels but they remain on 103.3 at the same location. (7/21) Creative Fresno files again, this time asking for 93.3 and is now singleton.  INVOLUNTARY TIME SHARE PENDING FCC DECISION. (11/10) FCC sends letter to Downtown Association and Idefua Foundation requesting their desired time slots. Due within 30 days. They also have an opportunity to reach a universal settlement. (12/12) FCC grants as in involuntary time share.  This time share and the one from Group 53 are the first two LPFM involuntary time share groups under the 2012 revision of the rules.

- Creative Fresno

- Downtown Association of Fresno*
- Idefua Foundation for African Arts and Culture*

37. Bay Area 2

(7/14) Petition for Reconsideration for Independent Arts & Media was denied. (8/7) SF Community Radio filed 2 Petitions to deny. Against Outsound for misrepresentation of parties, use of a residence for main studio and localism. Against SF Public Press claiming multiple interests.(8/12) SF Indiefest also filed PTD against Outsound over the use of a residence as a main studio. SF Indiefest also files a PTD against against SF Public Press second adjacent waiver request. The interference contour reaches a freeway overpass at a higher level. (8/15) Loren Dobson files IO SF Community Radio questioning localism and alleging gamesmanship. (8/19) Outsound and SF Public Press seperately file oppositions to SF Cmty R.'s PTD. (8/21) Outsound files opposition to SF Indefest's PTD. (8/22) SFPP files opposition to SF Indefest's PTD. (8/28) SF Cmty R. files reply to Outsound. (8/28) SF Public Press files reply to SF Cmty R. (9/29) SF Public Press files engineering amendment to address SF Indefest's PTD. (10/7) SF Indiefest and SF Cmty R. reached a time share agreement to aggregate 10 of 20 possible points. SF Public Press and Outsound file their own 10 point time share agreement. This has resulted in a tie. The top-3 organizations are SF Indiefest, Outsound and SF Public Press.  There are objections against all applications except SF Indiefest.  This group will be held up for awhile while the FCC works through the objections. (10/8) FCC denies SF Indefest's amendment. (10/17) SF Cmty R. files amendment showing their time share agreement with SF Indefest. (11/18) Independent Arts and Media (which was dismissed 12/16/13 for an inconsistent application e.g. board member on more than one LPFM application) has filed an IO against SF Indiefest claiming one party to the application was previously involved in unlicened operations. (3/30/15) SF Public Press files supplement to IO alleging that Jeff Ross at SF Indiefest "has engaged in unlicesed broadcasting as a music DJ at Radio Valencia." and includes many different articles and social media postings. [Ed: As we have seen with the recent FCC decisions where unlicesed radio has come into play, the FCC only regards social media, internet posts and newpaper reports as only heresay.  An FCC field notice (NOUO) and/or a police arrest report (for Florida stations) goes much farther.  Those claiming unlicensed operation will need more to go on than just newspapers and the Internet. ] (4/10) Indiefest files oppositions stating that there is a lack of standard of proof in the allegation of unlicensed operations using recent LPFM decisions as basis for the argument. (12/11) SF Cmty R. files opposition to Loren Dobson's IO filed on 8/15/2014.  (3/4/16) FCC sends Letter of Inquiry to SF Indiefest to address allegations of radio piracy. (6/24/16) FCC dismisses SF Indiefest for failing to cooperate in the investigation of radio piracy (Indiefest invoked the 5th amendment).  Outsound downgraded from 5 to 3 points for using a "placeholder" address for their main studio.  SF Cmty R. and SF Public Press delcared tentative selectees and are now being given opportunity to reach a timeshare else group will go involuntary. (7/26) FCC grants time share agreement of SFCR and SFPP.  Outsound dismissed, non T/S. (8/29) Outsound amends nunc pro tunc to relocate to Pacifica on 102.5 citing MX27.  (8/29) FCC denies amendment.

San Francisco Community Radio
San Francisco Public Press

38. Santa Rosa

(10/1) Redwood Justice Fund and Santa Rosa Community Media Access Center reach a time share agreement and aggregate 10 of the 20 possible points. (10/8) Roman Catholic and Faith Christian Fellowship reach a time share agreement and aggregate 10 of 20. This has resulted in a tie.  There are no objections.  Pending Commission review, the top-3 applicants are Roman Catholic, Redwood Justice and Santa Rosa Community in involuntary timesharing. INVOLUNTARY TIME SHARE PENDING FCC DECISION. (12/15) Faith Christian Fellowship of Sonoma County dismissed, not in the top-3. (1/15) The FCC dismisses Roman Catholic because they regard them as only having 5 points since Faith Christian was dismissed for not being in the top-3 leaving Redwood and Santa Rosa's 10 point proposal standing. [Ed:] This was not how we were told this was going to work.  Our impression of how the system was going to work was that because both Roman & Faith and Redwood & Community both came up with 10 point proposals, it would be declared a 10 to 10 tie and the top-3 applicants will win.  - Redwood Justice Fund*
- Santa Rosa Community Access Center*

39. Bay Area 3


(7/15) M&M Community Development voluntarily dismissed their application. (10/6) Alameda Community Radio, Alameda Unified School District and Poor Magazine reach a time share agreement to aggregate 15 points and clinch the group. (10/8) East Bay Oriental Radio moves to 97.7 to become singleton. (10/15) FCC approves time share agreement. California Institute for Integral Studies dismissed.

- Alameda Unified School District*
- Poor Magazine*
- Alameda Community Radio*
- East Bay Oriental Radio

40. Los Angeles 99.1

FINAL 7/22

(12/2/13) Iglesia Fuente de Vida and Community Radio of Simi Valley, IO by REC (Cesar Guel). (7/15) Malibu FM Emergency and Community Broadcasters moved location and to 107.9, was dismissed due to a lack of corporation documents. (7/29) Malibu FM has filed for reconsideration nunc pro tunc however the application had Articles of Incorporation that were filed with the state after the window closed. (10/6) Strategic International Ministries and Reach For The Top reach an aggregation agreement for a combined 10 points. Strategic moves to a new location within Simi Valley and specifies a directional antenna to address second adjacent channel. (10/6) Peace and Dignity Project makes a move to space from Strategic's old site but is still short spaced to Strategic's new site. (10/7) Peace and Dignity Project moved location away from Strategic.  This makes all three 5-point applicants fully spaced. (10/8) LA Social Justice Radio Project were dismissed however they did file today to move to Chatsworth and to 107.9 to become.  Peace and Dignity Project and Cesar Guel applications Iglesia Fuente de Vida and CR of Simi Valley were dismissed. (10/8) LA Social Justice reinstated for the move to 107.9.  Iglesia Fuente de Vida filed for reconsideration, moving to Sun Valley staying on 99.1 claiming that they clear the MX group winners.  We do note that Peace & Dignity did the same thing the day before. (10/10) Peace & Dignity files P4R stating that they  filed to move out of the way of Strategic on 10/8 prior to the end of the filing deadline thus making them a singleton among the 5-point applicants. (10/17) Malibu Emergency filed another amendment to show "Articles of Incorporation" that state that the organization was formed on 10/31/13. (11/12) KWVE and KLVE filed PTD against LA Social Justice stating that the tower is located in a nature preserve. (11/13) Iglesia Fuente de Vida filed P4R requesting reinstatement nunc pro tunc claiming they are more than 24 km from the winning applicants (Strategic and Reach). We do note that Peace & Dignity also filed a P4R. Even if the FCC was to reinstate Fuente and P&D and consider them their own MX group, P&D would win on points. (11/24) LA Social Justice filed an amendment and opposition to the KLVE/KWVE PTDs stating that the original coordintes were in error and offer new coordinates that are not located on City of LA property. (12/5) KWVE files reply to LA Social Justice's opposition. (12/18) FCC denies P4Rs filed by Peace & Dignity and by Fuente de Vida.  In denying P&D, they stated that an amendment can not "create a new conflict". [Ed: It didn't. The conflict was already there. This is no different than a station choosing a new site but still MX.] In Fuente, the FCC stated that they will not give "secondary" grants in MX groups. [Ed: This is very bad for daisy chain groups like 40 and 27.  This is bad policy.] (1/13) FCC dismisses LA Social Justice based on site assurance concerns. (2/12) LASJ files P4R. (2/19) FCC denies P4R. (3/26) LASJ files AFR. (4/10) KWVE filed opposition to LA Social Justice AFR. (4/23) LA Social Justice files reply. (7/17) FCC denies Malibu's AFR on procedural grounds (because it raises new arguments) but even if it was accepted the FCC would have still denied it because the corproation was not recognized by the state until one month after filing the applicaiton. (6/23/16) FCC determines that Audio Division errored when stating that LASJ did not have site assurance.  They had thought that the public land site that was entered in error was the original application site when in fact the original site was on Pierce College where LASJ did have site assurance.  FCC grants LASJ's AFR and application.

- Strategic International Ministries*
- Reach For The Top*
- Los Angeles Social Justice Radio Project

41. San Diego 2

(8/6) Art Pulse files PTD against San Diego Catholic Radio over site assurance. (8/8) Catholic files PTD against Art Pulse claiming the organization has suspended operations and their corporation status is suspended. (8/25) Art Pulse files opposition to Catholic's PTD stating that Art Pulse is still an active organization. (9/9) Art Pulse moves north and changes to 106.1 to become singleton. (10/10) Hi Neighbor files amendment stating "Hard copy of completed application was emailed to Audio Division on 10/8 due to complications submitting via CDBS and CDBS phone service not returning phone messages. For section VI, question 1, channel 249 is desired although 229 is in blank. CDBS would not accept 249."  The channel change, which includes a move to the Clairemont Mesa area would otherwise make them singleton.  We are unsure if the FCC will accept this change. (10/14) FCC denies Hi Neighbor's amendment. (1/12) FCC determined that San Diego Catholic Radio did have site assurance.  Art Pulse was an inactive corporation at the time of filing and therefore will be dismissed.  Hi Neighbor dismissed, non-T/S. 

- San Diego Catholic Radio

42. Bay Area 4


This group has a dismissed application for San Jose Food Not Bombs that is currently pending a Petition for Reconsideration.  If the P4R is not upheld, this could create two groups with Foundation for a Beautiful Life and non-point leader South Bay Public Radio forming one sub-group and equally-qualified Centers for Careers and Training (Manuel J. Martinez) and San Jose Peace and Justice Center forming another. (7/14) P4R was denied.

(6/2) Foundation for a Beautiful Life, IO by South Bay Public Radio citing 2nd adjacent channel overlap issues.   (10/9) While there is a pending objection, we don't see why Centers for Careers and Training and San Jose Peace and Justice can't be done as involutary as their own 10 point group. (11/10) FCC sends a letter to Foundation, Centers for Careers and SJ Peace to submit their time slot choices.  Due within 30 days. They also have an opportunity to reach a universal settlement. REC shows that this MX Group should be split. Because of the dismissal of SJ Food Not Bombs, the MX group has broken into two subgroups.  Foundation is no longer MX to Centers and Peace & Justice. Foundation should be given unlimited hours. (11/17) Foundation files P4R stating they are no longer MX with Centers and Peace.(2/26) South Bay Public Radio dismissed due to lack of corporate status. (3/2) South Bay files P4R citing other LPFM stations that allegedly, were not incoporated at the time of filing.  (4/16) Foundation for a Beautiful Life dismissed due to a weak second adjacent waiver request. Attempted to use Longley/Rice to show no interference. San Jose Peace and Justice Center dismissed for using the corporate status of a different organization. (5/14) South Bay filed a "Third Petition for Reconsideration" upholding their unincorporated status.  (5/19) Foundation amends application and is granted. (5/19) South Bay files IO claiming site assurance. (8/11) FCC denies the South Bay IO stating that South Bay did not prove lack of site assurance. P4R dismissed as moot. 

Centers for Careers and Training
- Foundation for a Beautiful Life

43. Victor Valley

(12/2/13) Centro Internactional de Oracion IO by REC (Cesar Guel). (8/29) Centro Internactional de Oracion has amended to 98.7 to become singleton. This application is a Guel filed application that is in the process of being legitmized by another entity.  REC has advised that once the boilerplate educational statement has been revised, REC will withdraw our IO. (9/19) REC withdraws IO.

- Calvary Chapel Victor Valley
- Centro Internacional de Oracion

45. Ventura-Oxnard 2

(12/2/13) La Iglesia Cristiana de Oxnard, IO by REC (Cesar Guel). (Window PN) County of Ventura was dismissed due to being a non-priority public safety application. (7/31) One point applicant Centro Evangelico Emmanuel, Inc. moved to a new site near Oxnard College and changed to 107.9 and is now singleton. (8/8) County of Ventura files P4R and amends to move to 93.3.(8/18) La Iglesia de Oxnard files IO against Community Advocacy based on a claim that one of the board members of is a convicted felon. (8/18) County of Ventura's P4R is granted and the application is reinstated on 93.3. (10/1) La Iglesia files an amendment to modify their educational statement and change to 93.3 to become singleton. REC has agreed to withdraw IO. (10/6) REC withdraws IO on La Iglesia. (5/7/15) FCC sends letter of inquiry to Community Advocacy asking about board of directors at time of filing and current board. (7/21) Community Advocacy responds to FCC letter. (8/3) Community Advocacy files an amendment to make a 50% change in board members including the member that La Iglesia claimed to be a convicted felon. (8/4) FCC denies La Iglesia PTD, Community Advocacy states that they did not realize that adverse actions meant all felonys but just those that would be FCC related.  FCC admonishes Community Advocacy and grants their application.

- The Community Adovcacy Coalition of Ventura County
- County of Ventura
- Centro Evangelico Emmanuel, Inc.
- La Iglesia Cristiana de Oxnard

46. Hanford

Hanford Youth Services moves to 92.5 and is now singleton.

- William D. Manser (Universal Life Church)
- Hanford Youth Services

47. Redlands 1

(9/17) The Josiah Ministry non-T/S dismissal. (10/6) Josiah Ministry changes to 107.1 and is now singleton.

- Calvary Chapel Yucaipa Wildwood Christian Fellowship
- The Josiah Ministry

49. Santa Barbara

(7/15) Calvary Chapel changes to 99.5 and is now singleton.

- South Coast Community Media Access Center
- Calvary Chapel of Santa Barbara

51. Santa Rosa

(8/8) City of Truth, PTD by Ya-Ka-Ama Indian Education claiming they are not an educational organization and an undisclosed board member. (3/13) FCC denies Ya-ka-Ama's PTD as they have found that City of Truth is recognized in CA as a non-profit thus making them NCE eligible.  The FCC has also determined that the divestiture statement submitted by City was sufficient despite not listing each media interest that Chris McMinn is a party to.  This group is going to the involuntary time share process as both groups are equally qualified.

- Ya-Ka-Ama Indian Education & Development*
- City of Truth*

53. Redlands 2

(11/14) FCC sent letter to both applicants requesting time slots.  Due within 30 days. They also have an opportunity to reach a universal settlement. (12/12) FCC grants as in involuntary time share.  This time share and the one from Group 36 are the first two LPFM involuntary time share groups under the 2012 revision of the rules. INVOLUNTARY TIME SHARE
- Calvary Chapel of Redlands*
- Yucaipa Center for Health and Family Well-being*

54. Napa Valley

(11/14) FCC sent letter to all three applicants requesting time slots.  Due within 30 days. They also have an opportunity to reach a universal settlement.(1/15) Voluntary time share reached. - Sonoma Charter School
- Petaluma Community Access
- Jean Arnold Group Foundation

55. Sacramento 2

Sacramento Area Peace Action moves northeast and changes to 106.1 and is now singleton.

- Ubuntu Green
- Sacramento Area Peace Action

56. Bakersfield

Bakersfield Burrito Project dismissed prior to window but filed P4R.

(8/6) Palabra de Fe files Petition to Deny against Rootsradio claiming attribituable interest (due to KRHM-LP), site assurance and public safety qualification. (10/16) FCC denies P4R filed by Bakersfield Burrito.  Short spacing to first adjacent channel was made, Burrito wanted reconsideration claiming using studio instead of transmitter site. FCC upheld 73.870(c) and cited Clifford Brown decision. (11/7) Without addressing PTD, Rootsradio was dismissed due to a lack of public safety showing.

Palabra de Fe

57. Bay Area 5

(8/22) World Peace through Technology Organization proposes to move to Golden Gate Park and operate on 100.1. This makes them singleton. (9/15) Bay Area Video Coalition voluntarily dismisses. Despite this, 93.7 is still hung up by an Application for Review filed by Clifford Brown Jazz Foundation.  CBJF is holding up a potential bailout channel that is available in the Berkeley Hills, Albany as well as across the Bay in the Presidio area. (10/16) Full commission denies the AFR filed by Clifford Brown Jazz Foundation.

- World Peace through Technology

58. Los Angeles 92.7

(8/8) Educational Media Foundation, licensee of KYLA files PTD against entire group as a continuation of the IOs filed on 5/23 and 6/17 claiming that despite meeting 73.807 the stations cause contour overlap with KYLA due to LA area terrain.  REC defended the group stating that 73.209 applies in this case and that due to actual terrain, none of the stations would cause interference to KYLA. In previous filings EMF wanted a declaratory ruling of whether the LCRA puts 2nd adj waiver stations on a higher standard in respect to co- and first-adjacent.  Similar arguments were made in the 8/8 PTD filed in Orange County group #34. Prometheus has also opposed any declaratory ruling.(8/28) Razorcake files opposition to EMF in part stating that the intention of the LCRA was not to add a new regime to add additional protections to co-channel stations up and above 73.807. (9/3) EMF has requested an extension of time. (9/18) EMF reply to the opposition to the PTD. (9/24) Universal settlement reached.  Light Bringer Project, Newtown Pasadena Foundation and Side Street Projects all voluntarily dismiss their applications.  Razorcake remains as the sole applicant for this group.  Razorcake still has to work through the PTD filed by EMF. (6/30/16) FCC rules in favor of Razorcake stating that LCRA "any station" language for 2nd adjacent channel does not apply to co-channel interference which is covered by a different rule. (7/29) EMF files AFR.

- Razorcake/Gorsky Press

59. Vallejo

(10/8) St. Vincent Ferrer Parish moves to 106.5 and is now singleton. - St. Vincent Ferrer Parish
- Mira Theature Guild

61. Los Angeles 106.3

(10/6) Cinefamily moves location and changes channel to 96.7 to become singleton. - Society for the Activation of Social Space
- Cinefamily

63. Stockton

Dream Ahead moves north and changes to 95.5 and is now singleton. (9/25) WIth Our Words changes to 98.1 and becomes singleton.

- Dream Ahead The Empowerment Initative
- With Our Words, Inc.
- Peace and Justice Network of San Joaquin County


FCC Group


Potential Grants

65. Westminster

(9/15) Buffalo Soldiers dismissed non-T/S.

- Regis University*

66. Grand Jct.

Roca Eterna changed to 94.7 and is now singleton.  Dismissed due to short spacing with K232FB.  This is a translator on a second adjacent channel.  No waiver was ever requested. (7/23) Roca Eterna has been reinstated on  reconsideration.

- Grand Valley Peace and Justice
- Roca Eterna

67. Denver 1

(8/19) Christ's Church Apolostic and Ethiopian Community Television reach a partial settlement and time share agreement resulting in an aggregated 10 point group.  Two more organizations (Youth on Record and Bread of Life Church) can still reach an agreement to result in a tie. (10/16) FCC accepts time share agreement of Christ's Church and Ethiopian. They will be granted with pledges. Youth on Record and Bread of Life Church are dismissed. - Christ's Church Apostolic*
- Ethiopian Community Television*

70. Denver 2

(10/6) Joint settlement agreement filed that will result in the dismissal of DENHAC and Open Media Foundation to operate unlimited hours. - Open Media Foundation

71. Denver 3

Settled through the dismissal of a non-priority public safety application. (8/8) City of Louisville files an amendment to 95.3 and requests reinstatement as a public safety non-priority applicant similar to Ventura County in Group #45. (8/18) Louisville's P4R is granted and is singleton on 95.3. (5/6) NICE Corp. dismissed due to lack of tower registration. (6/5) NICE Corp. files P4R and moves location and is granted.

- City of Louisville
- NICE Corp


FCC Group


Potential Grants

146. Kailua-Kona

(9/29) Faith Up amends to 107.3 and becomes singleton. (10/16) Corvalian Waves' grant has been rescinded and the application has been dismissed due to inconsistent applications with Faith Up (same party appeared on both applications during a portion of time from filing until grant).  These two applications are connected with Robert Lund (see Oregon). - Faith Up


FCC Group


Potential Grants

168. Kansas City

(12/2/13) Iglesia Penetecostal Casa de Dios Para Las Naciones, IO by REC (Cesar Guel). Centro Cristiano Agua Viva moves to 97.7 and is now short spaced with non-leading applicant Int. Radio Project of Kansas City who also moved to 97.7 5.8 km away. (8/29) Int. Radio Project changes to 100.1 and is now singleton. (9/2) Iglesia Pentecostal amends to 100.1. Since Int. Radio Project applied for that channel on 8/29, Iglesia's amendment was denied. (9/18) Iglesia Pentecostal moves southwest and changes to 100.7 and is now singleton. (1/7) REC withdraws IO based on additional information received and amendment of educational statement. (1/15) Mutual Musicians amends to add tower registration.

- The Int. Radio Project of Kansas City
- Centro Cristiano Agua Viva
- Mutual Musicians Foundation
- Iglesia Pentecostal Casa de Dios Para Las Naciones


FCC Group


Potential Grants

236. Omaha 1

Gospel Music Omaha unsuccessfully moves to 100.3 and is moved back to the group. (7/22) Gospel Music Omaha refiles amendment and is accepted. (10/7) Malcolm X Memorial Foundation and Loves Jazz and Arts Center reach time share agreement as a universal settlement. Only Malcom X filed. (10/8) North Omaha Loves Jazz also filed. (12/18) North Omaha Loves Jazz dismissed due to failure to address FAA issues. (1/16) North Omaha Loves Jazz files P4R stating that they were intending to co-locate with Malcolm X to address FAA issue. (1/20) FCC reinstates North Omaha Loves Jazz.

- Gospel Music Omaha
- Malcolm X Memorial Foundation*
- North Omaha Loves Jazz Cultural Arts and Humanities Complex*

237. Omaha 2

Non-leading Independent Omaha Radio Project moves to 100.3 and conflicts with Gospel Music Omaha (Group 236) by 8.1 km.  (7/14) Independent Omaha Radio Project moves to 98.1 and becomes singleton.

- Ministerio Principe de Paz Internacional, Inc.
- Independent Omaha Radio Project

238. Omaha 3
FINAL 9/23

(12/2/13) South Omaha Hispanic Education Family Fundation IO by REC (Cesar Guel).  (9/5) In a very interesting move (and maybe this may be the FCC's MO going forward), the FCC granted Omaha Community despite the Guel application still pending on the same channel.  Community's application does outscore the Guel application. (9/15) South Omaha HEFF dismissed non-T/S. (10/6) South Omaha HEFF moves to 101.1 and changes site to become singleton. (8/23) FCC denies REC IO and grants South Omaha HEFF.

- Omaha Community Broadcasting
- South Omaha Hispanic Education Family Fundation

239. Omaha 4

(9/10) Fresh New Media moves to location and channel to 99.5 to become singleton.

- Millard Public Schools
- Fresh New Media


FCC Group


Potential Grants

253. Pahrump

(7/14) Albert Partlow Science Foundation moves to 94.1.  73.807 short spaced to KMXB Henderson.  This application was dismissed.  (9/15) Partlow filed an amendment for 93.7.  This application is still in a dismissed state. (11/17) FCC upholds Partlow's dismissal stating that even though they may have two parcels of land in Pahrump, there is no evidence of activities or classes from that land and therefore it can't be considered a headquarters for the organization.  FCC denies Partlow's claims that Pahrump Film has conflicting board members with Talk Radio of Pahrump as Pahrump Film shows evidence that the suspected board members left Pahrump Film prior to the filing window. 

- Pahrump Film Festival

254. Las Vegas 1

Las Vegas Public Radio unsuccessfully moves to US-95 and Craig and changes channel to 107.1 and is returned to the group. (7/14) Filed again to move to 107.1 and denied again. (7/15) Filed to move to 101.1. (7/16) The amendment to 101.1 was accepted for filing yet another amendment was filed to go to 107.1.  That amendment was denied.  As of right now, they appear to be going to 101.1. (7/23) Las Vegas Public Radio is on the move again. This time to 97.9.  They are singleton there now. (9/15) Ms. Audrey's House dismissed non-T/S.

- Liberty Baptist Church of Las Vegas*
- Las Vegas Public Radio

255. Las Vegas 2

Reading Writing and Arithmetic unsuccessfully changes to 107.1 at their same location and is returned to the group. (7/14) Filed again to move to 107.1 and denied again.(7/15) Filed again and was accepted for filing. (10/8) Iglesia Cristiana Voz de Salvaction tried moving to 103.1.  This request was short spaced with Chinese Voice of Golden City who also moved to this channel and is now singleton.  Iglesia was denied the amendment. INVOLUNTARY TIME SHARE PENDING FCC DECISION. (11/14) FCC sent letter to both applicants requesting time slots.  Due within 30 days. They also have an opportunity to reach a universal settlement. (12/15) Outreach Broadcasting dismissed, not in the top-3.

- Reading Writing and Arithmetic
- Chinese Voice of Golden City

- City of The World, Inc.*
- Iglesia Cristiana Voz de Salvaction*
- Blackbird Arts, Inc.*

256. Reno 1

Ministerio Palabra de Vida, Inc. moves northwest and changes to 100.5.  They are now singleton. Noah Silverman (Reno Bike Project) moves to 96.9 resulting in a short spacing with translator K245BV’s modification application BMPFT-20140417AAF which was granted on May 23, 2014 and was dismissed. (7/15) Reno Bike Project filed to move to 93.3, they were denied as they were already dismissed and there was no Petition for Reconsideration enclosed. (7/21) Reno Bike Project files an amendment to return to their original channel 97.7 and has been reinstated.

- Reno Bike Project
- Ministero Palabra de Vida

257. Reno 2

(12/2/13) North Reno Hispanic Education Family Fundation IO by REC (Cesar Guel). (7/15) Sonrise Church moves to 93.3 and the amendment was denied. (7/16) Sonrise Church moves south and changes to 93.3 making them a singleton. (7/29) North Reno HEFF requests dismissal.

Sonrise Church dba Calvary Chapel of Northwest Reno


FCC Group


Potential Grants

280. Lebanon

(1/24) A Home for Everyone, IO filed by Eads Broadcasting citing similarities in the Robert Lund applications.  (8/8) Ronald R. Erickson Ministries PTD filed by A Home For Everyone (Robert Lund) claiming organization does not exist and is likely an individual applicant.  (Note, Robert Lund has filed several applications in the window and is now using Dan Alpert as his attorney. Alpert is the attorney for Cesar Guel). (8/29) Ronald R. Erickson filed an opposition. (9/8) Home filed a motion for extension of time. (9/17) Home filed a reply to the opposition. (2/25) A Home For Everyone dismissed due to no longer being recognized as a corporation. (3/2) FCC grants Home for Everyone's PTD and dismisses Ronald R. Erickson Ministries due to Erickson providing information about being an unincorporated association and this information did not come from a  local attorney. (3/31) Home For Everyone (via Dan Alpert) files P4R stating that even though the corporation's status had lapsed, Oregon law allows for retroactive recognition.  A statement from a licensed attorney in Oregon was provided. [Ed:] Retroactive corporate status is also being argued in Earth-on-the-Air in MX Group #391. (4/1) Ronald R. Erickson files P4R claiming they are unincorporated and includes an attorney letter. (4/10) Home For Everyone files opposition to Erickson's P4R. (7/13) FCC dismisses Erickson's P4R on procedural grounds.  The FCC states that there is no evidence that Erickson operated an unincorporated association at the time of filing. (11/1) A Home For Everyone (along with several other Robert Lund applications) filed an amendment by order of the Media Bureau to put on the record and to address issues raised by the Oregon Department of Justice, Civil Enforcement Division.  In their letter, they state that while a non-profit organization can be started in Oregon with only one person it needs to be extended to a board of at least 3 persons. This was never done.  The letter goes on to demonstrate the many commonalities among all of the Lund applications including family members and tenants at a single trailer park filing corporation papers to establish stations.  One party did not even know they had applied for an LPFM station.  The organizations attmped to change to religious organizations which may be only operated by one person but since the conversion of a non-profit to a religious organization a majority vote (2 out of 3 for a fully qualified non-profit), they can not change.  The Lund applicants also include afidavits from the various organization representatives. (12/18) FCC denies Lund P4R. 

- Lebanon Calvary Chapel

282. Portland 1


(8/8) Portland State University files PTD to protest loss of diversity point. Claims Oregon passed legislation that removed PSU from the Oregon University system and therefore does not have any attributable interest in the OU stations.  Portland State also amends their application and requests a waiver to allow for more than a 50% change of the board. Portland Russian Media Center, PTD filed by Reed Institute claiming no site assurance. (8/21) Portland Russian Media Center files oppositions to Reed Institute stating that their claim of lack of site assurance was based on using the wrong datum (NAD83 instead of NAD27) and against PSU's PTD stating at the time of the window, PSU was a part of the Oregon State University system and therefore had attributable interests and therefore not eligible for the diversity point. (8/27) Reed withdraws their PTD against Portland Russian. (9/3) Portland State University replies to PRMC's PTD. (11/12) PRMC files an IO against Reed Institute alleging that they do not have site assurance.  Includes a letter from the site owner. (11/25) Reed Institute requesting extension of time because their engineer is ill and may require hospitalization. (12/4) Reed files amendment to correct coordinates stating that an incorrect datum was used.  [ed: This is not the first time that Reed has messed up the datum, see 8/21.] (12/5) Reed files opposition to PRMC's IO based supporting the amendment filed by Reed on 12/4. (1/16) PRMC files reply to Reed. (3/26) FCC dismisses Portland State University as a non-T/S. In this case, PSU was denied their diversity point because of attributable interests with the University of Oregon system.  The FCC determined that regardless of legislation that was not in effect at the time of the filing window, PSU was still in the Oregon University system at the end of the window and therefore not eligible for the point.  FCC also denied the PTD filed against Reed by PRMC stating that while the coordinates may have been incorrect (NAD83 v. NAD27), there was other supporting documentation that supported the correct location. (This policy has changed for future filings, the FCC will go by tech box coordinates only). As a result, Reed and PRMC are going to involuntary. (4/24) Reed and PRMC reach a voluntary time share.

- Reed Institute*
- Portland Russian Media Center*

283. Portland 2

Jehovah Jireh International Mission and Slavic Community Center have proposed a 10-point aggregated time share for 100.7 where each applicant would get 12-hours a day. (10/8) Metroeast, Oregon Center of Photographic Arts and Creative Music Guild file a 15-point aggregated time share for 15 of 25 points. (10/20) FCC has clarified that the time share agreement filed by Metroeast, Oregon Center and Creative was timely filed despite being filed on 10/8.  (10/24) Slavic files IO against Creative, Metroeast and Oregon stating that Metroeast and Oregon did not have their applications or agreement signed by officers. Creative was also a party to that time share agreement.  (12/9) Metroeast filed an opposition stating that an officer did sign the agreement and application. (5/6) FCC dismisses Metroeast Community Media and Oregon Center For Photographic Arts because their applications were not signed by an officer.  This weakened Creative's score to 5 points.  Slavic and Jehovah have a 10-point agreement and will win the group.  Creative Music Guild is dismissed for a low score.  Enlighten State Academic Services dismissed, non-T/S. (5/26) Metroeast files P4R claiming Slavic and Jehovah's time share agreement was not signed by officers. (6/5) Slavic and Jehovah file oppositions claiming that the Form 318 was properly signed.  (6/10) Enlighten files P4R stating that the outcome of the time share group (Slavic and Jehovah), they are properly 73.807 spaced from the co-located transmitter site and should be grantable. (6/23) FCC denies Metroeast's P4R stating that even though the time share agreement was not signed by an officer on one side, the submission was certified by an officer through the electronic signature on the Form 318. Time share agreements are not specifically required to ask for aggregation.  FCC denies Englighten's P4R under the "secondary" selectee policy. 

- Jehovah Jireh International Mission*
- Slavic Community Center NW*

286. Albany 1

(1/24) You Matter, IO filed by Eads Broadcasting citing similarities in the Robert Lund applications. (8/8) Fusion Faith Center, PTD by You Matter (Lund) claiming entire board was not disclosed, non-officer signs application and site assurance. (2/25) You Matter dismissed due to no longer being recognized as a corporation. (4/29) Fusion makes a minor facility move in order to address an FAA issue. (7/15) FCC grants You Matter's PTD on the grounds of site assurance and due to a "representative" (engineer) signing the application.  The FCC does cite a case where a board is allowed to designate an executive director to sign but never a "representative". (11/1) You Matter files amendment. See MX Group #280 for details.


289. Albany 2

(1/24) OHOP, IO filed by Eads Broadcasting citing similarities in the Robert Lund applications.  (8/8) Veterans for Peace, PTD by OHOP (Lund) claiming VFP is not a recognized non-profit under Oregon law and does not have site assurance.(8/22) VFP files opposition showing they do have site assurance and that they are a registered non-profit. (1/8) FCC dismisses OHOP's application and their PTD stating that VFP was recognized based on their 501(c) [Ed: The FCC does not require LPFM/NCE to have 501(c) but it does come into play when determining the establishment of a non-profit corporation.] VFP's letter from American Tower is sufficient enough to demonstrate site assurance.(11/1) OHOP files amendment. See MX Group #280 for details.

- Veterans For Peace, Chapter 132

290. Silverton

(9/17) Mt. Angel Bible Church non-T/S dismissal. (10/16) FCC rescinds A Life Worth Sustaining's grant. (2/25) A Life Worth Sustaining dismissed due to no longer being recognized as a corporation.  (11/1) A Life Worth Sustaining files amendment. See MX Group #280 for details.


291. Bend

(2/14) Blue Stone Media Activists and Epic Training and Revival Center, IO by Roman Catholic which is more of an inquiry over the signing of applications by Robert Lund. (9/17) Blue Stone and Epic Training non-T/S dismissal. (10/1) Blue Stone moves to 95.7 and becomes singleton. (10/23) Blue Stone files amendment stating that "a co-channel concern has been brought to the applicant's attention by Cowan Broadcasting, licensee of K237FE (has a CP to change from 95.3 to 94.7). 95.3 was chosen by the applicant due to eventual channel change of K237FE to 94.7.  The LPFM applicant is agreeable to not operate on 95.3 while K237FE is licensed on this channel. Also, the applicant will seek an STA to operate on 94.7 if K237FE is still licensed on 95.3 when the applicant is ready to begin operation of its LPFM."  The FCC would likely reject such an STA since there is already a granted CP for K237FE to move to 94.7. (2/25) Blue Stone Media Activists dismissed due to no longer being recognized as a corporation. (4/6) Blue Stone files P4R, see A Home For Everyone in Group #280 for details. (12/18) FCC denies Lund P4R.

- The Roman Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Baker

295. Portland 3

Cascade Community Radio and Tool Shed are mutually moving their stations to create a 24km spacing between the two while remaining on 101.5. (12/18) Cascade Community Radio dismissed for failing to address FAA issues. (1/2) Cascade files for reconsideration, provides an antenna structure registration number and has been reinstated.

- Tool Shed PDX
- Cascade Community Radio

297. Portland 4

Voice for Oregon Innovation and Sustainability was dismissed prior to the window.

Opal Environmental Justice and Community Alliance of Tenants are mutually moving their stations to create a 24km spacing between the two while remaining on 96.7. Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon moves north and changes to 89.5 and is now singleton.

- Opal Environmental Justice
- Community Alliance of Tenants
- Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon

298. Salem

Oregon Peaceworks moves to 91.1 and is now singleton.

- Salem Progressive Film Series
- Oregon Peaceworks


FCC Group


Potential Grants

319. Rapid City

Diocese of Rapid City changes to 95.5 and is now singleton.

- Western Dakota Technical Institute
- Diocese of Rapid City


FCC Group


Potential Grants

374. Logan

(9/15) Hyrum City Corporation dismissed non-T/S. (10/1) Hyrum City changes to 94.9 becomes singleton.

- Aggie Radio
Hyrum CIty Corporation


FCC Group


Potential Grants

388. Olympia

Olympia All-Ages Project moves to 100.3 and is now singleton. (8/11) Entercom files IO against Olympia All-Ages. (9/2) Olympia All-Ages amends to specify a 3-bay Shively to address Entercom's IO.

Sam-Sno voluntarily surrenders their CP post-grant.

- Olympia All Ages Project

389. Pasco

Non-leading applicant Church of the Salvation Arc moves north and changes to 94.3. They are now singleton. (8/26) Centro Cristiano Zion moves southwest and changes to 106.9 to make them singleton. (9/4) Alexandra Communications, licensee of K295AV, Walla Walla files IO against Centro Cristiano claiming that their translator is heard in the Pasco area and uses Longley Rice to justify additional proections.  The translator is over 80 km from the LPFM station and LPFM stations are only required to protect high-tier translators within 39 km on co-channel. (9/8) Centro Cristiano addresses IO and moves to 107.9. They are granted the same day.

- Columbia Basin College
- Church of the Salvation ARC
- Centro Cristiano Zion Ministerios Llmada Final

391. Seattle 1

Earth on the Air moves location and to 96.9 and is now singleton. Hollow Earth Radio unsuccessfully moves to 100.3 and is returned to the group. (7/14) Hollow Earth tries again for 100.3.  (7/21) Iglesia Casa de Milagros moves to 98.5 and is accepted for filing as a singleton. (8/7) Earth On Air IO by Bonneville claiming 2nd adj interference and tower proposed for possible historic site. (8/29) Earth On Air files opposition dismissing Bonneville's 2nd adj and historic claims as speculation. (1/22) Earth On The Air dismissed due to not being a valid corporation at time of filing. (2/9) Earth On The Air files P4R. (2/24) Bonneville files opposition to Earth On The Air P4R. (4/28) FCC grants Earth On The Air's P4R stating that despite a lapse in corporate status, WA law allows for corporate status to be restored retroactively.  

- Southeast Effective Development
- Hollow Earth Radio
- Iglesia Casa de Milargos
- Earth On The Air Independent Media

393. Tacoma 1

(11/1) Asia Pacific Cultural Center voluntarily dismisses. The Bridge wins the channel. The Bridge

394. Seattle 2

Non-leading applicant Ukrainian Church of Evangelical Faith changed to 100.3 and is now singleton. KMIH.ORG Radio Booster Club unsuccessfully changes to 100.3 and is returned to the group. (7/16) KMIH.ORG tries again for 100.3 but is denied.  Hollow Earth has already been accepted for filing on 100.3. (8/8) Sam-Sno filed a Petition to Deny (written as an informal objection) with a recommendation that Bainbridge Arts and Sustainable Bainbridge propose operation on 101.9 so KMIH.ORG and SPACE can time share on 101.1 as 101.9 is not available in Seattle. (8/18) Iglesia Sanando Las Heridas changed to 92.9 to make them singleton. This also creates a daisy chain effect as it frees up City of Kent and makes them a singleton also. (8/21) Since Kent broke away from the daisy chain, the FCC granted them therefore they can no longer aggregate with the Seattle or Bainbridge applicants. (9/8) Bainbridge Arts voluntarily dismisses application. (9/10) Sustainable Bainbridge also voluntarily dismisses. This leaves only two applicants left, Boosters and SPACE. (9/22) KQMV files PTD against Iglesia Sanando claiming predicted second adjacent channel interference. (10/8) SPACE and KMIH.ORG reach a universal time share agreement. (4/9) Iglesia Sanando Las Heridas dismissed due to lapse in corporate status. (5/6) Iglesia Sanando files P4R stating that corporate status has been restored and is retroactive.

- City of Kent
Ukrainian Church of Evangelical Faith
- KMIH.ORG Booster Club
- Sand Point Arts and Cultural Exchange

397. Bellingham

Radio Vida N Life changed to 94.1 and is now second-adjacent channel short spaced to CJJR-FM, Vancouver, BC.  Applicant filed a statement of “border compliance” and requested reduced power (80 watts) to make a showing that the 34 dBu contour of the LPFM does not cross into Canada. Per the letter of 73.807, LPFM stations are required to protect second-adjacent channel Canadian stations and it has never been suggested that a second-adjacent channel waiver can be used.  This will be an interesting application to watch.

New Generation Youth Center
- Radio Vida N Life

398. Walla Walla

(7/14) Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church moves to 103.9 and becomes singleton.

- Stateline Community Church
- Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Parish


Cor Christi moves to 107.9 and becomes singleton.

- St. Francis Xavier Gift Shop
- Cor Christi

400. Tacoma 2

Northwest Leadership Foundation moves to 88.9. Dismissed due to short spacing with KMIH. (While KMIH is a Class-D station, it is treated as a Class-A station for the purpose of LPFM protections). (8/5) Northwest files P4R stating 73.870(c) applies only during the window. Also uses contour overlap to show lack of interference with KMIH. (12/10) Northwest Leadership Foundation has been reinstated (on 88.9) but not yet granted. (1/5) Robert Casserd files IO against Northwest stating that proposed facility is short spaced to KMIH, a super-powered class-D station which per the rules, needs to be treated as a Class-A. (1/13) Northwest changes to 92.9 to address KMIH short spacing. They are singleton.

- Fab-5
- Northwest Leadership Foundation

401. Chattaroy

N Trepid Group moves to 97.7 and becomes singleton. (10/8) Queen of Peace moves to 94.1. (10/20) Queen of Peace moves back to original channel 100.5 without explanation of the change.  We are not sure whether the FCC will accept this. (10/22) FCC denied the Queen of Peace amendment. (12/19) Queen of Peace dismissed for failing to address FAA issues. (12/30) Queen of Peace reinstated.

- N Trepid Group
- Queen of Peace